My boss and I just did not get along. 2016-08-07T23:41:48+00:00 By Alex Fortey |. Craig: Yeah. Ryan: 1998, yeah that takes us back a long time, over 15 years. On the flipside of that, the disadvantage is there’s nowhere to hide. He’s helped numerous people to build six and seven figure businesses and is one of the Top 100 Fitness Entrepreneurs In The Industry. ¨­¦³¥ô¦óºÃ°Ý¡A¥i¹q¶l­P : Ryan: Yeah, exactly. It doesn’t have the same feel as an in person event and because there is such a low barrier to entry, there is going to be more competition. This site uses cookies to provide social media features and analyze our traffic. It is Mr. Ryan Lee, the one and only. Ryan, welcome to the call. Craig: Hey everyone, this is Craig Ballantyne from Financial Independence Monthly and Internet Independence. So I started teaching it and that was like the first kind of launch breakthrough. If you look at the picture of people who attended it, like Mike Geary, Vince Delmonte, all these people who’ve become really successful, a lot of them date their relationships and the people they met back to that event, Alwyn Crosgrove, Zach Even-Esh, and all these different fitness professionals. It’s just such a great way to build great relationships, to get to know people, to get to know your members, to build a sense of community. With all the hard w, A step-by-step blueprint for becoming a millionair, Don’t be afraid to take risks and bet on yoursel, How would your business change if you could downlo, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. I know that I didn’t prepare you for this but can you maybe talk a little more about that right now, about what you think about live events versus virtual events? So if I could do it, you guys could certainly do it. In my case, it was fitness professionals. The school is in the South Bronx. My personal training business was essentially specializing in training athletes. What are the pros and cons of each, I suppose? Now I didn’t know anything about the internet I wasn’t a techie so I hired my neighbor, Jonathan, who is 12 years old, literally 12 years old, and lived across the street from me, and I bought a program called FrontPage 98, because it was 1998. All you need is a computer and internet access and you’re off to the races. So I would train mostly young athletes, some college kids and I wanted to build a little website just to promote my training business. Ryan Lee: The Interview (Part 2 of 2) Posted on 28. Ryan Lee Fitness Company Limited Office Address: G/F, 12 Sik On Street, Wan Chai, HK. What I recommend before I even go any further is that I never tell my clients to quit their job. Hope you get a lot out of it, and let me know whay you think below: Tags: boot camp marketing, Fitness Business, fitness marketing, Fitness Marketing Systems, Marketing Fitness, Personal Trainer Marketing. Maybe even go a little bit further along the lines after this where you’ve gone full-time now and talk about what the next big step was for you. Ryan: Right. There are a lot of advantages and there’s definitely some disadvantages and you could lose a lot of money. There’s some staff you’re going to need. ¦p¦³¥ô¦ó¶Ë±w¡A½Ð¥ý¸ß°ÝÂå¥Íªº«Øij¡A¤F¸Ñ¦Û¤v If you do a virtual event and it’s a bomb and you get 20 people, or you have a digital a product and you sell only 30 copies of your ebook, okay, no one really has to know. After 8+ years of gym ownership and a deep analysis of his own “ideal day,” Eric decided to sell his gym and go full throttle into FMA.

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