Veikk us is demanding that the government pass a law banning money transfers between Finnish banks and foreign gambling sites. The goal is to keep the players’ money in Finland. At the same time, the government undertakes to compensate gambling company Åland for the losses incurred in order to get the RKP behind the bill. However, a poker professional does not believe in the effectiveness of payouts.

Marin, Ohisalo, Saarikko, and Andersson bought Henriksson’s installments with taxpayers’ night money, writes poker profile Aki Pyysing in the investment information column on the website.

  • If Marin’s reign were a TV series, the plot translations would be too amazing, Pyysing writes.
  • Who believes that in real life the party’s support area is offset by the loss of money earned by crime from taxpayers’ money?
  • “With the money earned through crime” Pyysing refers to the money that the Åland gaming company PAF has won from the mainland.
  • In the language of betting, these coins have been obtained criminally. In other words, when the PAF receives non-islanders, it acts as an “illegal gambling provider,” Pyysing writes “NCB announces price tag”.
  • There is no public information on how much Finns on the continent lose to PAF each year, but Pyysing estimates the number at tens of millions.
  • The amount becomes clear when it is revealed how much additional money the government of Marin will pump into the provincial government of Åland for its bottomless abundance.
  • The PAF has certainly told Henriksson how great the losses will be. And Anna-Maja told RKP the price tag of the Estate House. For the sake of novelty, this amount is not on the minutes of the slot machines online, but is referred to “as agreed in government negotiations”, Pyysing writes.

Veikkaus wants to prevent payments to foreign gambling companies

The background is that Finns gamble abroad more than 300 million times a year. Veikkaus management now wants a payment ban so that Finnish players cannot transfer money to foreign gambling sites and foreign gambling companies cannot pay out their Finnish customers’ winnings to Finnish banks. Of course, Veikkaus, which has a monopoly position, hopes that all the play money in Finland will be used.

  • I fully understand that more than 300 million played abroad attract people who enjoy gambling losses, Pyysing writes.
  • They seem convinced that there is a lot of money in the groups to support holiday party organizations and veijobalzars as well as the trade union movement.

Veli-Pekka Nummikoski, chairman of the Veikkaus Coalition Party, has worked extremely hard to prevent payments. Organizations that receive gambling prizes have also called for foreign gambling to be prevented. Suomen Uutiset has previously reported how plush funds are distributed among, among others, sexual organizations, bingo bonuses, and multicultural organizations.

Poker Pro: Blocks don’t work

However, Pyysing does not believe that the payment bans will bring net money to Finnish society. According to him, PAF is the only foreign gambling provider to which money transfers from Finland can really be prevented. Therefore, the resulting losses from the tax money must be reimbursed to PAF.

Indeed, as requested, most active players are already familiar with legal ways to transfer money through international online wallets such as PayPal and Skrill, or foreign debit cards. Even enthusiasts will quickly learn to avoid obstacles.

  • For problem gamblers, foreign gambling sites make it very easy to transfer money long before the first payment blocks of dozens of newly hired officials are reconciled, writes Pyysing.
  • The biggest drawback would probably be caused by poker professionals playing in Finland if the biggest poker site banned Finns from their games completely. So I asked that gambling companies really don’t like winning players.
  • Professionals make money from the gambling ecosystem, says Pyysing.
  • Every gambling company wants to keep all the money of its customers. Veikkaus also admits, although she doesn’t admit it for obvious reasons.