This was from an on-the-record interview, but I feel weird about dragging clinicians back into this controversy by name when it’s just for a Medium post, so I’m going to refer to this one, whose actual gender I’m not revealing, as “Dr. I have found people on Berkeley’s campus who have intuitive and spontaneous understandings of my position. Home About Blog Contact hey there, friend! She has taught undergraduate courses on literature, psychology, and what she calls “contemporary cultural studies” from a trans feminist perspective. If you want to get in touch with me for any reason, click the button below to get started. Clinics in the States are, on net, turning more and more to full early social transition, and in some cases people are making pretty serious claims about what happens if you do anything but allow a young gender-dysphoric kid to transition fully at a young age. I’ve always tried to make a stronger claim than that it “merely exists.”. And put a premium on mental-health support and assessment. Since then it's been a photography site, an entrepreneur venture, and now it's a creative and lifestyle blog (what I hope is its final form). They (obviously!) A new magazine from Roxane Gay offering some of the most interesting and thoughtful cultural criticism to be found on the Web. It doesn’t depend on the kind of inherent dignity of the marriage form as. Grace Lavery. If the gsi doesnt like your style on mdtm, you wont have a chance to improve. I started this site in 2010 as a portfolio for my design work. One of the other things right now about being in queer community and being under lockdown, for me at least, is that I just miss a lot of people. And they’re fabulous and I love them. They all nodded. I Was Hillary Clinton’s Chief Foreign Policy Advisor. But there is actual debate about some of the specifics of how to best help TGNC kids in a balanced way that both respects who they are now and takes into account who they might become. Likewise, there are people who are much younger than me who have been in transition for much longer than me who often know way more about this stuff than I do. My hope is her tweetstorm and my response will stand as a self-contained point-counterpoint that people will at least find informative in some way or another. noting the general sequence in which young people, “Affirmative Practice With Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth: Expanding the Model.”, via the UK’s Royal College of Psychiatrists, I used to think Black churches were the worst for queer people, What I Learned About Shame When I Ran For Office — And Won, American Microcosm at a Buffalo Supermarket, A Parent Should Never Downplay Their Child’s Sexual Assault. But it can simultaneously be true that the fears expressed by assessment-skeptics come from a reasonable historic place and that they aren’t quite reasonable if we’re talking specifically about the work of clinicians like Edwards-Leeper or her onetime colleagues in Amsterdam (Edwards-Leeper helped bring the puberty-blocking protocol to the States in the first place). You can even just be lazy and ask any of the clinicians cited in my Atlantic article for an on- or off-the-record chat. Quaint, Exquisite examines the ramifications for British aesthetic theory of the increased visibility of a non-European, … And then the Black Trans Lives Matter demonstration they had here [in mid-June] and that was really well attended—15,000 people showed up to the rally, which was amazing. And it’s kind of amazing to think that that happened. This is a vital scientific finding. In light of these questions, I also reconsider the controversial question of Eliot’s transgender identification, exploring the techniques associated with gendered literary styles, the gendered question of reference throughout Eliot’s fiction but especially in Middlemarch, and the discourse of transgender identity known, in our present moment, as “realness.” Deriving its method from narrative theory, queer theory, and the late work of Michel Foucault on “technologies of the self,” “Getting Better” offers a new account of the rhetoric of technique in Eliot’s work, and a new history of realism’s sedimentation into post-Bildung and secular narratives of growth. My first book, Quaint, Exquisite: Victorian Aesthetics and the Idea of Japan, is forthcoming in 2019 from Princeton University Press. -I think she’s absolutely right to point out that desistance claims can be used to harm trans kids (as I’ve stated repeatedly, no desistance estimate should ever be used, on its own, to make a clinical decision about an individual person). Lavery links to one short document on the “affirming” side of things, but doesn’t link to the plenty of other documents from trusted groups like the American Psychological Association and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health that at least nod to some of the hidden complexity contained within the term “affirming care.” This, for example, is from my Atlantic article: There is no shortage of information available for parents trying to navigate this difficult terrain. I heard this first-hand from Edwards-Leeper, who is as knowledgeable about the current state of professional debate on this subject as anyone: The six trainees on Edwards-Leeper’s Transgender Youth Assessment Team spoke about the myriad ways mental-health issues and social and cultural influences can complicate a child’s conception of gender. How did you feel about Pride this year given everything that’s going on in the world—the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement? Any changes more substantive than that will be signaled with an update note at the top of the post.). She's brilliant and encourages free thought and emphasizes the importance of asking questions. I’ve done a fair amount of Pride work in New York and I’ve been to so many Pride events where projects are so utterly commercial. He's smart, funny, energetic, and difficult in that good way that makes you feel like you're really using your brain. Originally published on Twitter. Final grade for his teaching: B. So when I tell you Grace Lavery and Daniel M. Lavery’s wedding was an experience that I am still not quite sure I can do justice to via written word, I mean it. All rights reserved. I promise I don't bite. This, too, is based on their own research: “To date, we do not yet know exactly when and how gender dysphoria disappears or desists,” they write. Serano, to my knowledge, has never claimed desistance is an all-out myth. She's extremely fair and flexible with the syllabus. Getting misgendered by my colleagues is not unheard of, but it isn’t especially common. And I Have a #MeToo Mea Culpa. And the other group was younger trans women in their early 20s, almost all of whom were Cal students. And it was a huge deal. She's hilarious and brilliant--don't take her classes if you plan on skipping lecture.

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