He is the highest-paid sportsperson in the world. Stay with us for more news. You can subscribe to Autosport magazine - published every week - here. Is there a difference in earnings between different types of sports? "There's a lot of sportsmen, businessmen that thrive for money. Sorry, but F1 is like watching paint dry! https://www.rideapart.com/news/406390/moto-gp-formula-1-earnings/, How To Prep Your Motorcycle For Winter Storage, 2021 BMW R nineT Comes In Four Euro 5-Compliant Flavors, Honda Announces New Race-Prepped Grom For 2021, RideApart Weekly: Your Motorcycle News Roundup, The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Finally Gets A Launch Date. mashud. Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto stated in February's Barcelona pre-season test he was confident Ferrari and Vettel "will come very soon to an agreement.”. This is in stark contrast to the one and only Lewis Hamilton, who takes home $57,000,000 for driving around some of the most beautiful racing tracks on the globe. News. Trending. How the 1986 Australian GP played out in the pitlane, Sainz and Norris to take voluntary pay cuts, Vettel: Leclerc in a "different class" after another Q2 exit, IndyCar St. Pete: Herta tops first practice, McLaughlin stars, Mercedes in favour of Formula 1 engine freeze from 2022, Perez reprimanded for Gasly qualifying incident, Hamilton explains "counter-intuitive" medium tyre choice, Renault given FIA warning after Ricciardo tyre blunder, Teruel MotoGP: Nakagami takes maiden pole, Mir only 12th, 2020 F1 Portuguese Grand Prix qualifying results, full grid lineup, Petrov replaced as F1 steward after father's death, Ricciardo says wind a factor in costly Q2 spin at Portimao, Starting Grid for the Portuguese Grand Prix. Grosjean and Magnussen dropped by Haas F1, Grand Prix Greats – F1’s youngest-ever winners. Plus. In other words, no amount of money and or influence, will make a driver / rider quicker. Vettel, who joined Ferrari in 2015, has been in talks with the Scuderia over a new contract in recent weeks. That's not just valid for Formula 1. In contrast, 2017 champion Marc Marquez earns a massive $11.5 million. Having done a bit of motor sport myself, it probably make it more interesting for me, as I look at it from a competitor's perspective. Stroll literally has an unlimited budget, where Verstappen came into F1 just on talent. But the question is, like I said, if you have a sense of enough.”. The salaries of some of the top athletes around the world are very much public knowledge. F1’s Alexander Albon is earning less than one-fifth of what Andrea Lannone makes in Moto GP. Formula 1 and Moto GP are considered the best in motorsport and motorcycling. In an exclusive interview with Motorsport.com, Vettel has indicated that money won’t be the most important factor in those discussions. How will the Haas vacancies affect the F1 2021 Driver Market? RaceCar:1996 Citi Blues(MRP Auto 2.0L,Twin 45 Webers). The simple fact is that F1 drivers who race cars can earn more money than riding motorbikes. "Obviously, F1 is a bit of a circus and spoiled circus. Most of us are already aware that sports stars earn obscene salaries. "Obviously, F1 is a bit of a circus and spoiled circus. Because they have a lot of money involved and money tends to spoil people. Because they have a lot of money involved and money tends to spoil people. “If I'm realistic, I'm not going to be here in ten years,” he added. In fact many of the big names taking podiums, pole position and giving the front of the pack a good run for their money are from satellite teams. He is earning less than one-fifth of what Lewis Hamilton makes in F1. I'm quite relaxed.". Image source: MotoGP. “It depends what's important to you, what drives you,” Vettel said. Featured Products . He doesn’t rule out racing in other championships following the conclusion of his F1 career, which started in 2007. Motor sport is the only sport I enjoy watching, as you cannot influence it with politics. Vettel, who turns 33 this summer, revealed he is also pondering his future after Formula 1. The reason for this could be that driving a racing car may require more skill than that needed to ride a motorcycle. It appears, however, that as Moto GP drivers progress higher up, their opportunities to earn more money aren’t as good as they are in F1. That’s not to say that motorbikes don’t have their advantages too. Let's take F1. Andrea Lannone is the lowest earner in Moto GP, earning $2 million per year. Maybe race something else, maybe do something different in motorsport or do something completely different