The committee reported its findings at the weekly prayer-meeting, August 28th. written matter, both fictional and nonfictional. to state the type of study when describing the findings. Number the pages. If the findings are from a correlational study, the description of the findings could involve a brief description of how the variables were measured. The Proceedings and Findings in the foregoing case are hereby respectfully submitted to Brig.-Gen. Please give the benefit of your findings and reasons for your conclusion. For example, if the study addressed the For example, if it was an experiment, a sentence could start with the words, "In the experiment..." 2. 2. See how your sentence looks with different synonyms. 2. He invited Arcot and Morey to the observatory to confirm his findings. Step 4: Write your findings section in a factual and objective manner.The goal is to communicate information – in some cases a great deal of complex information – as clearly, accurately and precisely as possible, so well-constructed sentences that maintain a simple structure will be far more effective than convoluted phrasing and expressions. Audit findings in a sentence - Use "audit findings" in a sentence 1. 3. In other words, you tell your readers the story that has emerged from your findings. Because they were afraid he would report his findings to me, of course. An estimate dress from Madame Murphy—sixty-five with findings. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], Other archaeologists are sceptical about his, Extrapolating from his American findings he reckons about % of these deaths might be attributed to smoking, Surveys conducted in other countries reported similar, We hope that manufacturers will take note of the, If I were you I would not place too much trust in their, The scientists are cautious about the wider significance of their, Use "findings" in a sentence The authors of the study hope their research, Use headers and sections to help your reader know what is happening in your report. What Is The Difference Between “It’s” And “Its”? The audit findings show that Xerox's financial controls were not as click for more sentences of audit findings: 12. From clasps and headpins to jump rings and bails, our selection of, Monitoring the Future: National Results on Adolescent Drug Use: Overview of Key, As nouns the difference between finding and, Both approaches are appropriate in how you report your findings, but use only one format. Provision is made for prompt report of its. The findings of this tiny investigating machine were very important. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples ... of evaluating applied health initiatives and supporting both individuals and groups to develop studies and disseminate findings. Join our early testers! This page deals with the central part of the thesis, where you present the data that forms the basis of your investigation, shaped by the way you have thought about it. Reporting and discussing your findings; Reporting and discussing your findings. Be consistent about where and how they appear (centered, bold, underlined, side headings etc.). Examples of findings in a sentence: 1. Examples of our findings in a sentence: 1. ¾ Use tables and graphs to help illustrate, Jewelry designers can find every finding and component that they need here in one convenient place. It would be impossible to over-emphasize the importance of the findings of this Conference. 0. Another word for findings. Find more ways to say findings, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. A sample findings worksheet is shown in figure 6-18. They should put themselves in the hands of a good physician and rely implicitly on his, Their investigation was thorough, and they embodied their, The argument which applies to defective counts, applies to valid counts on which erroneous, Prime helped her down the steep bank, and they began to rummage, spreading their, See what you can find, make brief notes of what you read, and report your, A bit conscience-stricken because, if he could, he was going to rob his guest on the basis that, The Italian member of the Commission added to his signature that he disapproved of the, But, do you know, there's something running in my head about losings and, The statistical proof that a ten-nut sample is adequate and that differences between operators are not significant are two, Inasmuch as the source of traditions and interpretations is human reason, and human reason is faulty, how can we depend upon its, Care has also been taken to include, from civil sources, the, She would vanish from our care just when we thought it was becoming dear to her, and my wild pursuit would begin again, to be followed by chance, There are, however, two considerations, discussed in detail in this statement, which tend to compensate for any inaccuracy which the above, And this right must be born and reared, not out of egotism, nor in religious professions, but in the, Read Judge Holt's review of the proceedings and, Obey in a sentence | Short example sentence for obey, Unconnected in a sentence | Short example sentence for unconnected, Unhitched in a sentence | Short example sentence for unhitched, Mattered in a sentence | Short example sentence for mattered, Big Mistake in a sentence | Short example sentence for big mistake, Aired in a sentence | Short example sentence for aired, Vulture in a sentence | Short example sentence for vulture, Underbrush in a sentence | Short example sentence for underbrush, Violin in a sentence | Short example sentence for violin, Disqualification in a sentence | Short example sentence for disqualification, Statistics in a sentence | Short example sentence for statistics, Study in a sentence | Short example sentence for study, Percent in a sentence | Short example sentence for percent, Conducted in a sentence | Short example sentence for conducted, Respondents in a sentence | Short example sentence for respondents, Surveyed in a sentence | Short example sentence for surveyed, Poll in a sentence | Short example sentence for poll, Researchers in a sentence | Short example sentence for researchers, Words to describe Findings | Findings Adjectives. disseminate example sentences. The findings of this Special Inquiry do not concern us. Example sentences with the word disseminate. “Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? 2. My findings agree with those of Svihla. › Paradisaically [ˈˌperədəˈsīək(ə)lˈˌperədəˈzīək(ə)l], › Intransignet [inˈtransəjəntinˈtranzəjənt], © 2020 I have tried to follow Von Beyer's reasoning and I have tried to check his findings. The findings worksheet is generally prepared by the TC who should take care that it is tailored to the individual case. Present a synopsis of the results followed by an explanation of key. Clinton's campaign lawyers described the audit findings as " grossly inequitable ." Sentence Worksheet sentence of the court-martial in open court. (Format for findings is shown in appendix 10 of the MCM.) The findings of the Court of Inquiry. The most common sampling method is the convenience sample; therefore, many of the studies that you find for evidence use this sampling method. If you’re generating a draft think about double-spacing. 1. Sentences Menu. Come, Roger, tell me what you were to do with your findings. Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. What are the implications for using a convenience sample on the way you interpret and use the findings? 3. Findings is keepings, and how was we to know they was yours?

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