In the past, poker was best known as a men’s game. But as a lot of things have changed in 21 century, this fact has changed too. In almost all big tournaments there are women, who play next to the most famous male players. As we talk about the sexism in poker, we should say that all men accept normally the women as their opponents.

Sometimes they are even afraid of the female poker players. Party Poker is probably the most proper place for female gamblers to improve their gaming skills and to prove all man they are worthy competitors.

If you are a man, you will probably feel strangely if next to you, at your table, sits a woman. But no matter of your opponent’s sex, you must play against him/her. In most cases, women don’t react uncommonly, they just follow the rules of the game and play. But the situation is different when we talk about the male players.

Some of them have a ‘macho type’ behaviour. Such gamblers play worse when they have a woman as an opponent, because they don’t want to be beaten by a female player. A ‘macho type’ player will wager his weak hands, trying to frighten her and make her fold. He becomes ego-involved, which effects his play. Such gambler used to bluff more often against women, than against man. Talking about the female poker payers, many people think that it is unladylike to play poker games.

There is another typical type of man’s behavior when they play against women – ‘gentleman’s behaviour’. Such player checks his chips several times, because he doesn’t want to steal all woman’s money. Some of these players play normal, but when it is the woman’s turn to act, he gives her the last bet back if he wins. Sometimes the ‘gentleman’ player will even put extra money into the pot if he is sure that the woman will beat him.

Sometimes the male poker players could show aggression while playing against women, while the aggressive behaviour is usually unknown for women. Women’s dynamic life makes them more concentrated and devoted to the game. Math skills are also very important when we talk about poker. In most cases women are better mathematician then men. Female poker players don’t afraid of playing against men, because in this way they prove themselves as good poker players. As a whole, the women have more balanced view toward the game.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget that female gamblers participate in the world’s biggest tournaments – World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. Barbara Enright is the only women, who make it to the final table at the 1995 World Series of Poker Main Event, Annie Duke won the Tournament of Champions in 2004, Cissy Bottoms was joined to the Women’s Hall of Fame because of her playing skills.

It is very interesting to watch how women and men play against each other. When you enter Party Poker you will see how many women used to play poker. Playing poker is the only way for many men and women to relax. During the last few years women and men have become good partners – today there isn’t any negative attitude to the women in poker at all.

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