At a young age of 15, he became local priest of his parish in Benevento, which at the time was relatively pagan. CNA Daily News For most of the time, the ampoules are kept in a bank vault, whose keys are held by a commission of local notables, including the Mayor of Naples; while the bones are kept in a crypt under the main altar of Naples Cathedral. The result has led to a complicated and tense relationship between the patriotic association and the “underground Church,” which includes priests and bishops who are not recognized by the government. He was bishop of the city in the third century, and his bones and blood are preserved in the cathedral as relics. Sounds fishy to me.Skeptical Catholic. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). “There’s really no black and white, there’s overlap there, so of course there would be an input from the government…it will be a collaboration,” Cappello said. If the officiant happens, the officiant announces, “Il miracolo é fatto!” and waves a white handkerchief. Januarius is the patron saint of Naples, where the faithful gather three times a year in Naples Cathedral to witness the liquefaction of what is claimed to be a sample of his blood kept in a sealed glass ampoule. Bishop Januarius went to visit two deacons and two laymen in prison. [13] While clotted blood can be liquefied by mechanical stirring, the resulting suspension cannot solidify again. [31] The suspension can be prepared from simple chemicals that would have been easily available locally since antiquity. The Catacombs of St. Januarius, on the Capodimonte slope, antedate in their earliest section the saint’s legendary decapitation in 305, Bishop, in some Christian churches, the chief pastor and overseer of a diocese, an area containing several congregations. Pope Francis makes surprise donation to struggling poultry workers, Catholic Amy Coney Barrett front-runner as Trump signals Supreme Court nomination plans, Vatican City, Nov 6, 2018 / 07:00 pm (CNA).- The Russian Orthodox Church announced that it has withdrawn from a Vatican sponsored Commission for Catholic – Orthodox Theological Dialogue, in response to a dispute between Orthodox patriarchs in Mos… […]. Love of God and love of neighbor, Nigerian Catholics stand with anti-police brutality demonstrators, A Saintly View of Vatican II: On St. John Paul II and the Council, During Mass today at the Domus Sanctae Marthae chapel, Pope Francis elaborated upon the theme of Christians and worldliness, something he also preached about yesterday. [22][13] Separate reliquaries hold bone fragments believed to belong to Saint Januarius. Since the 1980s they have loosely cooperated in episcopal appointments, however, the government has also named bishops without Vatican approval. Unfortunately, while visiting Sossius in jail, he too was arrested. St. Januarius, Bishop and Martyr Short life History Many centuries ago, St. Januarius died for the Faith in the persecution of Diocletian, and to this day God confirms the faith of His Church, and works a continual miracle, through the blood which Januarius shed for Him. “Even in this time of coronavirus, the Lord through the intercession of St. Januarius has liquified the blood!” Sepe declared. He said that if the agreement that comes out is a poor one, “I would be more than happy to be the obstacle.”, The Vatican immediately responded, and in a Jan. 30 statement said Francis is well-informed of the dialogue with China, so “it is therefore surprising and regrettable that the contrary is affirmed by people in the Church, thus fostering confusion and controversy.”, In a Jan. 31 interview with Italian paper La Stampa , Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin spoke of the proposed deal, and, though he didn’t mention Zen’s comments specifically, said “no one should cling to the spirit of opposition to condemn his brother or use the past as an excuse to stir up new resentments and closures.”, On the deal, he said that “if someone is asked to make a sacrifice, small or great, it must be clear to everyone that this is not the price of a political exchange, but falls within the evangelical perspective of a greater good, the good of the Church of Christ”. St. Januarius was born in Italy and was bishop of Benevento during the Emperor Diocletian persecution. All comments posted at Catholic World Report are moderated. It is only one of a number of blood miracles that have taken place, and in the case of St Januarius-Gennaro and … Amen.”. In the Breviary a longer account is given. Little is known of the life of Januarius,[2] and what follows is mostly derived from later Christian sources, such as the Acta Bononensia (BHL 4132, not earlier than 6th century) and the Acta Vaticana (BHL 4115, 9th century), and from later-developing folk tradition. We're not salespeople, but we depend on donations averaging $14.76 and fewer than 1% of readers give. St. Januarius was born in Italy and was bishop of Benevento during the Emperor Diocletian persecution. Regarding the seven bishops who will be recognized should a new agreement come to pass, Msgr. As per the legend, he was bishop of Benevento and prospered towards the end of the third century. With this deal, Pope Francis “is building bridges,” he said, adding that he believes the stronger and more vocal opponents of the accord “are on the wrong side of history.”. Stay up to date with the latest news, information, and special offers. St. Januarius was born in Italy and was bishop of Benevento during the Emperor Diocletion persecution.

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