Unlike its conservative rival Sinclair Broadcast Group, which made headlines in 2018 for requiring anchors to read identical scripts, Nexstar doesn’t broadcast synchronized or partisan content. “He’s a friend of mine. [13] Nexstar chose to drop Fox from WFXW in Terre Haute, Indiana and re-affiliate with ABC on September 1, 2011 (becoming the only Nexstar station thus far to affiliate with another network following the removal of the Fox affiliation) as part of a long-term renewal agreement between Nexstar and ABC for the group's nine existing ABC stations, reversing a 1995 switch that saw Terre Haute losing over-the-air carriage of ABC programs (since then, ABC has been seen in the market via Indianapolis affiliate WRTV on area cable and satellite providers);[14][15] the Fox affiliation then moved to a digital subchannel of CBS affiliate WTHI-TV which also added MyNetworkTV as a secondary affiliation. Nexstar requires its stations to generate local content but otherwise gives them wide leeway. [20], On September 16, 2013, Nexstar announced that it would acquire WOI-DT, KCAU-TV, and WHBF-TV from Citadel Communications for $88 million. Whitaker recalled how CNN ratings fluctuated wildly based on the intensity of the news environment during his tenure from 2011 to 2013. The problem is, they are not doing news anymore. Fox dropped its affiliation from Nexstar-owned/managed stations in four markets, with three of the replacement stations adding Fox in addition to existing affiliations with the MyNetworkTV program service (owned by Fox parent company News Corporation). Abbott’s mail ballot drop site limit, Cornyn’s 18-year Senate record more nuanced, less warm and fuzzy, than his curated TV ads, Texas Senate hopeful MJ Hegar tries to woo suburban centrists while mobilizing progressive Democrats, Repeat traffic offenders could have driver’s licenses restored under Dallas County, DeSoto pilot program, College football picks (Week 8): Predictions for SMU-Cincinnati, Texas-Baylor, Oklahoma-TCU and more, At least two Dallas County voters learn someone else voted in their name. Much of the reason news companies seek to buy up stations is to increase revenue from retransmission fees: charges to cable and satellite companies for permission to air local content. “I haven’t made a big deal about it when I’ve talked to him because he’s probably not going to like it every night,” Compton said. Officials will need to respond to the outpouring of grief and anger over state violence against Black Americans. NewsNation uses Nexstar's 5,400 local journalists from 110 newsrooms to produce its content along with several bureaus across the country. This year, Nexstar can also count on election ad spending, which is a key component of nearly every television company’s revenue. These were still rehearsals,” Nelson said. The company took over the stations' non-license assets under a time brokerage agreement in December 2015 pending the formal completion of the deal, expected in late 2016. However, on September 8, 2011, Sinclair Broadcast Group announced its intent of purchasing the Four Points stations outright and took over the MSA for the stations that October upon Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approval of the deal (the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave final approval of the group deal on December 21, and the Sinclair purchase of the Four Points stations was completed on January 1, 2012). But established news viewing habits are hard to break. Local TV stations tend to have a glut of crime stories, ranging from the horrific to the mundane, because a steady stream of them are always arriving through the police blotter. “In local news we take national news and localize it to make our community care about it. MSNBC was adrift as a cable news competitor until it was “consciously a channel for liberals,” Whitaker noted. team is small. “The question is do they want something like ‘NewsNation’ enough that they would watch it day after day and hour after hour the way they do the existing channels. Nexstar’s enormous reach across the country makes it a unique bellwether of whether consolidation can be in the public interest. Sanchez and Resendiz are able to execute their stories because of their investigative skills and due to an ingrained conception of themselves as accountability journalists. WTNH staff aim for coverage that resonates, but out of necessity they also end up running items like the hack of a man’s home security camera or the umpteenth update on the murder of a local woman. The guiding principle that Nexstar passes down to station managers—“commitment to localism”—is amorphous and lackluster in contrast to the Border Report journalists’ clear mission. For international news, they have a partnership with Reuters and AP. Where to vote. At the same time that Nexstar has promoted itself as working in the public interest, it has also advocated that the federal government further loosen restrictions for media conglomerates. Reuters will supply international coverage. The providers were merged to form Lakana, led by former ETG CEO Phillip Hyun. Nexstar is increasingly producing content that will be aired across multiple stations in a region—a plan that has both benefits and drawbacks for the public. Paul directs the work of an award-winning staff covering business news in the nation's fourth largest metro region. The Chicago-based set of “NewsNation,” which launches Tuesday on WGN America. This began the first ever 'shared-services' agreement between stations. If so, I believe we’d already have it. The criticisms have merit, but the picture is complicated: although Nexstar’s coverage is uneven, many of its stations nationwide do provide substantive local news. Let's respond to some of these technology media companies.". Nexstar made the transactions to pay down debt and consolidate operations in the Southeast. We want to hear from you! "But currently, we have no plans to immediately divest of it.". Even the studio location for “NewsNation” will separate it from the competition. How to vote. Compton, who has worked in radio with Rush Limbaugh and Maddow, said that he understands why cable news networks have leaned in so heavily on talk.

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