This store is PCI Compliant, Please log in to begin your shopping experience. Everyone at the party had been so ecstatic about learning whether it’s a girl or boy, noting all of the differences in excitement a new mother would feel upon hearing the news one way or the other. Here you can search monologues from movies, plays, television and books according to gender, source material, type (dramatic, comic, serio-comic), main action/emotions explored, period, genre or … Ladies, are you looking for the perfect dramatic monologue for your upcoming audition? Wade Bradford, M.A., is an award-winning playwright and theater director. Your registration has been updated. You are now subscribed to our More Good Stuff maling list. Search options include media, genre, period and specific emotions or tags (e.g. Hundreds of great monologues from plays for men and women of all ages. Allison’s friends suspect something is wrong, but don’t know what to do. In this scene, Eva Adler is telling her daughter about having dinner with Libby Khakstein, another resort guest. Meanwhile, her mother Isabel has been undergoing cancer treatments for a brain tumor. Monologues are like jazz squares — everybody loves a good one. if you type the word "New York", all monologues that have the word "New York" in the summary, description or text will show up in search results. Al has come to Celia and Gunner’s apartment to steal Celia away. On screen, monologues tend to come in emotional dramas, especially if they're written for … Thank you for your submission. After Anthony reveals to Wendy that he’s transferring to another school in the morning, she responds. "God of Carnage" is a black comedy by French playwright Yazmina Reza. In 1965, a young college student named Anthony befriends a classmate out of sympathy because she’s struggling to fit in at their school. The upside is that he was charming and handsome. It follows the title character Charlie Brown as he pines for the Little Red-Haired Girl and suffers the humiliations of his friends. (Female, Dramatic, 20s) (Female, Dramatic, 20s) 10 New Dramatic Monologues for Young Adult Females. (Female, Dramatic, 20s) fantasy worlds of their own creation. Her girlfriends decide to fix her up with a date for the winter formal. (Female, Dramatic, 20s) (Female, Dramatic, 20s) Thank you! In the play, 11-year-olds Benjamin and Henry get into a playground fight. The play centers around Allison, a quiet honor student who has never had a real boyfriend. You may receive a verification email. (Female, Dramatic, 20s) You can browse and/or search so you can find a monologue whether you know which one you want, or you're looking for monologue ideas. During the Interludes, other victims and abusers share their experiences. They have just found out that Isabel’s condition has worsened and she likely won’t have much longer to live. Develop your delivery with these selections from Broadway and Off-Broadway comedies. Fists fly, and teeth are knocked out. She sees their mother’s heart attack, and her inability to understand it, as a metaphor for all the ways she never understood what made the woman tick. The play is based on the characters from the popular "Peanuts" comic strip by Charles Schulz. It was Martin's first play and featured Nathan Davis, Paula Korologos, Travis Morris, and Tray West. Although Bana has a boyfriend named Eric, she and Clara are immediately attracted to each other and share an obvious connection (and a few passionate kisses). Marielle, a Filipina-American actress, has been cast in the first ethnically diverse production of The Glass Menagerie, which will have its premiere in London ahead of its Broadway bow. She debates the difficult decision with her husband Kevin, who has been supportive of her but now feels that she should stay. Marielle is now forced to decide whether she’ll still go to London and take advantage of the biggest break of her career, or stay in New York and take care of Isabel. This is one of the Interludes that occurs throughout the play.

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