Sizes Tested: 4’6″ x 18″ x 2.25″, 25.2L. 2019 Slingshot Dwarfcraft and FKite Foil ReviewProduct Info: Dwarfcraft Foilboard is our solution for all the foilers in the world who learned on a boring, cookie-cutter board and are ready for something with a lot more flavor. Huge plus point when you come to getting up and riding – either the shorter or longer masts – is that the Hover Glide is particularly stable at slow speed. This being our first time trying these innovative training wheels, we were surprised by how stiff these hooks were – which gave us much more confidence in the support and connection to the board than we were expecting. The Slingshot Dwarf Craft is the medium-sized foilboard in the Slingshot lineup that offers a sweet spot between user-friendly volume and solid high-end performance. If you’re already a subscriber, thank you for your support! The Dwarf Craft can be ridden with a two or three strap configuration with the front center strap having four forward/aft placement options, the two front strap configuration offering four forward/aft options and the back footstrap offering three options. Visit for more info: So we had the Dwarf Craft 4’6” board (there is a super short 3’6” model) paired with the Hover Glide NF2 foil with its standard 35.5 inch aluminium mast and the brushed green coated wings (yellow and orange are also options). You might grind a sandbar when you’re unsure of the depth, and the Slingshot just laughs it off, so you have peace of mind in its practicality both on and off the water (including when you ding it into a wall while carrying it – as happens!). Want to view all our 2020 Freeride, Light Wind and Wingsurf Gear Reviews in one convenient digital guide? SLINGSHOT DWARFCRAFT 3’6” Review SLINGSHOT DWARFCRAFT 3’6” The Dwarfcraft 3’6” is a short and compact performance shape that’s ideal for intermediate to advanced riders. As well as robust strength from the aluminium set-up, we actually found the added weight in the water to add a certain amount of stability. SLINGSHOT Dwarf Craft Although quite short there’s good volume underfoot to get going in the early stages and be fairly forgiving of incorrect foot placements (though not entirely), but there’s certainly enough float here for the bigger first time foilers. The mast mounts to the board with a track system that has visual indicators that are numbered to get your mast placement set in the right place every time. A size and shape that’s friendly enough to learn on but progressive enough that you don’t have to worry about outgrowing once you’re past the beginner phase. The Dwarf Craft sits between the larger sized Alien Air and the newly added Micro Dwarf Craft, offering a nice middle of the road mixture of volume and surface area for friendly waterstarting while keeping the overall footprint feeling small and nimble for more aggressive riding. We did test the Dwarf Craft with Slingshot’s Half Straps. The Dwarf Craft features a streamlined template with the wider point a bit forward of the middle section and straight rails heading into its narrower tail. There’s progression with this combo too, so you won’t outgrow it really quickly. Log into your account to view our 2020 Freeride Gear Review Guide. The aluminium wing is covered in a hard plastic, and Bully has had these in his school for a year and they’re still going strong. The volume and surface area will work great for skilled beginners and deliver excitable carving performance for most riders with its lower weight, smaller footprint and flat fighter jet-like feel. He can’t fault them and still rides them happily himself. [Review] 2019 Slingshot Dwarfcraft and Fkite Foil - YouTube We have taken all the input we have gotten from our foil academy to build the most dynamic and playful all-around kite foil package on the market.Location: KPS HeadquartersKite Paddle Surf2620 N Harbor Loop Dr # 18Bellingham, WA 98225(360) 775-2741 Inherently stable at slow speeds, the Hover Glide encourages you to gently carve back and forth as you make your way back downwind and has good gearing to pick up speed or slow down. Firstly, hats off to Slingshot. ttps://, Slingshot Phantasm Kite 633 – Product Video, Ride Engine Momentum Harness Product Knowledge, Ride Engine Unity Sliding Rope Conversion – How To, Phantasm Kite Range – Behind The Design – Slingshot Foil. It has enough … The flatter rocker and limited nose scoop don’t give you that much protection against aggressive porpoise crashes, but that’s the price of buying into a sporty class of boards. Don’t just leave your gear bolted together, neglect to rinse it down after use and then expect it to not have seized up after a month. Slingshot’s line of foil decks just got better for the advanced foiler with a super wafer-thin version that is called the Dwarf Craft Micro. Although the final finish isn’t as beautiful as some, and the bolts can be tight to screw in for a perfectly flush finish, this foil is bombproof and up to the job of helping you learn and get more quickly to the fun stages of foiling. Ri, A good reason to do your hotdogging on the way out, Featured in our fall 2020 issue, @matthias_larsen, Fins loose and funny faces with @matchu_lopes. It is what it is, but it’s heavier than the others. So, a good example of Slingshot’s modular thinking and product line that allows you to progress literally from zero to hero at your own pace without too much huge expense along the way. Beyond that, the Dwarf Craft’s light weight design and tucked rails help when you’re progressing and riding much faster, allowing for the foil to lean hard over without the board making harsh contact with the water. Your touch downs will be from a steeper angle on a bigger mast, but the ability to ride through and negotiate chop is much easier, once you’ve got your foot pressures sorted. It comes up onto the foil fairly quickly, but it’s then cruisy and not twitchy. Slingshot Dwarfcraft 2017 review Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; WE REVIEW THE SLINGSHOT DWARF CRAFT, HOVER GLIDE NF2 FOIL AND FOILING FLIGHT SCHOOL MAST SERIES This test first appeared in KW #88 in August 2017 .

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