Phone helps you easily connect with family and friends, block spam callers, and know who’s calling before you answer – all … If you are looking for a simple yet productive Android dialer app alternative, it’s a good choice. Contakts Address Book is actually an all-in-one Android app for contact management. Fast and smart search against your contacts using T9 and transliterate. Maybe not the most pleasing visually, but with some colours tweaking (also available in the app) – it’s far from ugly. Option to block spam calls as well as telemarketing calls. It’s also bringing some changes to the call screen, where you can get sufficient information and controls. It’s not about bringing the stock Android phone app back or anything. The official YouTube app built just for music. Google’s official phone calling app is now available to download for the first time. Don’t worry, we have a nice solution. Smart T9 Dialer and Smart Clean-up options. If you have used a device running Stock Android, you know that it comes with one of the best Android dialer apps ever made. Phone helps you easily connect with family and friends, block spam callers, and know who’s calling before you answer – all with a simple, intuitive design. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View 94043, YouTube Music - Stream Songs & Music Videos, Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler, Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID: drupe, True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder, Cookies help us deliver our services. In-built Caller ID and Call Blocking engines. Simpler Dialer offers exactly what you think it offers from the name. In-built gestures for one-touch calling and messaging. The dialer gives better importance of organizing your call logs and contacts for easy access. Android Wear support and customizability. Option to set GIF Stickers for contacts, which will be shown while calling. Contacts+ can be an awesome alternative to the OEM-based dialer you already have. It packs almost every feature you might find in a typical dialer app, but the UI steals the show. It also works as a platform where you will be able to connect with your friends and other people. Availability of Themes and Plugins like GeoCoder, which shows geographical information of number. So, these are the 12 best Android dialer apps you can find today. are some reasons why people prefer it to stock dialer. ‪DreamTeam Mobile‬. Your email address will not be published. T9 Search and better navigation controls. If your OEM-based dialer is pretty mixed up and hard to manage, you can give ExDialer a try. When compared to the other dialers we’ve discussed above, True Phone Dialer offers better call-based features. State-of-the-art contact management and organization. Deep integration with apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Duo, etc. The best dialer app for Android in the feature-rich category. Better integration with WhatsApp and other IM accounts. Thinking from the usability point of view, each of them can make your call management easier than you expect. As a matter of fact, it also brings a beautiful and easy-to-use Android dialer. Connect and collaborate easily with Google Meet. This app has included some cool features like contact management, merging and duplicate finding. The app basically is a replica of the iOS dialer app, letting you manage things using a few gestures. The whole interface has been classified into different categories, offering you particular views of your logs and contacts. Password-protection for contact list and call logs. I mean, there aren’t any fancy features or anything, but everything works smooth. The dialer app employs a simple design technique that gives space for advanced features. Required fields are marked *. Google’s official phone calling app is now available to download for the first time. At TechLila, our main goal is to provide unique information, such as quality tips and tricks, tutorials, how-to guides on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, iPhone, Security and a few miscellaneous sub-topics such as reviews. Compared to other dialers, it features a bigger dial-pad, which is convenient if you are familiar with T9 Search. It’s a matter of extra convenience that you can easily understand who has called you, right from the Calling Screen or Call Log list. So, if you prefer having your contacts organized in an impressive manner, you should go for Contakts Address Book. It is packed with a minimalistic, dark design that’s easy to navigate. Simpler Dialer offers exactly what you think it offers from the name. Call blocking, individual and series-based. ExDialer is one best dialer app for Android for sure. Metro Phone Dialer has a design that is inspired by Microsoft Metro apps. Using it, you will be able to take care of your call logs, contacts and even enable Caller ID. Impressive contact management, merging, syncing and duplicate finding. Offers protection for your stored contacts, via encryption and