For Gamblers or Casino Players, they treat all casino games in different way but not the roulette. As other says, this game is one of the most popular and easy to play in all of those casino games ever built. One thing made this game so popular – Fun and easy to play at.

Some called it, “The Game of Luck” but I prefer it calling “The Game Of Chance” which describes the whole concept of the game. For newbies, the name sound a little odd right? So let me explain this and clear things up. Roulette is compose of two materials. A wheel which plays as the platform, and the ball which makes the game so thrilling and exciting.

The Wheel spins through a certain direction together with the ball but it counters the movement of its platform. Like it was rolling to left while the wheel spins to the right. Im sure you get it right To win this game, veteran player says you gotta bring a huge amount of luck with an effect of good chances to get the jackpot. By the way, this kind of casino game has the highest amount of jackpot or prizes if you win. No wonder why players are hooked into this game.

History Of Roulette

You might wonder why on earth does this games called roulette right? In a french word, this word simply means “small wheel” as it describes the game more practical. Unfortunately, the game was an imperfect invention of a popular mathematician in 16th Century. This known mathematician was popular by his method or formula, the Pascals Triangle which is taught in High School until this day. He was trying to build or invent a machine that would never stop or lose its spinning momentum. Can you guess who did it? I guess not. For the sake of readers, Blaise Pascal is the one responsible for this. Brilliant isnt he?

As the time goes by, the game again make its way to the limelight. At the time where Prince Charles of Monaco in the 18th century introduced gambling to its region by a means of financial problem, he find gambling as an answer to it. Luckily, in 1842 two Frenchmen named Louis Blanc and Francois made a different rule to the game. To make it more fun and exciting, they add a 0 number to the wheel. Which makes the wheel numbers ranging from 0 to 36. Its a good thing they add 0 for it increases the house odds.

Variations of the Game

Roulette also has two types of variations the American Roulette Wheel and the European Roulette Wheel. Variations also add some thrill to the game.

American Roulette – has 38 numbers that considers 0, 00 and a to 36. This gives an advantage for the house a 5.26% for each winnings.

European Roulette – has 37 numbers that considers 0 and 1 to 36. This gives an advantage for the house a 2.70% for each winnings.

Betting Systems

There are many types of betting system in this roulette game. But the choice always depends on how you learn or understand each system.

Oscars Grind This system is one of the most comprehensive and easy to understand type. If you lose in the betting unit, youll have to keep you betting on that certain unit until you win. The main goal or vision of this type of system is to make one unit per cycle until you reach the goal of winning the game. In this case, the game stops.

Martingale One of the most popular of all the betting system in roulette. The player has to double every bet each time he lose. In this case, he can win his money back from the first game. Remember that this type of system is not for players whose afraid on losing their money.

There are still lots of betting system types in a roulette game. But always be sure that whatever types of roulette or betting system youre at, chances and luck is the best tool you can have.

Just a note:this roulette game is also popular by its tag line. The Devils Game, thats what they called it. Adding all 36 number of it will sum up to 666 which is according to the Holy Bible, the most infamous or evil number on earth.