It is also for King Parikshit, that the Bhagavata is first recited. After the war of Mahabharata, Ashwathama upset at the death of Duryodhan killed all five sons of Draupadi when they were sleeping thinking them to be the Pandavas. Pariksheet was Abhimanyu and Uttara’s son. He is the One who should be propitiated, irrespective of what you want or do not want; you may want everything or nothing. There is nothing greater than bhakti to the Transcendental Supreme, Vasudev. Parikshit had a slip of tongue and he said, “Gold.” That’s it- Kalyug went and penetrated in his golden crown. Tired with the world conquests, Son of Abhimanyu went for hunting. And when he stood alone and without a bow, he had in his sight several warriors shooting at him from distance, whom he could not hope to fight - and he was left with whatever he could find on the ground, a mace or a chariot wheel. The son of Subhadra, therefore, careering on the field of battle, gratifieth me greatly. Following which Karna quickly cut Abhimanyu's bow. He is brother of Draupada, wife of the Pandavas in the epic Mahabharata. Exceedingly afflicted with the shafts of Abhimanyu, I am staying in battle, only because (as a warrior) I should stay here. 2) Abhimanyu (अभिमन्यु) is the name of a warrior who fought on Sūryaprabha’s side, but was slain by Sunetra, who fought on Śrutaśarman’s side, according to the Kathāsaritsāgara, chapter 48. His coat of mail is impenetrable. The others all simultaneously attacked him with their arrows. You must meditate on his name.”, After this, he also read Bhagwat for Parikshit on his persistence. Thus some believe Abhimanyu was destined to die in the Chakravyuha. Yet have any of you been able to detect today the least hole in him? Shukdevji said, “When the time comes for leaving this mortal coil, one should renounce everything and practicing ‘Pranayama’ control the mind to go inward. She was the daughter of Sumali and Ketumati, the Rakshasas. By his virtue and capability, he was deemed to be the most eligible and qualified heir to the throne of Hastinapura. Abhimanyu spent his childhood in Dwaraka with Subhadra & Lord Krishna. and Sage Shamik, Just then, Saint Shamik’s son, Shringi came to the ashram. King Parikshit and Kalyug – Abhimanyu’s Son In Mahabharat Parikshit. Source: Wisdom Library: Kathāsaritsāgara. During the course of the battle, he killed approximately 10,000 soldiers, horsemen, and elephant-men. In the track of his car, only his bow drawn to a circle can be seen, so quickly is he aiming his shafts and so quickly is he letting them off. There was nothing else, neither Being nor non-Being nor anything, which transcends them. Making him turn back from the fight (by this means), strike him then. Just then he saw an ashram. One day, while hunting in the forest, he … He then attacked Duhasasana's son and destroyed his chariot. After the war of Mahabharata, Ashwathama upset at the death of Duryodhan killed all five sons of Draupadi when they were sleeping thinking them to be the Pandavas. All of them performed the Asvamedha Yajna (horse sacrifice). Subscribe to Free E-Magazine on Reference. Mr. Prem Sagar (Son) and Mr. Shiv Sagar (Grandson). Kalyug then pleaded and asked for one more place. He was the reincarnation of Varchas, the son of the moon god. Drona at the head of the formation was wreaking havoc with the Pandava forces. King Pariksheet’s throat was drying, he asked for water, but the Sage did not hear. Abhimanyu’s son in Mahabharat Parikshit. In all cases it is the Supreme Almighty that you have to worship. But you are sinful and a supporter of immorality, so leave my state immediately.”. While returning from his world conquests, he saw the land without grass, rivers, water, wells and birds in the sky. Trained in the martial arts by his father Arjuna and uncle Srī Kṛṣṇa, he matured into a great warrior at an early age.

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