Last Updated: 2020.10.02to Japanese page... UNIQLO Business Strategy. UNIQLO may process personal data collected in this chat to improve your experience. The Uniqlo U Recycled Down Jacket represents Uniqlo's and my own ongoing commitment to sustainability". In the case our chatbot is unable to answer your query, one of our agents will join and assist you further. Daily breaking news on our market leading website. To allow us to improve our services we would appreciate your feedback regarding this information/article. Register Subscribe. The Re.Uniqlo project was started in Japan a year ago, which collects already worn out items from customers in order to recycle them. Sat-Sun: 09:00-18:00 Uniqlo has launched an initiative, Re.Uniqlo, to encourage customers to give new life to clothes they no longer wear. Sweden. Uniqlo starts recycling down with Re.Uniqlo. I have a question about your sizing, colours and materials. Founded in 2006, Ecotextile News is the environmental magazine for the global textile and fashion industries and provides unrivalled daily coverage, comment and expertise in both print and online formats. In using materials from recycled clothing, there is a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and resource consumption throughout the entire product life cycle. Our chatbot is unable to answer specific questions relating to order details, personal or product related information. Controversies. A weekly e-bulletin delivered to your inbox with all the latest developments, Unlimited access to our daily news website, including premium content, Digitised versions of every printed issue we’ve published since February 2007. Customer Care Operating hours: Mon-Fri:08:00-21:00 In January 2015, a number of labor rights violations were reported at Uniqlo suppliers in China. The first product to be introduced from the collection will be the recycled down jacket, the products contain reprocessed down materials from 620,000 jackets across the country since September last year. UNIQLO can secure stable, high-quality materials at low cost by ordering large volume. In using materials from recycled clothing, there is a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and resource consumption throughout the entire product life cycle. Please visit our. We want to ensure you select the correct size suited to you so we have size guides available on most of our item pages. Remember Me Forgot your password? This down recycling project will kick off Uniqlo's down reuse activities around the world, starting in the fall of 2020. Uniqlo opened its first store in Denmark in April 2019. How do I unsubscribe from the UNIQLO newsletter? UNIQLO's market share is expanding worldwide as it develops radical new materials together with the world's best fabric technology innovators and creates basic designs using … The first Uniqlo store in Sweden opened in August 2018 in Stockholm and covers three storeys. 2008 - 2020 Log in. The jacket will be priced at 79.99 euros and will be available in brown, dark green, dark grey and brown, 9 November. Customer Care Operating hours:Mon-Fri:08:00-21:00 The store includes three storeys. UNIQLO procures its fablic from its material manufactures partners. The light, soft fit evokes a relaxed, everyday style. MCL News & Media, Textile chemical giants launch new alliance, Kering scores high in sustainability rankings, New report examines circularity potential in India, Fashion Pact details progress in first year, Australian wool 'jeapordised by mulesing' claim. Combined with the water reduction techniques and laser technology mentioned above, this eco-stone is making a massive impact in the sustainable production space. TOKYO – Following in the footsteps of Marks & Spencer, Japanese fashion titan Uniqlo has vowed to ban the use of alpaca wool from its collections after a PETA exposé highlighted instances of gross misconduct at the world’s largest privately owned alpaca farm, situated in Peru. It is located on Strøget in central Copenhagen. Starting 24 September, customers who bring their used clothing into stores to donate or recycle, will receive a store voucher. Closed: Christmas day and New Year's day. Procurement of Materials. Exclusive discounts on MCL News & Media reports and magazines. Closed: Christmas day and New Year's day, Telephone Number : 0207 886 4930 UNIQLO, however, has now introduced a new, artificial “eco-stone”; one which mimics the effect of pumice, without creating stone powder waste. Outerwear: Uniqlo’s outerwear comprises of jackets and coats of different styles and materials, hoodies and parkas to suit different weather conditions and occasions, and the famous Ultra-Light Down jacket that is extremely thin, light, and comfortable but yet provides excellent insulation and warmth. UNIQLO, Driving LifeWear Innovation 34. PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman says: “Uniqlo's decision will go a long way in helping to prevent vulnerable alpacas from being abused and shorn bloody for their wool.”, Or if you prefer email, click on the button below and we'll get back to you asap. OTHER PUBLICATIONS FROM MCL NEWS & MEDIA, © UNIQLO Loose-fitting, souffle-yarn knitwear, new for fall/winter 2019. UNIQLO is able to produce such an amazing number of unique products because our business model unifies the entire clothes-making process--from planning and design through production, distribution, and retail. Sat-Sun: 09:00-18:00 Uniqlo pledged to remedy the violations. In addition, UNIQLO continuously seeks the highest-quality and lowest-cost material in global and realizes it by directly negotiating with manufactures. Six printed magazine issues delivered to your door. If our FAQ's did not answer your question or you have any feedback. Building strategic partnership with Japanese high-quality … For example, in Japan if you purchase a size 'S', you would need to purchase at 'XS on our UK website'. Christophe Lemaire, art director of Uniqlo's Paris R&D Center, commented on the announcement: "My personal commitment is in line with Re.Uniqlo's goals. Login to your account. Inside track on the environmental strategies of brands and retailers, Influential commentary on MRSL’s and supply chain compliance, Exclusive interviews with key industry figures, New technology for sustainable textile production, Textile recycling, closed loop systems and recycled synthetics, Reports on social compliance and labour in developing nations, Guidance on environmental regulation and textile standards, Expert comment and analysis on textile dyeing and chemistry, Live reporting from global textile exhibitions and conferences, Breaking news on environmental policy briefings, The impact of natural resource consumption by the textile sector, Independent commentary on third-party sustainability tools, News on downstream pollution and wastewater treatment, Implications of trade agreements on environmental and social concerns.

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