beyond. Availability of themes and customization. Phone Dialer. The best caller id and contact manager with support for 2 SIM cards. Your email address will not be published. If you need a productive dialer app with most features, you can go for Simpler Dialer. Drupe is a different kind of Android dialer app that gets the job done. Smart grouping of the Recent Calls section. As an app, it does the job pretty well, especially when it comes to organizing the details. The app does a brilliant job when it comes to offering a quick-and-easy way of accessing your contacts via dialer. Hands down. Also, the UI goes in sync with almost all types of skins you might be using, regardless of the brand and UI. One of the most feature-rich apps on the list, Eyecon Dialer is actually another all-in-one app for phone management. Find details about a number from the Call Log and when there is an incoming call. Opening the dialer app will show you contact information as an overlay, such as Favourites and the Dialer. Which one of the best Android dialer apps do you prefer? Google’s official phone calling app is now available to download for the first time. Caller ID, Spam block, Dialer, Call Screen, Call Recorder, Contacts & Phone Book. The clean interface is suitable for almost all the brand UIs you may be using. Option to enable vibration when you connect or disconnect calls. You can launch Drupe by dragging the drops that you see on screen. Multiple account integration for WhatsApp, Duo, Allo and more. Extended support for Dual SIM and Themes. You can sync contact information via Facebook as well. ExDialer hasn’t been updated in over a year and Rocketdial and Contakts are no longer available. Caller ID Tracker to find the identity of incoming numbers. If you have a thing for the iOS Dialer app, you should definitely try OS9 Phone Dialer, which is a great choice from Google Play Store. Hello and welcome to TechLila, the famous technology blog where you can find resourceful articles for mastering the basics and beyond. © Copyright  2012–2020 TechLila. The Best Contacts Phone book with Dialer, SMS, Caller ID & Spam Block. Inbuilt feature for blocking unwanted calls. You can see the call log with enough details like number, time and duration and the dial-pad can be minimized as well. Out of these 12 – True phone dialer. Windows Phone Limitations: * no access to Facebook … It’s an ultra-simple Android dialer app, noted… Contact management features like merging and duplicate findings. The tab-based UI makes everything easy from the usability point of view. However, not many Android device manufacturers are skilled-enough to keep such a UI intact. Huge and easy-to-use T9 Search-enabled dial-pad. We search against all fields. But, here, we have created a list of the 12 immensely best dialer apps for Android smartphone users. An elegant design of Metro UI, also suitable for Dark themes. True Phone Dialer is one of the most widely-used Android dialer apps you can find on Google Play Store. It brings back the utter simplicity of stock Android dialer while including some extra features. All Rights Reserved. As you can guess, ZenUI Dialer is from ASUS and is included as the default dialer for ASUS devices. As you know, Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer is at the same time a dialer and a caller ID app. Used by thousands of people, RocketDial Dialer is a regularly-updated dialer app for Android out there. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, Phone by Google - Caller ID & Spam Protection, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. When compared to the other apps we have covered above, Eyecon Dialer is more visual-oriented. You can easily manage everything using icons and pictures, instead of reading a lot, which is great for elders as well. Phone Dialer with Caller ID, Call Blocker, T9, Address Book & Contacts Manager. Supports saving contacts to phone memory, dual sim, by default shows history & numpad, integrates well with my Moto g5 (android 7.0), doesn’t show ads all the time. It’s an ultra-simple Android dialer app, noted for the tabbed structure and useful features. Standard and advanced contact operations and management. If you are looking for a feature-rich Android dialer. It packs some superb features, useful for organization and quick access. Customization through a selection of themes, performance boosts, etc. It’s available in multiple languages and offers a lot of features to go with. You can also customize the way it shows your contacts and call logs, in the most convenient way. A visual-based design that’s easy to navigate through. Do let us know through your comments. ‪Utilities & tools‬. Integration with almost all popular social media platforms. As far as the design is concerned, Drupe keeps everything simple. It’s quite easy to set up too. It’s having a 4.6 with around 100k installs, which is great. The best T9 phone and extremely powerful contact manager with dual SIM support.

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