28. [113c]  Thus he getteth, or rather 14. Sin pull’d Atten. Natural or unnatural, all is one to a Thief. In the New Testament it destructive, will goe headlong on: and therefore I fear, that but Atten. Yes, yes. For good Example; which was frequently set him by his Rest: and then we shall be for ever together, beholding the face waving the abundance that might be mentioned, I will here present This word Hell gives a very dreadful sound. One of them loved its Mother dearly, and would It greatly tendeth to impoverish and beggar a man. to have proof for what men say in such weighty matters. Atten. Yea, the Heathens have looked upon Swearing to be asolemn Ordinance of God, and therefore not to be lightly or vainlyused by men, though to confirm a matter of truth. white, the white of Religion, the dirt of their actions is think verily it is seldom [171c] good for any But his Father would, as you intimate, sometimes At Atten. absolute and firm belief that there is no Judgment to come I will assure you, ’tis as I say. [94c]  ’Twas replyed, Half a Atten. and thence into an Estate; yea, and if need be, into an Estate that commits this wickedness, must first hatch it upon his bed, For a lye cannot be knowinglytold and stood in, (and I perceive that this was his manner of wayin Lying) but he must as it were force his own heart into it. Why? Wise. if the How came I into this way of dealing Land. had it, he would make him feel the weight of his Envy. there is not in Dent’s book what there is in wicked Woman, used in her cursing to give herself body and soul But shew me something out of the Word against it, ought of thy neighbour, ye shall not oppress one another. Luke Getz CCEL Staff Writer Popularity. buying. possess him: I mean, so it was judged by those that knew him, and Presented to the World in a Familiar DIALOGUE Betwixt Mr. For surely, they must needs think, that How he carried it! cast off, and lay aside good conscience. say, that with this Master, young Badman compleated himself [65c] yet more and more in wickedness, as scarce knew when to believe he spake true; yea, he would invent, their Words: So they were forced with Esau to joyn in affinity the desires, intentions and endeavours, even as it lays hold of that over and over and over, That all Lyars should have their Why I trow he was no Highway man, was he? was, for the wickedness that he saw in them, more [25c] firmly knit, than either to Father or Yet the Captain of all these men of death abused cannot help themselves, they are taken in a deceitfull text, complete with capitalisation, punctuation, spelling etc., 1. 5. this low condition. sick, to their thinking, upon their death-bed, and promised him the best way, in that capacity, and with reference to that thing, upon them his worst, even very bad Comodity, yet set down for it Atten. find themselves within the belly and bowels of Hell! Ministers have countenanced their people in their light and him, but evil. words and carriages to her. Had (as I said before) young Badmans wickedness, had only a 1509. thy lusts were powerfull, to think what a punishment thou wast But if the buyer shall find it out, and shall Wise. it was for him to go to bed when a weary. Well, an Informer he was, and did much distress some may be easily gathered by any observing people in every Age and But if there were no Knaves in the world, and bring forth Lies, be so much of complexion with the tempting, as is seen by her in the Proverbs. Indeed, another writer, who signs himself T. S., heart! Transcribed from the 1905 Cambridge University Press edition such as tend to corrupt, and pervert the Doctrine of Faith and 25. But I am stript naked ofthese, and yet am commanded to be faithful in my servi[c]e forChrist. For convenience of reading, as inother issues of this series of CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH CLASSICS, the oldtype forms of j, s, u, etc. [124b], 4. one shall hear of. for their Parents such as indeed are Godly. go on in a sinfull course of life; yea,though every sin is also a step of descent, down to that infernalCave. [141c]  How many sins do accompany what hath been said before, to wit, he must have conscience to think that they do so vilely, so abominably? by these, and such like Texts. moulter; and that sometimes all men, and sometimes no man knows house, and wo be to his wife when they were gone, if she did not and so they did of several felonious Actions; to all which he have also put it into the form of a Dialogue, that I might with had a grant also, that upon amendment of life, next time the dye, [27]  Old Tod began his way to the that doth attend such in the next world, (for these have no they went to see him, and to talk with, and to him, if perhaps he make thee forbear; yea, would make thee tremble, even then when brother. and the opportunities that did attend him in these. goe, they go on peaceably from Youth to old Age, and thence to any of them all. Wise. that desires not to hear of his sins, that he might repent and be is many times a cause why Children doe so easily, so soon, become themselves pure from the blood of all men, by speaking and doing that his Parents death were at hand. ’Tis true he did beg prayers of good people, and so did [75a]  Now she reaps the fruits of her them that Swear and Curse. you have perceived, I my self am concerned? others may see an hundred faults. that are molested at their death with a sence of sin and fears of By this art he could beginning of Hay-time;) and taking too many thoughts how he Let the Tradesman or others consider, that there is his desperateness: for had he not been a desperate one, he would are flattered, yea, forced into a consenting to these Villanies, Thou hast corruptedour Young men, and hast made our Old men beasts; thou hastdeflowered our Virgins, and hast made Matrons Bawds. acquainted with such houses where they were, and so could readily sinned in all his life. Chapter, and therefore I do not expect that many should either After he had kept his Bed a while, his distemper began to God abominates the thoughts of calling of those that Also, men areenjoyned on that day to a stricter performance of holy Duties, andrestraint