Have you ever felt this way about your life? Get Your Custom Essay on, “The Family Stone” film discussion guide Submit Assignment. If you feel that we missed something, send the order for a free revision. In Rolling Stone, Peter Travers rated the film three out of a possible four stars and added, "It's a comedy with a dash of tragedy — the kind of thing that usually makes me puke. Meredith and Ben are a couple, as are Everett and Julie and Amy and Brad. One year later, the family reunites at the Stone house. Sybil, who originally refused Everett's request for his grandmother's ring, reconsiders her position and offers it to him; but, by now, his feelings for Meredith have shifted to her sister.  |  Diane Keaton gives a good performance as Sybil, who’s suffering from a terminal illness. Get in touch whenever you need any assistance. Sybil, the matriarch of the Stone family, seams determined to prevent the engagement form happening and to drive the potential daughter-in-law away. Box office raking in $12,521,027 USD in its first opening weekend. Playing the glue that holds the family together, Keaton was the first actor approached to star in the film. The following morning, when she awakens in Ben's bed, she incorrectly assumes their night of revelry ended with the two sleeping together. Don't use plagiarized sources. We use several checkers to make sure all papers are plagiarism-free and do not share them with third parties. When Julie and Meredith lock themselves in the bathroom to get the ring off, they assume Everett is about to propose to Meredith. 4. OK, This article is about the 2005 film. He counters that he didn't plan to ask her. After spending 15 weeks in theatres, The Family Stone earned $60,062,868 in the US and $32,220,983 in foreign markets, bringing its worldwide total to $92,283,851. Meredith desperately tries to fit in, but her strained attempt to play charades and a clumsy effort to engage the family in a dinner table discussion about nature versus nurture and sexual orientation prove to be disastrous and Amy Stone (Rachel McAdams) insults her. In Rolling Stone, Peter Travers rated the film three out of a possible four stars and added, "It's a comedy with a dash of tragedy – the kind of thing that usually makes me puke. She is referenced as the family gathers around the tree. This tribe of ravenous cannibals bares its excellent teeth at anyone who doesn't accommodate the family's preening self-regard." Why is it so important to the family? Contact Us Sybil has died. 10. A breast cancer survivor, she deals with the recurrence of the fatal illness. You can be positive that we will be here 24/7 to help you get accepted to the Master’s program at the TOP-universities or help you get a well-paid position. The family exchanges gifts; and Meredith, oblivious to Sybil's failing health, presents each with a framed enlarged photograph of Sybil taken when she was pregnant with Amy. He stated the film "is silly at times, leaning toward the screwball tradition of everyone racing around the house at the same time in a panic fueled by serial misunderstandings [but] there is also a thoughtful side, involving the long and loving marriage of Sybil and Kelly."

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