© 2020 Paste Media Group. Goodbye doesn’t always have to be permanent; sometimes it’s a temporary separation that leads to a joyful reunion. September 2016 I ain’t got time for this school Here are the gloomy jams for your sadsack playlist. Are you sad about saying goodbye? Note that some products may not work as well without tracking cookies. Sometimes, you just want to put on sweatpants, wrap yourself in a blanket burrito, and listen to sad music. May 2019 This list of pop songs about saying goodbye includes some of the best “so long” songs ever written. The boss is a jerk For musicians and artists everywhere, the struggle between succeeding financially and artistically is a constant battle. July 2015. Parting can be such sweet sorrow, but several musicians have written great pop songs about saying goodbye. Go safely my good friend (walk softly & carry a big stick, lol) Here's one of my heroes Keef Hartley with his version of Leavin' Trunk off Half Breed. It doesn’t get much more iconic than David Allan Coe’s tribute to quitting a piece-of-crap factory job. I won’t get as far as my daddy made it Only thing that paves your stay May 2016 January 2016 All Rights Reserved, 2: “Take This Job and Shove It,” David Allan Coe. I’m gonna take it all back The song was popularized by Johnny Paycheck in 1977. Goodbye songs can be played for … And it’s not only a catchy tune: it’s liberating and has probably inspired more hasty decisions than some people would like to admit. January 2019 February 2019 March 2020 Copied to clipboard. I get up just about noon, November 2019 Leadership, June 2020 to reach for my shoes and then walk. Brock is waking up way past a decent hour (the guy was known to party a bit) before heading over autonomously to a job that he didn’t really care much for. These country songs about work celebate the eight-plus hour shifts and round-the-clock struggles of the average American. It certainly wasn’t the first song about hating a job, but it was one of the most poignant. August 2018 I can’t go to work It’s the music version of the moment where you just can’t do it anymore: “I’ve had it” is the soundtrack to a pissed-off guy no-call-no-showing to a dead-end customer-service job. Add them to this list and share your thoughts in the comments section. It pays my way, and it corrodes my soul December 2015 I want to go down in musical history. Like a workhorse stands for miles. He (or she) will go out of his way to humiliate you or make your life harder. 11/16/2017. Work, work, work, work, work. Gotta go to work, gotta go to work, gotta have a job. August 2015 “Dorothy at Forty” details the life of a middle-aged woman that once had big dreams and had to throw them away for a normal small-town life with plenty of references to the magical world of Oz. I’d give the shirt right off of my back if I had the guts to say…. No, I aint gonna work for Maggie’s pa no more September 2017 Every sweat-stained collar, every dollar, From the loud blues songs that say goodbye and good riddance to the soft melancholy ballads filled with bittersweet reflections, there are a variety of leaving songs to play while you’re on your way. December 2019 This website uses marketing and tracking technologies. And you hate your boss at your job Drive-By Truckers have always had a way with brutally honest songwriting, and for “This Fucking Job” off 2010‘s The Big To-Do, the title says it all. I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more.” Also, the Rage Against the Machine version is worth a listen if you’re really mad. In your dreams show no mercy, Everyone has their bad days, but Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne takes it a little far with his fantasies in “Bad Days.” The song allows frustrated workers to escape into a world of luxury cars and zero consequences for hating your boss and wanting to “blow his head off.”, Dorothy, it seems you’ll never understand 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. I want to leave, you will not miss me Fashion We’re not the kids that we once were This pop song about saying goodbye went all the way up to No. Career Beyonce's “Irreplaceable” is also a great song to say goodbye with when you are happy to see a relationship come to an end. But you're not alone. December 2018 Some pop goodbye songs are sad and sentimental while others are a definite wish to never see someone again. It’s the story of a person that’s completely fed up with acts that are inexcusable — harsh fines and cigars to the face — but maybe the best part of the song is the narrator’s refusal to be locked into the situation: “They say sing while you slave and I just get bored. 11/16/2017. Over a trashy drum beat, Beck recaps an experience that everyone’s had: that boss. August 2016 By Kat Bein. We can’t be the adults we want to be. The Greatest Songs by '90s One-Hit Wonders, The Greatest Alternative Rock Songs by One-Hit Wonders. Digital Marketing This song by John Denver perfectly captures that emotion about a man who’s about to leave indefinitely.

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