Their relationship didn’t do so hot in the limelight as it lasted only one month. That person observed some of these and concluded that these idols had ambigious or suspicious, "some" type relationships, but it is not confirmed, it is merely based on what this person witnessed as well as rumors within the industry. Though the two are no longer together, actress Shin Se Kyung and SHINEE's Jonghyun had a short relationship when the two found out they both took a liking to each other. SHINee's Kim Jonghyun and SHINee Member (Very Old, Was Over, Somewhat resurfacing, lmao what if the BTS x Twice one is Jeongyeon and Jimin. "Jonghyun and another SHINee member" is the only legitimate relationship there. If you are going to make this kind of thread, at least give a video or pic or anything that hint of their some relationship. Even from kpanda. With one name kept hidden, everything is entirely up to speculation. It wasn’t long before both their respective companies confirmed their dating news. January of 2016 was when EXID’s Hani and JYJ’s Junsu were caught leaving a residence by Dispatch. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and solo artist Lee Seung Gi confirmed their relationship back in January of 2014. Not all of these "some" couples are currently involved with each other. I did not want to release either of the BTS, RV, and Twice member names because it would make things too obvious. It wasn’t long before these two confirmed their relationship after photos of Seolhyun running began circulating on the internet. There are also some idols who are so insanely talented, they are assigned two “main” positions in their group, and wow fans with their gifts for performing! Most of these are old. What happens if the breakup was messy? Though the two have broken up since, I give them credit just for braving the storm and announcing their relationship. However, unlike normal dating news, this one took the nation by storm because of its timing. These male idols, however, proved their talent and their ability to capture any emotion by producing tracks for female singers. Congrats to the beautiful couple for defying gravity and sticking together through it all! -Hanbin,, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). With both of these two idols being form the states, it seemed they used that commonality to bond. currently blasting baby don't stop on repeat all day. This one caused a stir during its time because of a cute reason! Most of the time, K-pop idols who are close to each other are often deemed to have a relationship more than friends in particular. The idols always had an older brother-young sister relationship, but when you're that close to someone, it usually always leads into a romantic one and that's exactly what happened between these two. 'Some' relationships can be physical, but they often involve romantic feelings as well rather than mere physical attraction. Exo's Park Chanyeol and AOA Member (Old/Not current), 2. 5 Times TWICE’s Sana And Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Showed Off Their #BFFGoals Chemistry, Cosmetic Stores Remove Red Velvet Irene’s CLINIQUE Model Pictures Following Her Recent Controversy, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was So Good At Giving Pick-Up Lines, Her Members Couldn’t Handle It, BTS’s Jin Once Tried To “Expose” V For His Sleeping Habits, But It Ended Up Backfiring, Staff Member’s Recollection Of Yoo Jae Suk’s Behavior On Set Resurfaces In Online Communities, 6 Of BTS Suga’s Best “Back In My Day” Stories, TWICE’s Mina Has Reached A New Level Of Unreal Beauty, According To K-Netizens, BLACKPINK’s Lisa Had A Savage Response About Jisoo’s Height, 4 Stories About BTS’s Suga That Will Melt Your Heart, Red Velvet Irene’s Number Of Instagram Followers Dips In Light Of Recent Controversy. The two have been dating for more than 10 years and though the singer is still in the army, it looks like distance cannot keep these two apart. Another couple with two hot idols! I'm clueless about what the others could be. We just discussed the k-pop couples that were rumored to be dating, but now we're going to take a look at the idols who put all rumors to shame with the proclamation of their love.

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