She and Clemont stayed in Kalos while Ash and Serena departed. Pancham and Chespin try to help the captured Pokémon, but fail, and Team Rocket flees the site. Tatsuki, Main Pokémon Meanwhile, Pikachu dodges another Shadow Ball from Gourgeist, while Inkay gets hit by a Stone Edge from Pancham and Gourgeist strikes back on him with Seed Bomb. In Pokémon: Advanced Generation, the genders were reversed, with May being the older sibling with her younger brother, Max. See more ideas about Bonnie, Pokemon, Adorable. Proposing for her brother (much to his embarrassment), Seeing really cute Pokémon Being relatively immature himself, Ash is usually the first to support Bonnie's pleas for fun activities, even when Clemont is reluctant. Steven Stone | After the battle during the sunset, she and Clemont watch as Ash's flight leaves Kalos for Kanto. During the Team Flare incident, Bonnie went with her brother and Serena to Prism Tower to find Squishy when she sensed it going there. She is a small and slender young girl with shiny golden-blonde hair tied in a side ponytail with an orange band, and sky blue eyes. XY008 7.png | Bonnie and Serena thinking about Fennekin's furdo Caitlin | She can detect its presence when it's nearby due to spending so much time with it. She envisions Clemont introducing Lilia to Bonnie in the church, handing over the Gym to her in favor of working in the Orangics, and living a happy life with Lilia; a flustered Bonnie asks Serena to pinch her in order to wake her up from her dream, but it fails. Acerola | The moves advance forward, narrowly avoiding Lilia and Bonnie but causing the latter to fall off the cliff. May | Bonnie is always looking for someone to take care of her big brother—until suddenly, someone agrees to do so! Bonnie doesn't interact with Ash as often as she does with Serena or her brother, but it is evident that she looks upon him favorably, and respects him. Ash and his friends notice the two and Serena checks her Pokédex. She is not old enough to be a Pokémon trainer, like Max, who is also too young to train Pokémon. Cilan | Colress | After the Electrike had been defeated and Y's clothes returned to her, the Electrike evolves into a Manectric. Drew | Clemont then came with the idea to use one of his inventions to lure Dedenne to them. Please read the. In the original, they tell them to dodge. Palkia | Listening to Bonnie's commands, Bunnelby was able to help Bonnie and the others escape the trio multiple times, but was eventually held down by Gourgeist's Leech Seed and got defeated by her Seed Bomb. Bonnie is the little sister of Clemont in the anime and is one of Ash's traveling companions in Kalos during Pokémon the Series: XY and XYZ. Coincidentally, both are related to the fifth Gym Leaders of their respected region. Cynthia | The group is stopped in their tracks by Team Rocket, and everyone but the Pokémon fall in a pit trap beneath them. ซิลวูเปลสุดอลหม่านของยูรีก้า!! Bonnie has a great love for Pokémon (just like Ash). Really Bonnie.png | Gina Clemont then shows his inventions to Lilia, and Ash praises the Aipom Arm, revealing that the Aipom Arm has been helpful in a number of situations. He decided to follow X after he was impressed by his skills. Interestingly, both Ash and Bonnie do very similar actions in their adventures. In the games, she appears as the MC of her brother's. 隆. Allister | Again.png | Lena Latias | She also views Ash as being quite dense, being unable to see the obvious affection Serena has for him. Like she would for Dedenne, Bonnie would do anything to protect Squishy and promised that she will not let anything happen to it no matter what. Fergus | Hilda | But in the middle of a Team Rocket attack, Bonnie finds herself in danger, and Clemont leaps to he… Rafe | By the end of the episode, Bunnelby had recovered. Also, Bonnie's bond with Squishy goes deep to the point of sensing what it was feeling or where it was going and its pain. Bonnie tried to offer a berry to Dedenne, but a wild Fletchling stole the berry, scaring off Dedenne in the process. While running to Prism Tower, Bonnie sensed Squishy again when it fell from Prism Tower and even felt its pain. Koga | Bonnie would even help Serena for a lot of things, shown when she helped her made Poké Puffs for a Pokévision video for an activity for the Pokémon summer camp they were attending. Misty | Serena and bonnie cm christmas special.png | Serena and Bonnie dressed in a Christmas CM special This is seen in Seeking Shelter From the Storm! After the video call, Bonnie realizes that their Kalos journey was coming to a close. The next day, she watched the Gym battle between Alvin and Clembot, which ended with Alvin being the victor. Nanu | She wears a brown short-sleeved top with a soft black bow on the neckline, knee-length black compression shorts covered by a puffy white skirt resembling a cloud, some pink colored Mary-Jane shoes on her feet and a yellow shoulder bag. Mew | The Grunt retaliates by having his Tyrunt chew the tree down so that it would fall on top of Clemont and makes off with the Mega Stone. Occupation: _Please! After she finally senses exactly where Squishy was, she was amazed when it transformed into a Zygarde to confront the one under Team Flare's control. This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Clemont in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Hobby Again 2.png | Receptionist Clemont offers help to Lilia (despite Bonnie being the one asking for the help, who nonetheless manages to get out on her own). Also, she has a Pokémon, despite not being of age to have one yet. Type of Hero When Ash was ejected out of the building, Clemont saved Ash with his Clemontic Gear while Bonnie saved Ash's Pikachu by catching him before he hit the ground. She later watched with her brother as Ash caught the Fletchling. Marshal | Also, only Lilia's bandage was put on by Clemont, as Bonnie put Bunnelby's on. Meyer was very happy that Bonnie was going with her brother Clemont and her friends on a journey because he knew it would help her become an amazing Trainer someday. Falkner | She travels with him and supports him and Ash in his battles. At times, she gets too invasive with Pokémon, similar to Iris, Burgundy and Bianca, causing them to attack her. Selene | Despite this, Bonnie supports Ash in his battles, minus the battles he has with her brother, or when he helps out Pokémon. Bonnie was first seen with her brother Clemont in Lumiose City. She is related to a Gym Leader, that being Clemont, like Max is to. In doing so, Bonnie and her friends learned that Squishy had the ability to access stronger formes. During A Keeper for Keeps?, Bonnie's attempts to get Clemont a wife caused a girl to gain interested in him, to her surprise. where she assisted Serena in the kitchen making Poké Puffs. Hop | Region: Nessa | Clemont | It battled against Clemont and his allies in order to prevent them from stopping Team Flare from reactivating the ultimate weapon. To support her brother and help him find a girlfriend After healing, Lapras started to cry out for the sky. AshProfessor SycamoreAlexaSerenaSanpeiMietteKorrinaGurkinnTiernoShaunaTrevorNiniSawyerAlainMairinCilan Lilia is looking for a partner who can take over her father’s robotics company.

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