outside. MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and MotoE Official Website, with all the latest news about the 2020 MotoGP World Championship. When taking these figures into consideration, the average salary of an F1 driver appears to be reasonable. Andrea Lannone is the lowest earner in Moto GP, earning $2 million per year. Verstappen vs Stroll. Although the starting salary for a Formula 1 driver seems inadequate compared to a Moto GP rookie, the earning potential does increase massively as drivers moves their way up the leaderboard. Also, the cars are like racing laptops! I just cannot get excited about scooters even though the racing is better. I'm not saying it doesn't take talent to drive a laptop at the speeds they do, BUT boring! If it wasn't for Stroll's dad massive sponsorship, he would never have been in F1. Moto vs F1. F1; F1 vs IndyCar: Which is faster, horsepower, assists and more compared . The F1 driver Alexander Albon who is very much a rookie gets paid $170,000 per year. Money is probably the last thing on their minds especially when the lights go out until they see that chequered flag waving. The biggest events of motorcycle racing MotoGP and they spend a huge amount of money for the racer and the companies also spend a lot of money for the bikers. If money is your motivator then it can drive you very far, and make you very successful. What we have found is that the rookie salary of a Moto GP driver is much higher than an F1 driver at the same level. Suzuki Gixxer 155 (New) ৳ 219,950.00. I think on average that's true. "And that's fair. Our careers also are shorter than some other careers. At that moment, their only goal is to be the first to cross that finishing line each and every time. For example, the likes of Jack Miller, Cal Crutchlow and Fabio Quartararo who won the Independent Rider Championship and claimed a massive 197 of the Petronas Teams 307 points for the season. Preparing for Portimão: Mike Talks Tyres, Tarmac, Set-Up and Simulations! About The Author. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I think the question really is whether people have a sense of enough. Way too many rules and regulations, strangling the sport! If I want to sleep on Sunday, by lap two I am gone! By Anna Duxbury Published on Wednesday May 6th 2020; Formula 1 RSS feed; Latest. This is believed to be down to the status of F1, which is a more famous and worldwide sport than Moto GP. I think the really important thing is that you are happy, that’s the key. In this article, we compare the earnings of Moto GP riders and F1 drivers to see if this is, in fact, the case. Just look at Marc Marquez’s salary in comparison to Lewis Hamilton. I think on average that's true. All the riders, results, schedules, races and tracks from every Grand Prix. “We are putting our life in a way also on the line, then you need to show some appreciation for that. In contrast, 2017 champion Marc Marquez earns a massive $11.5 million. Lionel Messi, who plays for Barcelona, brings in $127,000,000 a year from his football career. ---------------------------------------------. Who Will Make the Finish Line First? The contract of the four-time world champion will run out at the end of 2020. While 2019’s breakout star Charles Leclerc signed a long-term contract extension with Ferrari, keeping him in Maranello until the end of 2024, Vettel’s future at the team is less certain. However, there is a significant difference in the earnings of the racers driving the cars. "So I think this is something you naturally start to think about.”, "I think I'm in a very fortunate position that I can probably try and do a lot of things, once I have decided to stop racing in F1. As well as dealing with the ever increasing threat from his young superstar team-mate Charles Leclerc, Vettel must now help Ferrari recover its position in the Formula 1 pecking order when the 2020 season does get underway. MotoGP Is Hosting Its First-Ever Virtual Race This Weekend, Make It A MotoGP Movie Night With These Free Documentaries. This got us thinking. RB has enough money, and they want to win championships, that's why they can afford to hire the best. I still watch F1 despite it being a bit boring lately. 2018 Sepang Official MotoGP Test: Conclusion The latest issue of Autosport magazine includes an in-depth feature looking at Sebastian Vettel’s current situation at Ferrari - where he feels he still has a “mission” to complete. So the rider’s salary is a very big amount. Moto GP or Formula 1 Driver: Who Earns More? I have some ideas, but I haven't decided.

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