I also think that the flip side to being tenacious is the feeling of being superior and more intelligent than the people around him. SHAUN: It’s too academic to want such solid reasons for things, the whys and wherefores, but life is more interesting and mysterious than that. I love being in the world. Your email address will not be published. That's something I'm up for doing next, to make an exhibition and make a book of the prints that I've done. That'd be easy though! I am a huge fan of these films and love hearing Shaun share about it. PopMatters have been informed by our current technology and hosting provider that we have less than a month, until November 6, to move PopMatters off their service or we will be shut down. Thursday sees the potential in him but also that capacity to screw it up. I'm kind of selective about what I choose to expose myself to in that regard, but I think it's incredibly important. This is going to change. I'm not sure how to say this. It was just a great, great group of people and a beautiful setting. It is not credited in any version I have seen!! If something sticks out to me in the reading to be surplus, I’ll question it and it will quite often be a “heritage” thing, which for me is neither here nor there, unless it slows down our stories. It's important to any storyteller to be a part of their time. Thanks for posting this excellent interview. I don't need to create so much as an actor, I don't need to do... oh, I'm not being very clear. That's the director's point of view. He asks, among other things, about this year's run of the project I've worked on that distributes an unofficial Endeavour calendar in lieu of donations to War Child. INTERVIEW: Endeavour’s Shaun Evans on the new series dynamic & its approaching end. The composer then goes away and does his work, you sit and review it, and then - in this case we went to studio in Abbey Road where the Beatles recorded some albums! RADIO TIMES: Interview by MICHAEL HODGES Locked away in the labyrinth of ITV’s London headquarters, Shaun Evans, so buttoned up when he plays Endeavour Morse, is giving vent to his passions. October 2019 “I loved that. It’s based on a great book by Blake Morrison, and a great adaptation…  it was a lovely job.”, He is also positive about The Boys from County Clare, the Irish comedy/drama he starred in alongside Andrea Corr and Colm Meaney. No Comments, 17 September 2020 10:28 AM | *1. Like I think there’s something particularly heartbreaking about that rather than, oh they just won’t get together. And that can only ever be a good thing. So, in our case, you work with the designers and say well, these are the colours that I like, this is the colour I think that should be, this is the atmosphere that I'm trying to create and I think that could be helped with this colour or that colour, you know? DAMIAN: Were there any of the novels or short stories in particular that resonated most and what character details did you find in them that influenced your interpretation? I suppose they’ve never been further apart,” says Evans, and continues the discussion, referring to the story that plays out from the end of Season 5, when their colleague George Fancy was murdered, and the culprit remains at large, with the team vowing to continue their investigations even as they are pulled apart professionally. SHAUN: Wow that’s a good question, erm, I like to think that’s how he rests, sitting in a comfy chair, opera on the turntable, scotch by his side, and crossword half filled, in a melancholy mood, quizzing over the big questions and being lost in his thoughts…ha I love this character, I know that sounds mad, but I do. Photo by © Natalia Kutsepova and Nina Kharchenko (2018), [Note: Evans directed the visually stunning "Apollo" that juxtaposes - painfully, in high relief and with use of puppets - humanity's reach for the moon and that same humanity's smaller passions, eventually prompting an ever-important question of which is the larger of two. So, I think, they go hand in hand. HELP!!! The connection is terrible, the hum and the crackle a memory of rotary phones and heavy receivers, of analog, slow time. - is to pay your due diligence and go and do work, so you learn your trade, you know? July 2014 February 2018 Again, look, I think inspiration is everywhere, and we're all, each of us - whether we know it or not - completely influenced by so many things. July 2007 The new series of Endeavour will start on ITV on February 10. I suppose, what I seek now after being in the middle of a big team of people for a long period of time - which is wonderful! Shaun Evans is one of the most compelling and talented young actors (and directors) working today. If we look at the progression and augmentation of characters from the pilot and series one, such as Max (James Bradshaw), Jakes (Jack Laskey), Bright (Anton Lesser), Strange (Sean Rigby) and Dorothea (Abigail Thaw), these really do seem like living breathing characters who inhabit both Oxford and our imagination in the most serendipitous way. 22 October 2020 4:59 AM | When pressed on the subject, he’s very blunt. Superhero media has a history of critiquing the dark side of power, hero worship, and vigilantism, but none have done so as radically as Watchmen and The Boys. No Comments, 10 October 2020 10:10 AM | Even though, having watched you work, I would say there's a little bit more of you in him now than it used to be... but I might