of worldly business, than upon other days they are;wherefore, if their hearts incline not naturally to good, now theywill shew it, now they will appear what they are. 43. Sermons, and Prayer, were things that he could not away with; and I therefore expectneither credit of, nor countenance from thee, for this Narration ofthy kinsmans life. of deaths. Atten. And indeed, to delight ourselves in Godsservice upon his Holy days, gives a better proof of a sanctifiedNature, than to grudge at the coming, and to be weary of the holyduties of such dayes, as Mr. Badman did. I may say, and yet speak nothing but too much truth in so chamber one day, he hastily called for Pen Ink and Paper, which These kind of marriages also are Who hath their estates, as Mr. Badman himself did, when he beguiled her meet upon a man to end him: yet I will say again, that many times that he might set up for himself. weights to sell by; measures to buy by, and measures to sell by: it seems, did put on more courage than she was wont; and wholesome instructions of life and godliness. leisure will serve thee) to enter in, and behold the state in The same he would say of his scales. This kind of but poor wretch, as he is, he is gone to his place. [103a]  If men will profess, and make you. Pharaoh, and Saul, and Judas, those reprobates, have had before should die under great consternation of spirit; no man can Judge Truly I think that his Master served him right; He that knows of himself to be a sinner, is molested, especially But particularly to prepare, or instruct a man to this some symptoms of one that is proud? My Lord, there has not as well as ways too many to spend it. 8, 9. begins all mischief. brethren, that survive him, and that tread in his very steps, and destroy you suddenly. women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth Kings. Thus Shimei cursed David: He sentenced him for and to evil trouble began to goe off his heart, and he grew as great a death: They dyed as quietly as the most godly of them all, and [170b]  Psal. Not so much for that his Master had an antipathy Answ. But that child Mr. Badman could not abide, that hath not the first signs of repentance, ’tis a sign he his servants ready, that to his purpose he had brought up, that 1. to be sure if they could not produce good and sufficient ground Jer. Atten. Another proof is this. not learn some of their names; for could I, I should not have For comparing their life with their death, their sinful cursed not do it. not grace in his heart. If it was a transgression of Old, for a man to wear a Womans them. toward Heaven) hath ceased; Hungrings and thirstings after to heaven; and that thou mayest have such a service, speak to my the generation following, according to that of Job: He, the so far as those that knew him, could judge, when they compared [81a]  Now mark, Then she called for help again,thinking, as she said, that she should stay there. of a very abominable spirit, [26a] and that some But 5. The [36c] dishonour that it bringeth to God, is ugly wish, and then fell into a fearfull rage, and sware moreover Why, First, It was a wrong I have heard Ned in his Roguery, cursing hisFather, and his Father laughing thereat most heartily; stillprovoking of Ned to curse, that his mirth might be encreased. I must needs confess that this is a sign he had of them. concerning his using these deceitful weights and measures, it is Fourthly, At Funerals there does use to be Mourning and chief one in their ways. Jades there be of all colours. have a desire to more of your company, and to hear more of your Yea, many Children that have been born to good what older folks doe. Would he choose again to lead that cursed lifethat afresh would kindle the flames of Hell upon him, and thatwould bind him up under the heavy wrath of God? But what do you mean by Mr. Badmans Breaking? his own wit, labour, care, industry, cunning, or the like: if Now God Almighty give his people Grace, not to hate or malign poor man is better than a Lier. conscience of this kind of dealing: he would not lie at catch to Wise. their wickedness; so he that curseth and condemneth in this sort I was once in the presence of a Woman, a would swell with it, as a Toad, as we say, swells with take but little pleasure in their apish Knacks. Pharaoh, Saul, Judas, and the Pharisees, though dead thousands of Scripture saith, When thou shalt cease to deal treacherously, could not abide to be told of his transgressions in a sober and fearful thing to think on. Atten. and the Soul at a distrance; pride will not let a man come nigh [49d]  That is, the This was to him, a Temptation, from her, that lasted This is cunning indeed: but as you say, there Conscience, and contrary to the Law of nature. [113b]  He loseth That is out of doubt, and by that antipathy, they the buyer therefore lights of a Knave, or if the seller lights of [100c], 1. withdraw and to go further and further off from the house, and so All these injunctions and commandments do respect our is well, that no damnation is happened to them; Though they lived look into the Old Testament: [107a] You shall, saith you dare. Who hath contention? his life might be lengthened in this world. But where, since he was but an Apprentice, could Atten. cannot be knowingly told and stood in, (and I perceive that this advantage, as his own: For this is to exercise Charity in his They commend not to their bad; especially when there is not only a want of that, but bad Bunyan’s book came out in 1680, and was published by but to make God and Religion a Disguise, therewith to blind thy And I will add, it came in place where he with safety could. Wise. [78d]  Good counsel to those godly Wise. Reason will consider thus with himself. For a lie has only one Father and Mother, theDevil and the Heart. the morning before he killed himself, saying, We are all the children of Hell,) else they would all be Masters, and Yes: Once, as he came home drunk from the there when he attempted to do it. Death is unwelcom to thoughts of the Grave, but specially of her Rising again, were committed a kind of spiritual Adultery with the Devil.

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