You are new to poker. You finally sit down at a serious game, be it online or in a bricks and mortar casino. Much to your dismay and embarrassment, however, you discover that you have no clue what these people are talking about at all. What does he mean, the pre flop? What board cards? Are you playing a board game? Is this a bad dream?

No! Its real! All because you did not take the time to sit down and learn the basic terms used in most, if not all, variations of poker, before sitting down to play with the big dogs. This might seem ridiculous, but it has happened to a lot of us after we have made the move from playing with the boys in the basement to entering, say, a serious tournament. Fortunately, this next series of posts is here to help you out considerably.

Lets start with the very basic basics. The blinds big blinds, small blinds, blinds everywhere. Blinds are like antes, in that they are forced bets. However, they are replacing the traditional ante with which a lot of us are familiar. You have to pay the blinds before being able to see your cards.

All right, now we are ready to tackle the board cards. They are also, and perhaps more widely, known as community cards. Anyway, they are the cards that the dealer lays face up on the table. They include the flop, the turn, and the river, which we will get to in a little while. Similarly check texas holdem replay poker.

In some variations of poker, you have a draw contrary to what you might be thinking, this does not necessarily mean that you are drawing new cards. On the contrary, it means you are attempting to improve your present hand by using the board, or community, cards. You want some specific cards to show up on the table.

The pre flop describes the point at which your hand gets dealt to you. At this point, each player receives two cards which only they can see.

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