The American parapsychologist, Thelma Moss, popularized Kirlian photography as a diagnostic tool. and who value rational skepticism, start with the subliminal acceptance that one cannot simply believe what one WANTS to believe. Mercury in vaccines? I think you’ve done it well in this post. Polygraph or “lie detectors” measure changes in your blood pressure, sweat, and breathing. These antennas act as conduits to bring you greater quantities of subtle, cosmic energy. People like Judith Collins in Australia, and Barbara Anne Brennan in America have been known to describe those patterns and read them. You can experiment with shutter speed to discover the best settings for your Kirlian photography. Work with voltage sensitive liquid crystal is a further development for example with bloods or fluids, a drop being placed with earth wire on a glas slide. Science has already proven that everything in the entire universe is made of energy. The photographic emulsion has layers and the visible spark is blue. This is what happens when the masses overlook individualism and allow the government to rule with collectivism, but that’s a story for another day. This is why when you are scared, all the short hair on your body point straight up, strengthening your intuitive senses. Science is only able to make laws out of things that will be absolutely true for every human. The 3rd one was after the treatment and I had shut down the energy flow by having cold water wash over my hands. So, sweat, body temperature, etc. Very good explanation of the ‘kirlian effect’. The sexual energy that is transferred during sex is important for balancing the masculine and feminine energy. If the plate the leaf was on was thoroughly wiped clean before the photography paper, glass and metal plate were replaced, then no “phantom leaf” image. and the fine lines much like a dog’s hairs you will see in the air…are the Light-fibers. Watch this video to understand better how to put these components together! Peace & God bless!! Ummmm EXACTLY hahaha i kept waiting for the explanation of how a quarter retains water and therefore proves this theory. Kirlian Photography. Water is life, you know. Explain this. Before and after treatment allows one to see the degree of response, withdrawal or relaxation response to how they process their treatment. What is REAL food & what is supposed to be non-edible to the human body, but we eat it daily anyway, is MOST interesting!! Randi is famous for altering data to fit his own propaganda, there was a research done on the ESP present in dogs when they can sense the arrival of their owners before they open the door. Albert Einstein who challenged and overthrew the rationale behind Newtonian physics, which all scientists at the time believed to be the scientific truth. So that fact that when water is present, the energy reads higher makes perfect sense. This has been seen in hair experiments that involve Kirlian photography. He was curious about this small flash of light, and he wanted to photograph it.

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