Yes, in effect. In the future in case the videos are removed you can just google each title (e.g. Push hands shows us how to apply intention to this invisible internal power. So before tuning out, if you are not martially focused, please read on. For that reason, it scares off practitioners who may not see the relationship between push hands and their goals. Then Ji when you progress to the next stage of reeling silk which includes an attack of either the head or waist. You do not necessarily have to be studying Taiji to take the great benefits from push hands. Very helpful explanation / description. Above are students practicing what we call 5 elements which involves deflecting attacks to the temple, top of the head and kidneys. When training Reeling silk as a beginner you get to understand and use of the 4 major Powers Pang, Lu and An. Seek a school or meet-up group that matches your martial/health goals. And if you are martially focused please read on. This is often harder than learning the drills. You can get their much faster just by beginning push hands. Push hands is hugely important for the development of internal skills, e.g. It is considered by many to be an 'internal' martial art which primarily uses the dantien or body's center of mass as a source of power. They pulled those videos. Think of the amount of academic work that it would take to understand the above concepts. The offensive and defensive nature of reeling silks whether done in a slow or fast manner integrate all the aspect of tai chi hence full use of techniques learnt are applied, this allows your imagination to expand during  practice with all shapes and sizes whether a powerful opponent or oneself. Practice can initially be frustrating but then push hands becomes one of the most rewarding events because of the rate at which it increases development. It teaches the four main skills in making contact: It teachers the four primary principles of movement: It teaches the four secondary principles in the Da. Stay connected with Tai Chi Basics news and updates on Facebook and Twitter. So I get all of this from standing in front of someone and pushing on them? – Confucius. How can this be the same thing? Thought you might want to know in case it’s a mistake. Push hands is one of the most misunderstood concepts of tai chi. Let’s start with 6 huge advantages you receive basically from standing in front of someone and rocking back and forth. I added some new ones. I was hoping to view the videos but they are all “private”. Additionally, there are books and videos that can get you started. Take your time and you will be hugely more effective and stronger. Pushing Hands (Tui Shou) is a partner exercise, which involves the practicing of the drills such as 7 stars, 4 direction or single pushing hands in a playful and enjoyable manner this is a gateway for the students to experientially understand the martial aspects of the internal martial arts (內家 nèijiā): leverage, reflex, sensitivity, timing, footwork, coordination and positioning will all be developed. The martial implications are more obvious but the movements also provide the energy that fuel your health. Typically, two people face each other, connect at the forearm and move in circular patterns while transferring weight back and forth. Check out these tai chi push hands resources on Amazon. Push hands starts out simple and grows more complex. Some think of it as slightly controlled sparring and some think it is very dance like. Our favorite products related to Qi Gong, Tai Chi, & Meditation, Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire.

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