[15], Leiber and Stoller wrote the song "Hound Dog" in 12 to 15 minutes, with Leiber scribbling the lyrics in pencil on ordinary paper and without musical notation in the car on the way to Stoller's apartment. [188][189] At that time, Freddie Bell and the Bellboys, who had been performing as a resident act in the Silver Queen Bar and Cocktail Lounge in the Sands Casino since 1952,[174][158] were one of the hottest acts in town. '"[30] After this "testy exchange",[14] Leiber sang the song himself to demonstrate how they wanted it done. It really tells a story, friends. In May, Phillips responded: "There's a lot of difference in the words. Gordon also related that Elvis very much knew in his mind what he wanted the final results to be so they didn't spend a lot of time working out tempos. Did their name come from a sewing machine? In December 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked it No. [332] The contract assigned the publishing for "Hound Dog" to Lion. I think it was printed somewhere that we did it about forty or sixty … I don't know, give or take. [346] In 2000, Otis claimed: "Leiber and Stoller brought me the song, 'Hound Dog,'" Otis recalls, of the time he produced Big Mama Thornton's recording of what was to become an R&B, and then rock 'n' roll, classic. One of the great "we're all going down" songs is "Ship Of Fools" by World Party, written when Margaret Thatcher was in power in England. This version is slower and includes "arf arf" sounds. When 'Hound Dog' came across the radio, there was nothing in my mind that said, 'Wow, what a great song, I wonder who wrote that?' "[205] Presley's performance, including the lyrics (which he sometimes changed) and the gyrations always got a big reaction. "[191][192] Presley's guitarist Scotty Moore recalled: "When we heard them perform that night, we thought the song would be a good one for us to do as comic relief when we were on stage. [318] An article entitled "New Howl Goes Up Over 'Hound Dog' Infringement" in The Pittsburgh Courier of August 8, 1953 reported: In response, Robey counter-sued both King Records and Valjo Music over Roy Brown's answer record, and also over Little Esther's cover record (King 12126). [Verse] Facts about Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog 2: the recording of Hound Dog. [97] According to James M. Salem: [I]nstead of barking and howling there is meowing and hissing in the background. Leaving us with the bizarre circumstance of a man singing a woman’s song about a man that was not actually a hound dog to an actual hound dog. Among those artists who have recorded non-English versions of "Hound Dog" are:[282], After the Presley version of "Hound Dog" became a commercial success, Homer and Jethro parodied it as "Houn' Dawg" (RCA Victor 47-6706; 20-6706),[291][292] including such lines as: "You look like an Airedale, with the air let out". These were the days before Youtube, and while I probably could have dug it out at Johnny Go’s or Magnolia Thunderpussy it would have been a lot of effort. Cortés’ men leveled the city and captured Cuauhtémoc, the Aztec emperor. Cleve Jackson (Jackson Cleveland Toombs) & His Hound Dogs (Herald 6000). [12][316][317][318] Phillips was ordered to pay 2% of all of the profits of "Bear Cat" plus court costs. Stein and Day. [36], Presley's first appearance in Las Vegas was in the Venus Room of the New Frontier Hotel and Casino from Monday, April 23 through May 6, 1956, as an "extra added attraction", third on the bill to Freddy Martin and His Orchestra and to comedian Shecky Greene. However, when questioned further on the matter, Thornton explained that, while the song had been composed by Leiber and Stoller, she had transformed it: "They gave me the words, but I changed it around and did it my way". And you ain't no friend of mine There were many riots at his early concerts. Mike Stoller told, When the line "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog" popped into Jerry Leiber's head, he considered "hound dog" a placeholder phrase. CORP. v. ELVIS PRESLEY MUSIC", "From the Mouths of Babes: Protecting Child Authors From Themselves", "Opinion, Valjo Music vs. Elvis Presley Music in US District Court, Southern District of New York, December 4, 1957". Her version was a #1 R&B hit and by far her biggest success. [100][101] According to Phillips' biographer Peter Guralnick: Looking for a suitable man to record this song, Phillips selected part-time local WDIA disk jockey Rufus Thomas, who adopted the nickname, "Rufus 'Hound Dog' Thomas" for this recording. Variant title: Hound dog. But as Leiber and Stoller themselves admit in the book, it doesn’t matter what they ever did or ever will accomplish -- they will always be known as the guys who wrote “Hound Dog.”. Even Rosco confirmed that. You're looking for a home"—and edited out what he described later as "derogatory crap". '"[194], When asked if Bell had any objections to Presley recording his own version, Bell gave Colonel Tom Parker, Presley's manager, a copy of his 1955 Teen Records' recording, hoping that if Presley recorded it, "he might reap some benefit when his own version was released on an album. Beamed via Globecam Satellite to Australia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, South Vietnam and other countries, it was also seen on a delayed basis in around thirty European countries. In February 2013, Thornton's recording of "Hound Dog" was inducted into Grammy Hall of Fame. This song here is one of the saddest songs we've ever heard. In 1924, ...read more, On August 13, 1781, Patriot forces led by Colonel William Harden and Brigadier General Francis Marion, known as the “Swamp Fox,” lure British commander Major Thomas Fraser and his 450 soldiers into an ambush at Parker’s Ferry, 30 miles northwest of Charleston, South Carolina. The president or proprietor of Lion Music Publishing Company noted the similarity of the handwriting of the signatures and made contact with Leiber and Stoller who advised him that Otis had no authority to sign their names to the agreement and that Otis was not a co-author of the song, although he was entitled to receive one-third of the royalties.

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