be mistaken. Have to shoot," says Evans but forgoes no courtesy as we pick up loose ends. No Comments, 13 October 2020 10:40 AM | The episode that you directed ["Apollo"] though second in series 6, was shot first. He casually mentions it is “surely a library piece”. Looking forward to reviews of Series 3 and perhaps an interview with Roger Allam? No Comments, 15 September 2020 8:08 AM | Set in 1969, the new series of ITV’s Inspector Morse prequel sees acclaimed actor Shaun Evans… Ep 3 Week 9 2019 Ep 2 Week 8 2019 DS Endeavour Morse certainly is by now, thanks to Russell Lewis [Endeavour's writer] and you. Right after that, I went for a coffee - just to get a bit of breakfast 'cause it was, probably, 8am - and I was planning a trip. If that makes any kind of sense. As an example of your involvement - who is responsible for the reds in "Apollo"? He’s very pleased and grateful with what we try to bring to Endeavour. After last week’s TCA Winter Tour Presentation we took the opportunity to ask a few questions of series star Shaun Evans. And that's marvelous, that all works, but I think you have to take responsibility for the visual way you're trying to tell a story, and that includes a colour palette, which will help you to tell the story in the way that is akin to the vision you had at the very beginning. There's something very simple about it, about having that complete agency over your work as a storyteller. The new series also sees Evans direct an episode and he said: “It wasn’t too bad, I think, it was interesting, and it was an incredible experience as well. It is haunting, captivating, and I must have it for my MP3 library!! He continued: “I’ve always been interested in it. Endeavour returns for its 6th season tonight on ITV in the UK (and 16th June on Masterpiece on PBS in the US), and the season sees a new situation for Morse, Thursday, and the rest of the now-defunct Oxford City Police as they’ve been scattered to the wind in the wake of restructuring. It takes you a long time to learn and to get good at a thing, you know? Like I think there’s something particularly heartbreaking about that rather than, oh they just won’t get together. January 2012 “It was extraordinary, I had the best time. It felt like a natural evolution. Joe Wong, the composer behind Netflix's Russian Doll and Master of None, articulates personal grief and grappling with artistic fulfillment into a sweeping debut album. Whatever has come before, you have to come at it with fresh eyes… it was only when we made it and everyone started asking me questions that I thought about it.”, Unsurprisingly, as Morse is such an iconic British TV character, the series has attracted media attention, which I doubt Evans has enjoyed. Over intellectualising ruins inspiration I think for the actor. And then it turned up again, almost verbatim, in my story. December 2015 As to me, I do do that, I'm very much abreast of current affairs. Photo of Shaun Evans by © Natalia Kutsepova and Nina Kharchenko (2018). A visual space that you feel an affinity with, perhaps, be it a movie, or a director's style, or an artist's vision that's close to your heart? If you throw on top of that this guy who hasn’t got a relationship with his father, Thursday feels he has something to impart to Endeavour. Evans’ career is on the ascent. All rights reserved. [laughs] I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Yeah, it always requires effort, without a doubt it being because we're very different, d'you know what I mean? We will publish a few essays daily while we develop the new site. I dunno, I don’t really think about it to be honest.”. Again, you do that as part of a collaboration with people working on the shop floor, the DP and camera operator and the actors. Yeah. You are not using social media at all, but how is it with you and media in general? Thank you so much. It's a film camera, I've got a Leica M3 and a Leica M6, both of which I always have on me. We’ll just have to see.”. It’s easy to say it’s a father/son relationship but it’s more interesting than that. Your email address will not be published. SHAUN: I don’t believe in type-casting, you’re only limited to one role if that’s all you can play. “I think it’s important for us to get together and have a chat about it, just to see what the story is, see where the story goes. Evans expressed his desire for an unsatisfactory union for the two when discussing the subject during the panel, but he claims he’s been met with resistance when pitching the idea. With brilliance alone, you’ll just rise to the top. May 2013 I am a huge fan of these films and love hearing Shaun share about it. DAMIAN: Except, of course, for Detective Inspector Fred Thursday? “Again it’s like a natural progression… you start going out with someone and then you don’t make a big song and dance about it, you just get on with it,” he says, before cutting himself off. I’d long stopped reading them for research by that stage and was just enjoying them. However, I’ve noticed that, in comparison to Roger who is pretty much consistent and says the same line the same way take after take, you are a lot more unpredictable and perhaps even slightly capricious in your delivery. June 2014 “I was 18 and I fancied it to be honest. It's good to have a discussion - sometimes a frank, robust discussion - about it, because then you come to the truth of it, you know?

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