Some of the best poker strategies to which you can subscribe are actually the simplest. They are common sense strategies, if you will. At the onset, they may seem incredibly self explanatory, they may even seem almost painfully obvious and, indeed, they are. But you would be amazed at how many people need to be told about the little common sense strategies we will be discussing in the next few weeks. And hey, you never know they might help you out a little, as well.

There is one fundamental thing you need to understand: you do not have to play every single hand. In fact, you should not do that, under any circumstances. Your opponents are not going to be impressed by your ability to play even the most dreadful hands. In fact, they will likely take advantage of it, because that trait is a definite flaw.

Do not be afraid to fold. By doing so, especially on those crap hands, you will make yourself seem safely unpredictable you wont seem like a hotheaded wild card, but neither will you seem like a player who plays it so safe, you actually become boring.

This will be a rule for some, a calculated strategy for others. Some of you will find it self explanatory, and some of you may actually get mad at me for saying it. Do not throw things at the computer screen. They wont hurt me and the results will make you very sad. I am just the messenger here.

Whether your aim is to flop a wheel, flop quad kings flop anything, really you have to remember one thing: beer and poker do not go together. I know, I know. It hurts my soul too.

And, okay, maybe thats a slight exaggeration. How about this amendment? Dont get completely hosed while youre playing poker. A couple of beers are no problem unless youre a lightweight, and a few beers will do the trick.

But do remember that you cannot really afford to be completely lax and relaxed. Whether you are playing in an online game or at a bricks and mortar casino, being drunk is going to impede your game.

Of course, if youre just playing with friends, a little tipsiness is totally allowed but I wouldnt recommend it unless you really trust your buddies.

Poker Grinding Strategies

When you say grinding, it can mean a lot in poker depending on whom you are speaking with. For this article, grinding is when a person plays long hours of poker. Grinders live their day as if poker is their regular day job. Poker players who grind spend a significant sum of money and participate in a significant number of games daily.

Grinders who do well can make thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. Grinding can be considered as an art. Playing for long hours is not enough to rake in the money. Here’s a set of tips you can use if you are planning to try poker grinding:

Good bankroll management

You must have a plan and you must stick to that plan. You must know your reasons why you are playing the hand that you have and by all means avoid playing the cards because your gut tells you so.

Play in the right place

You need to know where to play some poker. Go to poker rooms or online casinos where the fish are at. These weak, inexperienced players ’money will pretty much be part of your “monthly” poker income as a grinder.

Always play sharp

Playing long hours will take its toll on you. If you decide to try poker grinding, you need to make sure that you play sharp all the time. The tons of experience you gain while playing the game helps a lot but going back to the basics from time to time keeps your skills on check.

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