Rome wasn’t built in a day. 8:18 am. - May 21, 2018 05:18 pm EDT. Some of it may be a guilty pleasure, but other of it I unabashedly really like. you buy. 1:12 pm. But I don’t run a popularity contest. There’s no rapping, or glaring hip-hop annunciations. I completely agree with you. I’m growing more discerning with age. Why do all these ppl get worked up over minuscule faults in good songs. I’ve never asked a red penny from any of my readers. His albums always have some actually very very good songs. I told the wife, “He has a really good band. His voice is grating and I think we have to blame Rascall Flats for this type of pseudo-R&B phrasing/vocal pattern. If you don’t want to read articles like this, by all means, pass it by. Thumbs up to this song. His attitude and personality within the country music world do not help, either. Jason Aldean is the latest mainstream country music bro to make it hard to be a mainstream country hater with his latest single, “You Make It Easy.” It’s certainly not anywhere close to an exceptional effort, and we’d be fools to believe that the puffy purveyor of such filthy tire fires as “Dirt Road Anthem” and “1994” has turned a page. It’s also important not to mistake “diverse single strategy” for “sweeping trend.”. Tom talks about the evolution of Cinderella's songs through their first three albums, and how he writes as a solo artist. because this song is better than burning it down he’s forgiven. I saw JA’s concert several years ago, and I thought at the time he sounded like he was rapping. Fuzzy is 100% right. If you look at the run down of Jason Aldean’s previous lead singles from new albums—songs like “Burnin’ It Down,” “Take a Little Ride,” “Lights Come On,” etc.—it’s easy to see they are some of the worst offenses of his often offensive career, just like the list of lead singles from most any mainstream country artist. Just last week, Rare Country, which is a massive music site, announced it’s shuttering. Jerry Cantrell used a talkbox to create the warbling vocal effect on the Alice in Chains song "Man In The Box.". The grade is just an addendum. you’re part of the problem, Fuzzy TwoShirts 2:40 pm. The Starland Vocal Band got the title "Afternoon Delight" from the late-afternoon appetizer menu at the restaurant Clyde's Of Georgetown in Washington, DC. “It’s unclear what’s causing this recent trend of historically bad artists releasing career-level quality songs.” Admittedly, the bar for “career-level quality songs” is pretty low. He actually has quite a few decent songs. This is the first Jason Aldean that has continued to grow on me since my first listen. I would like to apologize for the harsh tone of this comment. Think I’m Doctor Evil all you want, I’m used to it. Where attaching grades to reviews get into trouble (and DEFINITELY don’t mean only you) is when the reviewer either a) totally eviscerates the song, show, movie and then give it a highish grade or b) speak glowingly about the song, show, movie then give it a lousy grade. First off, you can’t argue opinion. March 7, 2018 @ Fuzzy TwoShirts But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad song. March 12, 2018 @ Most people think they are above average in looks, for instance. Are you saying that those sounds are similar? Top Jason Aldean Lyrics Got What I Got The Same Way We Back Show You Off You Make It Easy A Little More Summertime Tryin' To Love Me Heaven Walking Away When She Says Baby Related Jason Aldean Links Official page Jason Aldean wiki It Ain't Easy video Jason Aldean twitter Jason Aldean facebook Willie Potter But yeah I agree, this song is one of Aldean’s best in recent years. Songwriter Claims Jason Aldean's 'You Make It Easy' Is Plagiarized, Maren Morris Blasts Tomi Lahren's Take on Donald Trump's Comments: 'This Is F—ing Cruel', Dierks Bentley Tries to Get Over an Ex in New Single 'Gone', Jimmie Allen Says COVID-19 Front Line Workers Have 'Been Heroes for Years' (Exclusive), Miranda Lambert Mourns the Death of Her Dog Waylon: 'He Lived His Life With No Fences', Florida Georgia Line and Nelly Team up Again for New Song 'Lil Bit', Matt Stell Shares the Story Behind 'Look At Me Now' in Exclusive Clip, Charley Pride to Receive CMA Lifetime Achievement Award, Brett Young Celebrates Daughter Presley's First Birthday: 'We Love You With Every Bit of Our Hearts'. They even find time for a guitar solo, which is pretty subpar, and like so many mainstream solos these days is done with a slide. But I also see the value in rewarding music when it starts to head in the right direction to encourage that it continues. March 7, 2018 @ not open for debate. His lead singles from albums are usually not very good, but the rest of the album usually is. 3.5/10 for me. William Elliott Whitmore Releases New Album “I’m With You”, Brent Cobb – Soapbox [Live with Nikki Lane], Sarah Jarosz – “Hometown” (Official Music Video), The Steep Canyon Rangers Release New Album “Arm In Arm”, Lucero – Outrun the Moon (Official Lyric Video), William Michael Morgan – “How Much Proof” (Acoustic), Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – “Only Children” (Official Music Video), The SteelDrivers – Innocent Man (Official Music Video), Jamey Johnson Joins Nick Norman for new Song “The Cock Crows”, Tanya Tucker – Delta Dawn “Live From The Troubadour” (Official Audio), Song Review – Jason Aldean’s “You Make It Easy”, Country & Songwriting Legend Jerry Jeff Walker Has Died. It just seems like if we’re kicking every person out of country music who ever had an affair, that’d leave us with a lot less good country music and a lot less interesting people. Nicely done. And for those wondering, I did reach out to my family friend to ask who she sent the song to and she wouldn’t tell me. March 7, 2018 @ ", He concluded, "I just can’t shake this feeling that my song was taken from me and I can’t do anything about it. I’ve usually respected Jason Aldean, in a limited way. 87 Comments. It’s just a sex-infused love song, pretty generic, but nothing to get too steamed over. But I’m not so much a fan of some no-neck wannabe redneck gangsta thug chanting “Joe – Joe – Joe – Joe DiffAAYYYY” over and over. Well played, Jason Aldean. But that in no way is eating into the coverage of independent artists. ” ‘You Make It Easy’ has the perfect blend of lyrics that not just have meaning, but have great natural rhythm. The lead single is often the moment to sell out the hardest to create maximum buzz for your upcoming album release. It’s a ploy so that gullible people think he’s a talented artist. Certainly a different way to go and actual instruments, too, as Trig points out. March 8, 2018 @ Jason Aldean; You Make It Easy Lyrics Jason Aldean – You Make It Easy. March 7, 2018 @ You can only argue opinion, because facts are not debatable, so try again. He played this song. Stop letting anything that isn’t as good as Ray Price and and Hank Cochran get compliments! King Honky Of Crackershire Trainwreck92 single. My song uses that as the hook for the chorus, I wonder what this sounds like,” he wrote.

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