Abgar did not compel any one to embrace the faith yet from day to day the number of the believers was multiplied. Den Armeniern gilt Moses von Choren als „Vater der Geschichte“ (Patmahayr) und als einer der ehrwürdigsten Väter der armenischen Kirche. There came then into Armenia the Apostle Bartholomew, who suffered martyrdom among us in the town of Arepan. That you may enjoy health is my desire. Chr.) The prince who reigned after the death of his father, did not inherit his father's virtues: he opened the temples of the idols, and embraced the religion of the heathen. Dieser wurde später von einem anderen Autor dem Werk hinzugefügt. He has certified to us that after His resurrection from the dead He was acknowledged by many to be God. Though we had already heard several persons relate these facts, Pilate has officially informed us of the miracles of Jesus. This spectacle greatly surprised all the princes who were present, for they were ignorant of the fact of the vision. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 16. Immediately there came a message from the inhabitants of the town, asking Sanadroug for a treaty by which he should engage not to disturb them in the exercise of the Christian religion, in consideration of which, they would give up the town and the king's treasures. Lazarus von Pharp und Yeghishe Vardapet schildern die von Aufständen gegen die Perser geprägte unruhige zweite Hälfte des 5. Das Buch hatte eine enorme Auswirkung auf die armenische Historiografie. I have heard also that the Jews murmur against You and wish to deliver You up to torments: I have a city small but pleasant, it would be sufficient for us both. After the ascension of our Saviour, the Apostle Thomas, one of the twelve, sent one of the seventy-six disciples, Thaddæus, to the city of Edessa to heal Abgar and to preach the Gospel, according to the word of the Lord. Chr.) Legend has taken possession of this circumstance: it relates that an animal, a new species, wonderful, of great whiteness, sent by the gods, guarded the child. Ardachès therefore hems them in on all sides, hangs the sword of death over their heads; distractions and dissension were between their troops and their other relations and allies: for King Archavir had three sons and one daughter; the first of these sons was King Ardachès himself, the second Garene, the third Sourene; their sister, named Gochm, was wife of the general of all the Ariks, a general chosen by their father Archavir. Regrettably, I can't reply to every letter, but I greatly appreciate your feedback — especially notifications about typographical errors and inappropriate ads. Movses agreed to do so and he finished his bo… He wrote also to the young Nerseh, king of Assyria, at Babylon:—, Abgar, king of the Armenians, to my son Nerseh, greeting:—. Immediately the king ordered one of his armed men to cut off Attæus' feet. Beispielsweise versetzt Moses den Orontiden-Herrscher Jerwand, der um 200 v. Chr. Seine Angaben über die frühe Geschichte Armeniens stammen prinzipiell aus Legenden und Volksgesängen, Die erste Auflage «Geschichte Armeniens» wurde 1695 in Amsterdam, die zweite 1736 in London und die dritte Ausgabe 1752 in Venedig gedruckt. Seek for him, and you will find him, and he will cure you of all your maladies, and will show you the way of life, and you will believe in his words, you, and your brothers, and all those who willingly obey you. Die beste Übersetzung stammt von Langlois mit dem Titel «Historiens Anciens de l'Arménie» (Paris, 1867). Er gilt in Armenien als der bedeutendste armenische Geschichtsschreiber und Vater der armenischen Historiographie. Though it is not in the order of the history with respect to time, nor even the order according to which we have begun these annals, yet, as we are treating of descendants of the king Archavir, even of the blood of Ardachès his son, we will, to do honour to these princes, place them, by anticipating the time, near to Ardachès, in order that the reader may know that they are of the same race, of the race of the brave Archag; then we will indicate the time of the arrival of their fathers in Armenia, the Garenians and the Sourenians, from whom St. Gregory and the Gamsarians are descended, when, following the order of events, we come to the reign of the king under whom they appeared. Es ist jedoch wahrscheinlich, dass er die bagratunische Dynastie, die vom Ende des 7. Er verwendete eine blumige Erzählweise über die damaligen Staatsmänner, wobei seine Figuren in den Erzählungen gelegentlich, je nach Laune des Autors, umgewandelt und die Ideen den Figuren adaptiert werden; trotzdem kann man nicht behaupten, dass die behandelten Figuren fiktiv waren. Er gilt in Armenien als der bedeutendste armenische Geschichtsschreiber und Vater der armenischen Historiographie. Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon, Artikel/Artikelanfang im Internet-Archive, Mowses Chorenazi, „Die Geschichte Armeniens“, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Moses_von_Choren&oldid=198936369, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, „Die Geschichte unserer Vorfahren in der mittleren Periode“ erstreckt sich von 149 v. Chr. The deputies found the Roman governor at Eleutheropolis; he received them with friendship and distinction, and gave this answer to Abgar: Fear nothing from the emperor on that account, provided you take good care to pay the tribute regularly. This Abgar was called Avak-air (great man), on account of his great gentleness and wisdom, and also on account of his size. The Apostle Thaddæus baptizes a manufacturer of silk head-dresses, called Attæus, consecrates him, appoints him to minister at Edessa, and leaves him with the king instead of himself. Seek for him, and you will hear him, you as well as your father Ardachès. war ein spätantiker armenischer Historiker. Jahrhundert kompiliert (eher um 870[2]). As to the first of Abgar's wives, named Helena, he sent her to his town at Kharan, and left to her the sovereignty of the whole of Mesopotamia, in remembrance of the benefits he had received from Abgar by Helena's means. Abgar, indignant, forms plans of revolt and prepares himself for combat. Now, everywhere, His name alone, invoked by His disciples, produces the greatest miracles: what has happened to myself is the most evident proof of it. Herod's lieutenant, at the head of a considerable army, hastened to reach Mesopotamia, met Abgar at the camp in the province of Pouknan, fell in the combat, and his troops were put to flight. Die „Geschichte Armeniens“ wurde im 8. oder 9. Sein Tod wird nach armenischer Überlieferung an das Ende des 5. Blessed is he who believes in me without having seen me! Edited by Alexander Roberts, James Donaldson, and A. Cleveland Coxe. We will tell you: Because Abgar's sister, Otæa, while travelling in Armenia in the winter, was assailed by a whirlwind of snow in the Gortouk mountains; the tempest separated them all, so that none of them knew where his companion had been driven. He sent word to Attæus: Make me a head-dress of cloth interwoven with gold, like those you formerly used to make for my father. . After this, Archavir being dead, Ardachès, his son, reigns over the Persians. Moreover, Herod was but seeking a pretext to attack Abgar: he sent an army of Thracians and Germans to make an incursion into the country of the Persians, with orders to pass through the territories of Abgar. At this period Marinus, son of Storoge, was raised by the emperor to the government of Phœnicia, Palestine, Syria, and Mesopotamia. Er sei ferner ein bedeutender Grammatiker gewesen. Aufgrund dieser Widersprüche und falschen Einordnungen vermuteten einige Forscher (Bardenhewer, Carrière), dass die „Geschichte von Armenien“ nicht von Moses von Choren stammt, sondern insgesamt um 870 verfasst wurde[5]. Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download. During the time that they were crucifying Him, the sun was darkened, the earth was moved, shaken; Jesus Himself, three days afterwards, rose from the dead and appeared to many. We mention this cursorily, as a fact related by others a long while ago. If you will not be angry with me, I will say that the conduct of the senate is extremely ridiculous and absurd: for, according to the senators, it is after the examination and by the suffrages of men that divinity may be ascribed. The soldier went, and, seeing the holy man seated in the chair of the teacher, cut off his legs with his sword, and immediately the saint gave up the ghost. Safety and health. He received this answer from Attæus: My hands shall not make a head-dress for an unworthy prince, who does not worship Christ the living God. What took place in their time has been previously told by others: the apostle's arrival in Armenia, the conversion of Sanadroug and his apostasy for fear of the Armenian satraps, and the martyrdom of the apostle and his companions in the canton of Chavarchan, now called Ardaz, and the stone opening to receive the body of the apostle, and the removal of this body by his disciples, his burial in the plain, and the martyrdom of the king's daughter, Santoukhd, near the road, and the apparition of the remains of the two saints, and their removal to the rocks — all circumstances related by others, as we have said, a long time before us: we have not thought it important to repeat them here.

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