When you are playing Texas Holdem you should be ready to risk if you want to win. Furthermore, you should be able to use the options you are given in the best way. Each successful player should follow the behavior of his opponents and take advantage of each mistake they make.

The basic strategy will just not help you, because you need a system, which combines different aspects of the game. But before presenting you the most complicated strategy ever I think that it is important to be aware of the simple options, which you are given and the best way to use them.

Here I want to teach you when to fold while playing Texas Holdem. This may seem really simple but believe me – it is a crucial part of the game and that is why you should be aware of it. I am sure that sometimes you were continue playing with decent hand instead of folding and then you were really sorry about that. As you can see, to know when to fold can be a great power at the Texas Holdem table and will save you a lot of money.

The first moment when you can fold your cards is on the Preflop. Here the things are simple – you should be familiar with the best and worst starting hands and to act in accordance to the cards you have. If your pocket cards do not satisfy you, you should fold. But sometimes, you can decide to continue playing with a decent hand. In this situation my advice is to watch out how many players will bet after you, because the more players raise, the less are your chances to win. The best thing, which you can do is to fold and wait for better moment to attack the pot.

What is the best strategy when the Flop cards are on the table and you are not sure whether to continue playing or not? Well, pay attention to your opponents and don`t forget that their object is to kick you off the game. It is important to decide who of your opponents are tying to bluff you and who are serious about their intentions. You know that some type of gamblers rarely bluff and for that reason if they confront you, this is certain sign that they have solid cards and it is better to fold if your hand is not so good. But if you are playing against players who bluff almost all the time, you should take the risk, because your chances to win are still significant.

Texas Holdem odds are another indictor which will help you to decide when to fold. If the probabilities are against you the best decision is to fold because you don’t have much chances to improve your hand and there is sense to continue playing and lose money. On the other hand, folding is not recommended if the odds of getting a winning hand are high.

Folding is advisable is you are trying to bluff the others with a decent hand but a lot of player rase after you. In 100% of the cases at least one of your opponents will have better cards than your so, folding is the best decision. If you have already made a bluff that did not work out, you should fold, too.

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