How House-Hunting is Like Dating, and also: I May Be Having a Midlife Crisis? ), Updates: “Totally Over It Bridesmaid” Responds (Again), Updates: CSP (aka “Wishing for a Baby”) Shares Her Adoption Story, Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Women 2013, Virgin Airlines Wants You to Join the Mile High Club, Vote for January’s Dear Wendy Book Club Book, Vote for our March/April Book Club Selection, Wedding Week Shortcuts: “I Didn’t Get a Plus-One for My Live-In Girlfriend and I’m Furious! I’ve dug myself into an awkward hole, how do i get out. is inspired by the column of the same name, which gained popularity when it was featured regularly on, starting in 2008. Topic of the Day: Are You Living The Life You Thought You’d Be Living? Weekend Open Thread: Do You Have Dear Wendy Dreams? What’s Harder on a Relationship Than Cheating? I have made my expectations clear that I do not feel comfortable about this dinner, but he throws at me that “I’m stressing him out” and “stop please.” Should I be worried? Poll: How Often Do You Like to See Someone You’re Dating? In Honor of Maya Angelou: What Have YOU Learned? ?”, Your Turn: “Why is He Sleeping With Me if He Doesn’t Want to Date Me?”, Your Turn: “Why Is My Ex Bragging About His New Girlfriend?”, Your Turn: He Gives Me the Silent Treatment… in Bed. “Should I Tell My Kids Our Family Secret?”, “Should I Tell My Mother About the Vasectomy?”, “Should I Tell My Mother I Want to Date a Guy She Tried to Put in Jail?”, “Should I Tell My Nephew What a Creep His Dad Is?”, “Should I Tell My Roommate How I Feel About Her?”, “Should I Tell My Sister I Suspect Her Husband Cheated On Her Years Ago?”, “Should I Tell My Sister She’s an Irresponsible Twit?”, “Should I Tell My Wife I Hired Escorts After We Married?”, “Should I Trade Up For a Hotter Girlfriend?”, “Should I Wait for My Jailbird Boyfriend?”, “Should I Wait For My New Boyfriend While He’s in Jail?”, “Should I Wait to Date Her Until After My European Vacation?”, “Should My Boyfriend and I Move in with Other People?”, “Should My Wife and I Let Someone Watch Us?”, “Should We Leave Our Kids with My Mother Or Hire a Nanny?”, “Should We Let Our Teen Daughter Sleep With Her Boyfriend in Our Home?”, “Should We Move My Grandfather In With My Mother?”, “Should We Sign a Contract Before Moving In Together?”, “Since Nice Guys Always Finish Last, Should I Stop Being Nice?”, “The Bridesmaids Have to Buy Another Dress and It’s All My Fault”, “The Codependency Between My Boyfriend and His Mother is Ruining Our Relationship!”, “The Guy I’m Seeing Still Has a Drawer Full of His Ex-Wife’s Underwear”, “The Language Barrier is Killing our Relationship!”. Have you already voted? ), More People Than Ever Finding Dates (and Sometimes Love!) Getting Personal: When Did “Trying Too Hard” Become A Bad Thing? Just kidding. (on Facebook). So much in agreement, Wendy. Do You Prefer a Private or Public, Over-the-Top Proposal? Dear Wendy ein Film von Thomas Vinterberg mit Jamie Bell, Bill Pullman. How Can I Make it Up to My Fiancée?”, “I Moved Back to My Home Town and Now My Family is Falling Apart”, “I Moved In With Him Months Ago and He Still Won’t Introduce Me To His Parents”, “I Moved In With My Boyfriend And He’s Making Me Pay Half the Bills”, “I Moved in With my Boyfriend Two Years Ago and He Still Won’t Let Me Unpack”, “I Moved In With My Girlfriend, But Her Ex-Husband’s Things Are Still Everywhere!”, “I Need My Boyfriend to Smother Me With Attention… and He Won’t”, “I Only Attract Women I’m Not Attracted To”, “I Only Wanted to Be Friends, So She Found Another Man”, “I Planned My Own Bachelorette Party and My Bridesmaids