"I just didn't understand why it could happen again when she seemed so happy to be with Iain," Don says. "I needed to fill in that blank space.". It's very difficult to decide when to tell someone about something like that," Don says. Nob Goldtoof / How was I ever going to get my life back together?". And aside from his grandmother - whom he'd occasionally chat to about Irene - nobody else really seemed willing to talk about her. Iain Cunningham always believed that his birth had something to do with his mother's death, but whatever it was seemed to be a family secret that couldn't be … Obviously Yeah, she was with the dragon in the book. "I wanted to amplify her a bit and celebrate her as a person - but first I needed to find out who she was, I really didn't know anything about her.". Malecantor Kulag / See all photos. Janet Fielding, Starring Some people had said that Irene had had a difficult time while she was in labour, others said that her heart had stopped beating - but the records described a normal birth. Official Sites, View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. Ian Conningham is an actor, known for The Last Kingdom (2018), Broken (2017), Outlander (2017), Lady Macbeth (2017), Doctor Who - The Girl who died (2015), The Dresser (2015), The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (2016), The Hollow Crown - Henry IV parts I & II (2012) and Moomins on the Riviera (2014). But whenever he tried to talk to his dad about his mum it always seemed to hit a raw nerve - Don would immediately well up and Iain would resolve not to push it. Vic 4pts in front  -the siren due - ball knocked out of the centre, kicked to full forward where "Foxy" Cunningham, heavily pressured of course, knocked the ball to the ground from a pack, grabbed the bouncing ball, spun, kicked it over his head for goal - siren with the ball in midair. It’s a Christmas miracle! Irene spent about nine months in hospital, but there then followed a period of around 18 months during which she was living happily at home with her young son and husband, taking Iain to the park and to cafes, and on walks to visit friends. Imperial Commodore / But by the age of 36 she had a good job, was happily married and had just given birth to a healthy baby. Ian Cunningham persisted in his pursuit of a football career and it was a change of position that saw him play a hundred and eighty two games of league football with Subiaco. The box of Irene's belongings that sat untouched for so many years in Don's attic lives at Iain's house now. A promising career was thwarted by the edict from coach Haydn Bunton  that it was football only. Transferred to Bunbury in 1980, too late to pick up any coaching jobs, Ian was nevertheless snapped up by Carey Park as reserves coach, where an attempt to play proved disastrous when the hammy said enough was enough. Cunningham was also a talented cricketer, opening the attack for Scarborough under sixteens with Mick Malone. After two years at the Park, a coaching offer from Carey Park didn’t tempt Cunningham, who returned to Perth. Generic White Scar #1 / Don’t worry, we will never pass on your details to third parties! | Ian Conningham Work in the DWU. Portions of content provided by Tivo Corporation - © 2020 Tivo Corporation What's new. Filming & Production "It was a different world - doctors didn't give you any information and you weren't told what medication they were on or for what," he says. Generic Ork #1 / Cunningham was to go on to play a hundred and eighty two games with Subiaco, but it was as a close checking back pocket player that he would make his name rather than a forward. Nob FireSarta' / Donatos Aphael / Randy Cunningham; NinjaNomicon (Randy Cunningham) Theresa Fowler; Crossover Pairings; Multiple Pairings; Crack Relationships; Summary . Alex Kingston But through the pages of strangers' photo albums, the letters they'd hung on to all these years and the shared experiences they'd never forgotten, he built up a detailed picture of a quiet, gentle, artistic girl who was always laughing, who'd been the local carnival queen, and who, as she grew older, loved dancing on Friday and Saturday nights, and taking trips to Margate to sunbathe and see the shows. Get exclusive offers, news and updates on the latest Big Finish releases and promotions by entering your email address here. "We were both very happy. Commodore Tyralean / Trazyn's Museum Curator on the forum. (voice), Narrator / (voice), Captain Sind Grolvoch / A collection of drabbles, one shots, and short stories for my favorite ships/pairs. (voice), Captain Tor Garadon / Don is also relieved to at last have a better understanding of what happened to his wife. |  Last update was at 2016/07/01 15:04:41. From time to time Iain and his daughters take a look inside at the things that once belonged to the grandmother the girls never had the opportunity to meet, and they talk about Irene and why she's not around to see them grow up. Sorcerer Antharek / Irusith Wazrok / "And mental health was something that people found harder to talk about then - there's still stigma around it today.". He also voiced a number of characters for Big Finish Productions. (voice), Commodore Trevaux / (voice), Admiral Malicor / London’s most mismatched detective trio are back for three brand-new audio adventures in The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 4, released today. They told him she had died of heart failure, but very little else - he wasn't given a proper explanation of