The post below was from a year ago but certainly still very timely. “That kind of goofy, superficial, New-Age-like thinking that goes back to the 1970s.”, “This is something that is unacceptable.”. I think that he has a true vocation but it is many times lost in his confusing secular message, heavily influenced by socialism. Can't see the widget? I assumed you'd be more open to that sort of discourse. a='mhfm1'; b='' I do radio a lot and make little mistakes too. We are not stupid. Thanks EWTN and to you Raymond Orroyo. Previous post: Feast Day of Elizabeth and Zechariah: What do they Teach us about Abortion and Prolife? In any case, it will have no effect on our labors to understand and speak truth as we see it. It can read free online here:-, EWTN still thinks JPII consecration of Russia was done. . He is doing God’s work and God is blessing him for it. I am nauseous knowing about McCarrick and those like him. God bless. “I delegate the Secretary of State to respond to this. hear honest discussion on Mother Angelica would NEVER get rid of Raymond’s program so hopefully EWTN will fully support him. Try being a bit polite and courteous next time if you want to be taken half seriously. Mother Angelica would be more than pleased with him and chime it with his opinions. Whatever happened to archbishop werle former bishop of Pgh. An “interdict” is pretty much one step short of excommunication. “You’re talking about making an offering to a goddess that the people of the Andes put higher than Jesus and his Blessed Mother.”. There is no guile in Raymond Arroyo. Perhaps this is an issue that will help Pope Francis lead as he knows what can happen if he does not. Benedict? Feast Day of Elizabeth and Zechariah: What do they Teach us about Abortion and Prolife? Altman, are speaking out. Priests may be kept from partisan politics, but EWTN is an independent venture, NOT under the authority of bishops — and at this point I am glad they are not. We have had too much secrecy in what our senior church officials do, say and support. Well perhaps the Cardinal should examine the state of the spiritual growth of the church and correct the abomination of not excommunication for the Gov. scJsHost+ About Spadaro: “His words don’t express the truth…”, “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about…”, “It’s very offensive to someone to say…”. Arguing is fruitless. Raymond Arroyo was recently mentioned in a Tweet retweeted by the Secretary of State of the Vatican, Fr. ewtn, Sacrifices are offered to God and to God alone!” he continued. No excommunications, no real action or outrage about this atrocity. All those abusers need to be jailed!!! EWTN’s "Father" Pacwa condemns Pachamama idol "worship" scandal - says he knows it is worshiped as a false god - 6 minute video 11/14/2019 Categories: Breaking News purposes. Raymond Arroyo was recently mentioned in a Tweet retweeted by the Secretary of State of the Vatican, Steve’s “EWTN TV Bookmark Brief” with Doug Keck, Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live: “Open Q & A for Non-Catholics”. ', EWTN’s Fr. This frightens me he would chime in with such known corrupt people. Christopher Ferrara wrote a whole book on the issue: "EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong". sentences or comments will be removed (Internet shouting). I heard this interview earlier today and thought it was excellent...right up until the point where he contradicted the thinking of someone "stupid" by supposing the bishops in Italy didn't know about Pachamama. appreciate straight talk and honest observation. Every brick, every prayer book, every camera. It is a disappointment that he still has a connection to EWTN. AND …..we love EWTN. “To die in mortal sin without repenting and accepting God’s merciful love means remaining separated from him forever by our own free choice. And they cant carry the Catechism? Sadly ,Vatican has shown over and over it has 1/2 truth. A friend I know joined a pilgrimage to the HL with you. Last night his target was His Excellency, Archbishop Wilton Daniel Gregory of Washington D.C.. I beleive there is a lot of evil in the Vatican. We are forbidden to worship other gods.”. With technological advances war has changed. This is New Age like thinking that goes back to the 1970s. Underscoring that nobody is permitted to worship the Blessed Virgin Mary, he suggested that honoring her Divine Son through the brown scapular would be a good reparation for the sins committed regarding syncretistic worship of Pachamama. “Without We love our Church and our Pope. issues that need to be communicated to the I love the Church but do understand that we have a liberal pope who is hurting the Church by ignoring the immorality of our day by narrowly focusing on minor ethical issues. Buy to criticize Raymond, in my mind, is hypocritical and unwise. faithful. He is the news director and lead anchor of EWTN News, the news division of the Eternal Word Television Network. Ideologues that mock and make accusations against Raymond would probably do the same to Jesus Christ. Carmel, a symbol of putting on the yoke of Jesus Christ. If I was not a cradle Catholic I am not sure if I would stay Catholic. Previous post: Steve’s “EWTN TV Bookmark Brief” with Doug Keck, Next post: Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live: “Open Q & A for Non-Catholics”. Although your word “always” disqualifies your comment. Wearing the brown scapular, he said, would be a way of symbolically putting on Christ and the yoke of Christ. Michael Dimond and Bro. Thanks for the facts! I. Yet you come on my blog and you post inflammatory things and expect me just to smile and agree with you? I think it could get real interesting in the next few months. Pachamama, good Mother, be propitious!”, “Stop,” Pacwa shouted. We MUST allow ALL Catholics to express their ideas and be vocal. May God have mercy AND justice on all. Fr. Sign up for 6 Free IssuesTry us out with a free trial subscription. STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks for the facts Bill! scJsHost+ If we dance around the real problem we will also dance around a real solution. You are talking about making an offering to a goddess. we will only remain ignorant. I enjoy much of EWTN, and Raymond Arroyo, and of course Robert Royal, and Father Gerald Murray. Bravo Raymond!! You all are missing the point of the Holy Father.

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