However, you should have a good idea of how a horse will race from previous form. How to read a horse racing program is covered in this article. What’s his breeding? All tradenames, trademarks and copyrights referenced on this website are and shall remain the exclusive property of their respective owners and/or Racecourses in the United States are similar in that most are right-handed ovals. Standardbred Horse Racing: How To Read a Program. The going report describes the underfoot conditions at a track. Standardbred harness horse racing is not quite as popular as thoroughbred horse racing, but it can be just as or even more exciting! The saddle cloth will also display the program number of the horse. L – Lasix, B- Bute, b – blinkers, f – front bandages, Horse’s color, gender, age and bloodlines, Trainer with summary of starts, wins, seconds, thirds & Universal Rating, Driver with summary of starts, wins, seconds, thirds, Universal Rating, driving colors, weight and class of driving license, Current Year Record, Previous Year Record, and Lifetime Record, Course Conditions - Shows the condition of the track for that race. TRA Saddle Cloth Color - Indicates the color cloth the horse will have under his saddle. Please see our terms and conditions for more details. Click over to our other guides! A racing guide will include information about the track and going. The going on the course:  soft, good, firm. These records include dates that mark key races in a horse’s racing career. ), Race Dates - Race Dates show the dates of the horse’s past races (Look for trends on how often a horse runs and its success. Equivalent Odds - The decimal odds the horse went off at in the race. And all this information can be found on a harness racing program. The silks are registered by the owner and some owners have favorite tracks. Understanding how to read a harness racing program correctly can mean the difference between walking away a winner or a l**** (we don’t like to say the “L” word). Comprising the…, There are a number of ways to bet on horse racing, but win place show…, If you are just getting into online horse betting, it’s natural to be a little…, If you are an online betting newbie, you might have asked yourself the following question:…. Now that you know how to read a horse racing program, you can walk into the track with your head held high and hopefully walk out with a little extra green in your pocket. Want to learn how to read other racing programs? The best way to place the smartest horse racing bet is to have good sturdy knowledge of how to read a horse racing program. Common Race Type Codes - This identifies the race condition a horse has run in the past. This is the number used for wagering purposes. Details about the horses’ past performance A horse racing program consists of a great deal of information. We wish you happy (and lucky) betting! No designation means that the race was not age specific. Information about today’s race 2. Find out if the horse had trouble in a certain race, which could explain a bad performance.). Past performances are a useful guide but other factors may influence the outcome of a race. Race restrictions: handicap or conditions. This is an online horse racing betting operator that features racecards, handicapping and bookmaker promotions. 2. Want to learn how to read other racing programs? This guide will go through the fundamentals of a horse racing program and highlight the key issues. Morning Line Odds - Refers to the odds set by the track oddsmaker. (Based on the horse's actual time and other conditions, such as track condition, these figures allow you to compare a horse's performance at the early point of the race.). NOTE: The owner and operator of this website is not responsible for the content, Terms of Service and/or Terms and Conditions and/or policies outlined on Number of Horses in Race - Indicates how many horses started in that race. It is a good destination for horse betting and a horse racing program example. of a patron or patrons' establishing an account on such sites. Look to see what conditions a horse does well or bad over). Weight Carried By Horse - Shows the weight the horse carried in that race. Standardbred harness horse racing is not quite as popular as thoroughbred horse racing, but it can be just as or even more exciting! ... but this page will show you how to use the wealth of data supplied for each horse. Equibase Pace Figure - The Equibase Pace Figures are basically the horse's 'speed figure' at the first call of the race and is available for all Thoroughbred and Arabian races. Must be of legal age in the relevant jurisdiction to open a wagering account. Overseas races like the Derby and Grand National create the demand for a horse racing program. Race Track Abbreviation & Race Number - Shows the track where the horse ran and what race number. I made my future brother-in-law sit down and teach me everything he knew about how to read a program. (Locate the horse’s best finishes to determine if it may do well in today’s race. Jockey and trainer statistics are also useful when you are following guidelines for how to read a racing program. This part of the program provides an overview of a horse’s form and ability without looking at individual races. There is potentially a vast amount of information for each track, race and horse. You can pick up some clues about the mood of each horse which are identified by the silks and race card number. The following information is available by race and can be used when comparing the form of each horse in a race: A good horse racing program will highlight the key elements of the form guide for a specific race. L – Lasix, B- Bute, b – blinkers, f – front bandages. (Look at the Jockey’s Name to see if they had success with this horse in the past. Exotic Wagers - Wagers offered in this race. The weather and amount of rain determine the track conditions. You can even see if a jockey that has ridden this horse in the past is riding another horse today.). How to read a horse racing program includes the same elements across each type of media. Information about today’s race 2. The most famous horse race in the United States is the Kentucky Derby. If it has not done well in similar conditions before, you may find another horse that has done well instead. Details About The Horses' Past Performance. Also see if it has been awhile since the horse’s last start. The objective is to identify the horses with the best conditions and the going is important in this context. A harness racing program, or also called a Standardbred racing program, can be broken down into two key sections; Race Number - The Race Number indicates the order that race will run for the day. The saddle cloth will also display the program number of the horse. Weight - Weight indicates how much the horse will be carrying in the race. Horses are suited to different types of going and past records on similar track conditions are important when reading a horse racing program. Click over to our other guides! TGV provides one of the best online services for readers looking for a horse racing program example. Finishing race distances behind the other runners. A racing program will feature the track characteristics and the projected underfoot conditions. Here are the key dates and elements of this part of an online horse racing program: This part of a race guide provides a good indication of the ability of a horse and the suitability to a specific race. Overall records, past form, track conditions and medication and equipment are part of the puzzle. Online racing programs can be more creative than offline publications. An online horse racing program is the internet version of the race card at the track and daily newspaper form guide. Answer this question for us: Would you walk into a horse track for the first time and throw down a multi-hundred dollar bet on the horse with the cutest name? The next section examines how a horse has performed in specific races. I’m convinced the Kentucky Derby program is the first book he ever read. The betting process is nearly identical with the only difference being that the better must take into account different information. A thoroughbred horse racing program has the ins and outs of the race, the horses, their past performances, and the jockey. How to Read the Program Who did he beat? Track Name - Designates the track where the race is run. TRA Saddle Cloth Color - Indicates the color cloth the horse will have under his saddle. The type of race, restrictions, conditions and course are the most important pieces of information. Record by type of track such as turf or dirt. Final Time of Race - The Final Time of Race shown in 100ths of a second for the noted race. This information applies for each race and is a valuable element of a guide to identifying the horse that can Win, Place or Show. Names in italics indicate the horse won its next start. Knowing how each horse has performed on the prevailing going is a key element of race analysis. While Standardbred harness horse racing is different from the more popular Thoroughbred horse racing, you can still walk away with a big win if you know what you’re doing. Two other Triple Crown races and the Breeders’ Cup are the other main racing events in the US. A horse racing program brings together each element and provides a guide to the best horse in each race. However, it is useful to compare form on and not on medication and with and without equipment. The distribution of the prize money is shown for each race and this gives an indication of the level. AmWager wants everyone to walk away a winner at the track so we have put together this easy to read guide to show both first timers and those who may be a little rusty how to read a horse racing program. Understanding how to read a harness racing program correctly can mean the difference between walking away a winner or a l**** (we don’t like to say the “L” word). If you are anxious to place your first, tenth, or 100th bet, head on over to AmWager’s online betting platform.

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