Getting away from Carson Wentz should be his main goal. “I think you guys know me over the years,” Ertz said the Thursday before the Eagles’ opener. PHILADELPHIA — Zach Ertz said in September he wanted to finish his career with the Eagles. We know Carson [Wentz] feels comfortable with him. Ertz’s contract is up after the 2021 season, the same time Goedert’s rookie deal is up, so the Eagles will have a decision to make. “As players, we just stay together. The Eagles are old, expensive and not very good. Business of Football: Dak Prescott’s Injury Won’t Significantly Hurt His Career Earnings - MMQBMuch more likely is that this upcoming February we will be in the same place we were last February: with Prescott a pending free agent and the Cowboys having to 1) negotiate a long-term contract; 2) re-apply the franchise tag, or 3) set him free into a marketplace desperate for young and proven quarterbacks. “I’m all for the player getting as much as they can and I’m happy when they can,” Pederson said. That falls on Roseman, and the fact that a few guys are having success elsewhere doesn’t change those things. You must be logged in to leave a comment. And Gallup just keeps gashing teams on the deep sideline routes. He caught a two-point conversion pass at San Francisco, but those plays don’t figure into official totals. By speaking publicly about his contract, Ertz put a target on his back. — Joe Giglio (@JoeGiglioSports) December 29, 2019, “I’ll let the details be with my agent and Howie [Roseman],” Ertz said. The once-reliable Carson Wentz-Zach Ertz dynamic seems as elusive as that big Eagles contract Ertz sought. Whether he’s catching 10 balls a game or one, defenses still know he’s a playmaker, and he’s someone they’ve got to be aware of. “I encourage the player to try to eliminate the distractions, leave that between the agent and the club and just focus on your job.”, #Eagles HC Doug Pederson says he'll leave it to the "powers that be" to get something worked out with Zach Ertz, in terms of a contract extension. Joe Banner: Eagles shopping for offensive line and linebacker help as trade deadline approaches, Why can’t fourth-quarter Carson Wentz play that way for an entire Eagles game? Zach Ertz signed a 5 year, $42,500,000 contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, including a $8,000,000 signing bonus, $21,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $8,500,000. | David Murphy, Is it time for the Eagles to start worrying about Jake Elliott? The Eagles signed Zach Ertz to a 5 year contract extension worth $42.5 million on January 25, 2016. 2020 Fantasy Football Rankings: Tight Ends in Week 6 - Fake Teams4) Mark Andrews has a great matchup against the Eagles, too. . The 5-yard TD looked effortless and familiar, exactly what fans have come to expect from their franchise quarterback and his most familiar target. With Dallas on the horizon a week from now, back to back wins for the Washington Football Team could see them undefeated inside the division with a full game lead on Dallas going into the Week 8 bye. He takes pride in his work ethic. Falling For Fulgham + Eagles-Ravens Preview - BGN RadioJimmy Kempski and Brandon Lee Gowton ponder if Travis Fulgham is for real, analyze Carson Wentz’s performance against the Steelers, preview the Ravens, make their NFL Picks and more! Last year at this point, Ertz had 29 catches for 312 yards, though only one was for a TD. Even Wilson could be a top three WR for some squads.

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