are Bailing on it!”, “I Re-Married My Ex-Husband And Now I Want to Die”, “I Refuse to Go To My Boyfriend’s Daughter’s Wedding”, “I Refuse to Pay for My Daughter’s Wedding to Her Horrible Fiancé”, “I Regret Not Having an Affair When I Had the Chance”, “I Resent Being My Best Friend’s Bridesmaid”, “I Saw a Woman Cheat On Her Fiancé. GOAL REACHED! Can you believe we’re down to 11 days before Election Day?! !”, “My Boyfriend’s Family Thinks He’s a Thief”, “My Boyfriend’s Friends Want me to Stay in a Hotel When They Come Visit”, “My Boyfriend’s Kids are Interfering With Our Relationship”, “My Boyfriend’s Kids Want to Kick Me Out”, “My Boyfriend’s Mad I Didn’t Pay His Way to My Sister’s Wedding”, “My Boyfriend’s Misogynist Friends Call Me a ‘Whore’”, “My Boyfriend’s Mother Controls His Life”, “My Boyfriend’s Mother Doesn’t Like Me Because I’m a Single Mom”, “My Boyfriend’s Mother Snoops In Our Closet!”, “My Boyfriend’s Mother Takes His Paychecks”, “My Boyfriend’s Mother Won’t Move Out Of His Place”, “My Boyfriend’s Mother Won’t Quit Bugging Us About Marriage and Babies”, “My Boyfriend’s Paid My Bills for Years But Still Won’t Marry Me”, “My Boyfriend’s Parents Expect Us to Raise Our Children Muslim, But I’m an Atheist”, “My Boyfriend’s Parents Won’t Give Up Their Grandson”, “My Boyfriend’s Racist Family Doesn’t Like Me”, “My Boyfriend’s Roommate Owes Him Over 10k in Back Rent and He Still Won’t Kick Him Out!”, “My Boyfriend’s Sending Selfies To Another Woman!”, “My Boyfriend’s Sister Is Ruining Thanksgiving”, “My Boyfriend’s Sister Wants to Break Us Up”, “My Boyfriend’s Sister-in-Law Is Trying to Get Him Back with His Ex”, “My Boyfriend’s Son Stole From My Daughter!”, “My Boyfriends Keep Dumping Me For Their Exes!”, “My Brand New Husband Keeps Liking Another Woman’s Comments on Facebook”, “My Brother Blames My Sister For Her Divorce”, “My Brother is Estranged From My Whole Family”, “My Brother is Vulgar Around My Children”, “My Brother Says I’m Wrong For Not Inviting Our Father to My Wedding”, “My Brother-In-Law Makes Unreasonable Demands of My Husband”, “My Brother-in-Law’s New Girlfriend Sent a Slutty Video to My Husband!”, “My Brother’s Wedding Is the Same Day as My Birthday Party!”, “My Cheating Husband Was Once Interested in a Man”, “My Childhood Friend Won’t Leave Me Alone!”, “My Close Guy Friend Refuses To Introduce Me to His Girlfriend”, “My Co-Worker is a Relentless Bigoted Sexist”, “My Coworker Boyfriend Refuses to Tell Our Boss About Us”, “My Coworker Has Moved into My Apartment Without My Permission”, “My Dad and His Wife Think I Don’t Trust Them With My Daughter”, “My Dad Says He’ll Cut Me Off Financially If I Move In With My Boyfriend”, “My Daughter Didn’t Get Photos Of Us at Her Wedding and I’m Devastated”, “My Daughter Is Leading on A Guy Who Would Be Perfect for My Other Daughter”, “My Daughter is Trying to Ruin My Relationship”, “My Daughter Refuses to Invite my Mother to Her Wedding”, “My Daughter Skipped My Important Birthday Dinner”, “My Daughter Thinks Her Physical Defect Is Keeping Her From Finding Love”, “My Daughter-in-Law Flirts With My Partner and I Don’t Like It”, “My Daughter-in-Law is Denying Me Access to My Late Son’s Children”, “My Daughter’s Boyfriend Is Taking Her Away From Us”, “My Daughter’s Controlling Boyfriend is Hurting Our Family”, “My Disabled Boyfriend’s Mother is Making Me Crazy”, “My Divorce is Final But Now My Boyfriend is Ignoring Me”, “My Eating Disorder is Getting in the Way of a Healthy Relationship”, “My Elderly Father’s ‘Wife’ is Ruining Our Relationship”, “My Estranged Wife Wants Me to Help Her Choose Her New Apartment”, “My Ex Booty Call Just Friended