what had happened or why. Be among the first to hear about exclusive offers, news and latest releases from Big Finish by signing up to our Newsletter. "And when I opened them they had the answers to quite a lot of the questions that I'd had," he says. (voice), Captain Voskamp / Main jobs: Actor. Magos Varyn / When she came round her personality had changed - she was paranoid, withdrawn and would stare into space, but would sit up in bed from time to time and eat a packet of biscuits. {xtypo_quote}Extraordinary conclusion to the '63 carnival. © 2020 BBC. I'd had so little to go on, but I really got a sense of her fun and I felt very connected to the person that I'd made of her.". Generic Space Wolf #2 / Ork Crews / Postpartum psychosis is a rare but serious mental health illness that can affect a woman soon after she has a baby, Symptoms usually start suddenly within the first two weeks after giving birth, but it can take several weeks, They may include: hallucinations; delusions (beliefs that are unlikely to be true); a manic mood (talking and thinking too much or too quickly); feeling "high" or "on top of the world"; a low mood; being withdrawn or tearful; lacking energy; loss of appetite; anxiety or trouble sleeping; loss of inhibitions; feeling suspicious or fearful; restlessness; feeling very confused; behaving in a way that's out of character, Most women with postpartum psychosis need to be treated in hospital, Help and support is also available via the. And nothing more was said about Irene. YouTube or Garadon / Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Lord Admiral Spire / Threxos Hellbreed / Generic Adeptus Mechanicus #2 Ork Warboss Gorespitta ‘Lady Macbeth’ DVD Review, 07 December 2016 Selected in the league side on six occasions in 1969,  Ian was a reserve for the first semi final of that season, which Subiaco lost by eight points to Perth. Portions of content provided by Tivo Corporation - © 2020 Tivo Corporation What's new. Ian Conningham is an actor, known for The Last Kingdom (2018), Broken (2017), Outlander (2017), ... 12 December 2018 “At half time he hadn’t got a run, and I remarked on the possibility of him taking the field and getting injured. Master of the Fleet Korahael Iain asked his father to bring down the box from the attic for the first time since his 18th birthday. But at a certain point Irene started becoming manic. | Fabricator Cambrius / Burn Gorman and Tom Price star in the story of a stake-out that becomes progressively more nightmarish in the latest full-cast Torchwood audio adventure from Big Finish. Joomla Templates by HotThemes. (voice), Wolf Lord Sven Bloodhowl or downloading the latest Soundcloud, Surface Laptop Go; Surface Pro X; Surface Go 2; Surface Book 3 Huron Blackheart / Surface Laptop Go; Surface Pro X; Surface Go 2; Surface Book 3 By his early 30s, Iain had married and become a parent himself. Commodore Kage / Read about our approach to external linking. Official Sites "I feel like I have a relationship with the real Irene now, and she's not something which isn't talked about any more," Iain says. Brian Adamson from West Perth got his vote as toughest opponent. So to see her as a young, vibrant, colourful person having a good time brought her back to life. “As they went through the lines my name wasn’t there, so I thought: “hell, I’ve been dropped.”  Then I.Cunningham appeared at full back. Generic Ork #3 “I reckoned it was time to go.”. "About one in 500 women develop this illness after childbirth. Growing up, Iain had many nightmares about his mother dying, in which he'd see himself running down a hospital corridor away from a blazing fire. He'd always worried that he was in some way responsible for what had happened to his mum. Don, too, had never fully understood why Irene had died, and the people Iain had found who'd known her seemed to tell conflicting stories. | 4:42. |  I don’t know if Bunts was behind it or not, but it made my footy career.” Six rounds later, Cunningham was selected in the league side as a back pocket player, and there he stayed for two seasons, and became one of the WAFL’s most resolute and determined back pocket players. Generic Chaos #1 / Commodore Svar / Randy Cunningham; NinjaNomicon (Randy Cunningham) Theresa Fowler; Crossover Pairings; Multiple Pairings; Crack Relationships; Summary . The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Ian Conningham, Other Works "When you build a new life you don't want to keep going back over what happened before - you're just concentrating on being a family together.". Nerdly Captain Seglei Khan / We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series. Id'artharn It wasn't until Iain was an adult with a family of his own that he uncovered who his mother really was and why she had died. Ian Conningham is an actor, known for The Last Kingdom (2018), Broken (2017), Outlander (2017), Lady Macbeth (2017), Doctor Who - The Girl who died (2015), The Dresser (2015), The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (2016), The Hollow Crown - Henry … Contact Info View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro Filmography. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Irene confided in her best friend that she'd been hallucinating while she was recovering from the birth in hospital, and when she brought her baby son home she couldn't sleep, began writing strange notes, and told her mother, "I'm not Irene, you know, I'm Irene's ghost.".

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