The MacArthur-Kellems ticket's total might have been higher than 943. I believe that it is very hard to make a logical deduction that because none of the fifty-six elections we've had did not lead in a female leader, we are thereby sexist. How…, Here's an experiment to try. List of elected and appointed female heads of state and government, List of female governors in the United States,, Ballot Access News » Blog Archive » Women Running for President in the General Election, "Shirley Chisholm's 1972 Presidential Campaign", "Tonie Nathan, R.I.P. Having said all of THAT, we can fix this definitional problem in a different, more conservative way. from a major non profit, click through the the X Blog to read the press release. These fish were featured in a recent article from Smithsonian Magazine. Pursuant to this question I made a list (made = copied from the internet) of countries and put a star next to those which I think have had a woman leader. [6] Fulani was also the first African American to do so. Well, this is kind of a crowd sourcing thing but yeah, it is my blog so I'm totally in charge here so keep in line, people. ScienceBlogs is a registered trademark of Science 2.0, a science media nonprofit operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. And it was expected for years. Invoking the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO, a federal conspiracy law devised to ensnare mobsters, the suit accuses the organizations, as well as several green campaigners…. Thanks. The following is a list of female U.S. presidential and vice presidential nominees and invitees. What is the time signature of the song Atin Cu Pung Singsing? Yes, that is what you think it is: Obama could pave the way for a Van Jones. As you have surely heard, Benazir Bhutto and at least 15 other people were killed by a suicide bomber. picky me, but for your own good: its throne, not thrown, righto? 28,772 votes (3rd place) in Texas primary; 539 votes in (9th place) at Arizona primary; 1052 votes (7th place) at Oklahoma primary, 35 votes at Mississippi primary; 12 votes inNew Hampshire primary, 1,358 votes in AZ primary; 192 votes (8th place) in New Hampshire primary, 1 Republican write-in vote, 98 votes (10th place) in New Hampshire primary, 246 votes (6th place) in Washington, D.C. primary, 68 votes (14th place) in New Hampshire primary, 43 votes (12th place) in the Washington, D.C. primary, 31 votes (19th place) in New Hampshire primary, 11 votes (22nd place) in New Hampshire primary; 4,039 votes (8th place) in Maryland primary. Were there 2 Prime Ministers in Canada in 1999? Galbraith, her friend and mentor, would have nothing of it. [7] Despite losing the nomination in a close race against Barack Obama, Clinton won more votes in 2008 than any primary candidate in American history.

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