Playing poker is a mental pursuit where even the big guns of the game may slide down the dangers of poker tilt. Say goodbye to your money when you enter a tilt. Here are some of the common poker tilts that we may encounter:

Digging one’s grave

You sit down, play some poker, and get beaten early on the game. The early misfortunes are all that it takes to tilt someone. You play on without realizing that you are already on a tilt. You give away your chips hand after hand. Poker players who want to be profitable must know when they are tilting and plug the leaks immediately. It will be such a waste if you will wait for the game to end and analyse it after losing all that money.

All it takes is a snap

There are people who tilts so fast in a matter of microsecond. Why don’t you google Mike Matusow if you are not familiar with him. All it takes is the littlest of things for them to go kaboom. One time they are very cool and the next moment they are on the edge. If you are very good with charging bulls, these poker players can make, erm give, you a lot of money. Do not wait to make a move against these players since they will get rid of their chips fast. Act quickly.

Trapped in the maze

You may already know that you are tilting but cannot seem to get out of it. You are lost and you are trapped. No way out. You know that you should have an exit point but you keep on missing it. This kind of tilting does not happen in one night. It will be prolonged confusion and agony that stretches for weeks or even months.

When you are on the beating path, try to feed your mind and learn a thing or two to get out of the situation. It will be a big struggle but that is better than just giving in to the tilt.

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