Me on Facebook”, “My Ex Has a New Girlfriend, So Why Does He Keep Calling Me?”, “My Ex Has Already Moved On Six Weeks After Our Breakup”, “My Ex is Sending Photos of Me to Swingers”, “My Ex Stalks My Tumblr Every Day. I was born on Okinawa, Japan in 1976 and spent my childhood in Korea, Japan, and Germany. Hope you all have a good weekend! Dispatches From the Great Blizzard of 2015. Was I Wrong?”, “My Mother-in-Law Stops By Unannounced All the Time!”, “My Mother-In-Law Trash Talks Me to Everyone”, “My Mother-in-Law Won’t Stop Criticizing My Parenting”, “My Mother’s Pissed I Didn’t Ask Her New Husband to Walk me Down the Aisle”, “My Much Older Married Boss is In Love with Me”, “My Neighbors Keep Complaining to Us About Noise”, “My New Boyfriend is Having a Baby with Someone Else”, “My New Boyfriend is Mad That My Male Roommates See Me Naked”, “My New Boyfriend Isn’t ‘On Board’ With Me Spending Holidays With My Ex-Husband”, “My New Boyfriend Left For the Holidays Without Telling Me!”, “My New Boyfriend Stood My Up on My Birthday!”, “My New Husband Took Nude Photos of My Daughter”, “My New Husband Wants to Invite His Ex to Our Wedding Reception”, “My New Husband’s Daughters Want Nothing to Do With Me”, “My New Mom Friend Never Hangs Out Without Her Baby Anymore”, “My New Office-Mate is So Unprofessional!’, “My New Wife Has Driven My Daughter Away”, “My Niece Accused My Husband Of Grinding On My Cousin”, “My Online Gaming Boyfriend doesn’t Want to Label Our Relationship”, “My Parent Won’t Meet My Boyfriend Because He’s from a Different Culture”, “My Parents are Overbearing Eastern Europeans with No Respect for Personal Boundaries!”, “My Parents Care More About My Sister’s Engagement Than My Acceptance to a Competitive Master’s Program”, “My Parents Crash With us For Months While They Rent Out Their Condo”, “My Parents Don’t Want Me to Marry My Fiancé”, “My Parents Gave My Sister 10K For Her Wedding, But They Haven’t Offered Me A Penny for Mine”, “My Parents Give My Sister Thousands of Dollars While I Get Nothing”, “My Parents Have Racist Decor in Their House. What the Cost of Your Engagement Ring Predicts About Your Marriage, What to Say (and What NOT say) to Someone After a Broken Engagement, What We Wish We Would Have Known About New Motherhood, What We Wish We’d Known Before Moving In Together, What Your Sleep Position Says About your Love Life. Right Now”, Your Turn: “I Got Married At 18 and Now I Want Out”, Your Turn: “I Hate My Roommate’s Boyfriend!”, Your Turn: “I Have a Lot of Baggage From My Divorce”, Your Turn: “I Love Him But I’m Not IN Love With Him”, Your Turn: “I Love My Boyfriend, But Should I Explore Other Options?”, Your Turn: “I Sent Dirty Texts To Myself to Make Him Jealous”, Your Turn: “I Think My Boyfriend Is Going to Cheat on Me”, Your Turn: “I Think My Fiancée is Cyber-Cheating on Me”, Your Turn: “I Think My Friend’s an Alcoholic”, Your Turn: “I Told Him He Could Sleep With Someone Else, But He Still Went Behind My Back”, Your Turn: “I Want to Ban His Gay BFF from our Home”, Your Turn: “I Was the Other Woman and He Dumped Me”, Your Turn: “I Wasn’t Invited to His Daughter’s Wedding”, Your Turn: “I’m a Pacifist, but He’s a Military Man. UPDATE: Can We Sponsor Your Class for the Holidays? Would You Have Sex in the Same Bed Your Baby’s Sleeping In? Changes, Additions, Updates, and Questions, Chastity Belt Unlocks When it Detects True Love, Chicago Public School Teachers Have West Coast Envy. What Should I Do With My Engagement Ring Now?”, “My Boyfriend Doesn’t Know About My Husband”, “My Boyfriend Doesn’t Pay Attention to Me”, “My Boyfriend Doesn’t Spend His Money or Parent