You call me monster The other one is Lucky One. EXO - Monster (Romanized) Lyrics: She got me gone crazy (Oh yeah, she got me) / Wae simjangi twin (Oh yeah, oh yeah, she got me) / Naega jom seonggyeogi geuphae / … Dwijipgo muneoteurigo samkyeo Geudak onsunhaji moshav (neol miwohaesso) Come here girl Monster is one of the double title tracks from EXO’s third Album EX'ACT. Neoui duryeoun geokjeongeun jeobeoduryeom Jugeodo yeongwonhi sallae Ne mamsoge gagindoen chae Ne mamsoge gagindoen chae Come here girl Come here girl, you call me monster (you call me monster) I’ll get into your heart I feel a shudder Changing your entire life I’m sorry you make me so crazy, you know you do Jugeodo yeongwonhi sallae You call me monster I’ll go into your heart She got me gone crazy Why is my heart racing? Neol mamdaero gajigo nora nae soneseo mamkkeot nora She got me gone crazy (Oh yeah, she got me) Oh creeping. Sumeoseo humchyeobodaga kkamjjak nollaji (Who?) Naega jom seonggyeogi geuphae I’m creeping in your heart babe You call me monster Dwijipgo muneoteurigo samkyeo Deo gipi ppajyeodeureo Creeping, creeping, creeping Rove it the way Neol mangchyeo noheulgeoya Modu nal duryeowohae so I’m untouchable man Wae simjangi twin (Oh yeah, oh yeah, she got me) Nal geudaero badadeuryeo Neol mangchyeo noheulgeoya Jeonyuri wa ne salmeul da dwijibeo beorineunge Don’t be afraid You. You can call me monster Domanggajima neon yeongwonhi maemdora Ne mameuro deureogalge Creeping, creeping, creeping Nega gyeondilmanhan gotongeul nuryeo That’s right, my type Gaseumeun geojismal an hae I’m sorry you make me so crazy, you know you do Wiheomhan sinhoreul bonae Geurae neol humchyeo tamnikhae Ne mameuro deureogalge Two dance performances videos were released, one is the practice version, the other is the stage version. You can call me monster Negen antinomi gateun nan ne jonjaeui ilbu (How we do?) The song was released to widespread commercial and critical acclaim with US Magazine, Billboard naming it the 3rd best K-pop song of 2016. The title track “Monster”, co-produced by Kenzie and LDN Noise, is a mid-tempo dance track with lyrics about a crazy and obsessive love that is hard to give up. I’m creeping in your heart babe Geurae neol humchyeo tamnikhae Shawty I got it Neol miwohaesseo hajiman neoreul wonhae Geunde ne jinsimeun wae gyeolguge nal geobu motae Sijakdwaesseo nae aneseo

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