As every other game, poker also has its own rules and strategies. If you want to be lucky in this game you should know them. But if you want to have a total success, you should know the main types of players in the game of poker. Knowing your opponents and the way they will play a particular hand will certainly help you to become a winner in many poker games. There are so many types of players you will meet and here are some of them.

Poker players, who take a lot of risks are also called Loose players. They usually play many hands and prefer to fold when they feel they are threatened. These players can be both strong and weak. They rely above all on their luck during the game. Loose players may know how to play the game, but they ordinarily play slow. These players check or call with hope to see the river, but they are not predisposed to raise.

There are two types of Loose players – Passive-Loose and Aggressive-Loose. Passive-Loose gamblers will continue to call regardless of the strength of their hand or the strength of their opponents’ hands. They are everlasting optimists, thinking that any two cards are good. These players are called passive, because they will call almost every time, but will rarely bet or raise. They are often able to resist the other gamblers, but more often they are unable to beat their opponents.

The second type of Loose player is the Aggressive-Looser player. These gamblers are highly aggressive and take up raising as a form of cult. These kind of poker players will raise very often – before and after the flop, and they will try to tantalize the weaker players the table. Their strategy is to play against the beginners and win small pots. Some of the most successful poker players belong to this category, because they their aggressive and passive play confuse their opponents. Most of the Texas Holdem players are Loose-Aggressive.

Other basic type of poker players, which you can meet is the Tight players. These gamblers don’t play so many hands, they play only the best cards and play faster when they hold such cards. The Tight players usually win the pots if they see the showdown. But if they are recognized as Tight players, no one of their opponents wants to fight against them. As a result, the pots they win are not large.

Poker players, who never take a risk are called Passive-Tight players. They are more likely to call after thinking very carefully. Passive-Tight players are not inclined to bluff, because most of the time they have an average hand. These players always play very strong hands as a pair of Aces. Passive-Tight poker players are able to win very easy against weak gamblers, because they stay in the hand only if they hold a very strong hand.

The Aggressive-Tight players will bluff in rare occasions. They play just the best hands and if they hold such hand they will wager very aggressively. These gamblers will fold their hand always when the odds are bad for them. The Aggressive-Tight players are very dangerous for loose players, because against such players they can win with ease. If your Aggressive-Tight opponent is dealt the best hand, he will never let you win the pot.

As you see there are many types of players and you should adjust your play if you want to overcome them. If you want to be a winner, you should adapt to the style of playing at your table. Follow your playing style, but also vary your play in order to have a total success in the most entertaining online game.

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