His Children the Right Way”, “My Boyfriend Doesn’t Think I’m Hot Enough”, “My Boyfriend Doesn’t Understand Why I Want to Spend Christmas With My Family”, “My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Anyone to Know We’re Back Together”, “My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Kiss Me Anymore”, “My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Raise My Baby”, “My Boyfriend Dumped Me After I Was Sexually Assaulted”, “My Boyfriend Gave His Massage Therapist The Same Gifts He Gave Me!”, “My Boyfriend Gave Me a Spa Gift Certificate For Christmas And I Blew Up at Him”, “My Boyfriend Gave Up His Daughter For Me and Now He’s Broken-Hearted”, “My Boyfriend Gets Mad, Shuts Down, and Won’t Tell Me What’s Wrong”, “My Boyfriend Got His Ex Pregnant with a Turkey Baster”, “My Boyfriend Had Dinner With His Ex and I Don’t Know How to Feel About It”, “My Boyfriend Has a Framed Photo of His Ex-Wife in His Living Room!”, “My Boyfriend Has an Inappropriate Friendship With Another Woman”, “My Boyfriend Has an Inappropriate Relationship with a 17-Year-Old Girl… Who May or May Not Be His Daughter”, “My Boyfriend Has Asked Me to Never Discuss Politics with Him”, “My Boyfriend Has Asperger’s Syndrome And Has Never Had a Job”, “My Boyfriend Has Cancer and His Mother Won’t Let Me Visit”, “My Boyfriend Has Epilepsy and I Can’t Handle It”, “My Boyfriend Has Fantasized About Killing His Mother”, “My Boyfriend Has Naked Pictures of His Best Friend’s Wife!”, “My Boyfriend Has Remained Close to His Ex’s Daughter”, “My Boyfriend Has Stopped Financially Supporting Me And I Don’t Know What to Do”, “My Boyfriend is a Sperm Donor and I Can’t Get Over It”, “My Boyfriend is Addicted to Singles Chat Sites”, “My Boyfriend Is Always Naked In His Mom’s House”, “My Boyfriend is Bringing Another Woman as His Date to His Brother’s Wedding”, “My Boyfriend Is Charging Me Rent, Unexpectedly”, “My Boyfriend is Deployed and I Found Craigslist Messages in His Email”, “My Boyfriend is Depressed and I’m Turned Off”, “My Boyfriend is Disgusted Whenever I Eat”, “My Boyfriend is Ditching Me on New Year’s Eve!”, “My Boyfriend is Going on a Pre-Planned Vacation with His Ex-Girlfriend”, “My Boyfriend is Going on Vacation with His Ex!”, “My Boyfriend Is Going Through a Messy Divorce and Doesn’t Have Enough Time for Me”, “My Boyfriend is Going to Two Weddings with Other Women!”, “My Boyfriend is having a Baby with Another Woman”, “My Boyfriend is Having a Baby with His Wife and He Kept it a Secret for Months!”, “My Boyfriend is Having an Existential Crisis and I’m Over It”, “My Boyfriend is Joining the Military And I Won’t See Him For Six Years”, “My Boyfriend is Obsessed with CrossFit!”, “My Boyfriend Is Obsessed With Fulfilling His Dead Dad’s Dream”, “My Boyfriend is Obsessed with My Ex-Husband”, “My Boyfriend Is Obsessed With Our Neighbor”, “My Boyfriend is Raising His Ex-Girlfriend’s Kids and He Won’t Get Rid of Them”, “My Boyfriend is Sleeping With His Cousin”, “My Boyfriend is Still In Love With His Ex”, “My Boyfriend Is Suddenly Hanging Out With His Ex’s 17-Year-Old Daughter”, “My Boyfriend Is Suddenly Texting His Ex”, “My Boyfriend Is Taking a Family Vacation with His Kids and Ex-Wife and I’m Not Invited”, “My Boyfriend is Threatened By My Ex-Husband/ Father of My Kids”, “My Boyfriend is Too Close to His Ex In-Laws”, “My Boyfriend Is Unemployed, Lives With His Parents, and Has Two Kids to Support”, “My Boyfriend Isn’t in a Hurry to Have Kids and It Makes Me Cry Nearly Every Day”, “My Boyfriend Isn’t Ready To Be My Kid’s Stepdad”, “My Boyfriend Just Broke Up With Me.

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