Required fields are marked *. Large groups of pilgrims stay in residences built by the local Zoroastrians of the village of Sharif Abad.Chak Chak temple is revered for its spiritual values in the hearts of the followers of the ancient Iranian religion. Legend has it that these drops are tears of grief that the mountain sheds in remembrance of Nikbanou. The aim of the Yazdgerd relatives was to escape from the Arab invaders to a safer place far away from Pars, which was the mainland of Sassanian. They deserved to be pilgrimage places because they carry a long history of faith, resistance, love, hope and survival. In front of the altar, there is a set of trays combined in such a way as to look like a lotus flower from above and serves as a place to receive donations from pilgrims. Chak Chak Shrine One of the ancient places is the famous Zoroastrian pilgrimage center called Chak Chak, also known as Pir-e Sabz, which dates back to pre-Islamic preriod. In brief, after Arabs attacked Iran, the king and his family escaped to Yazd to protect themselves, where they were either killed or disappeared in mountains. The actual temple of Chak Chak is a man-made grotto sheltered by two large bronze doors. I will do some research to find out though! Dr Daryoush Mehrshahi FEZANA Journal,USA, Fall 1999, p.55-57. Growing beside the holy spring is an immense and ancient tree said to be Nikbanou's cane. Besides its emphasis on the eternal conflict of good and bad, Zoroastrianism is also characterized by nature worship, by deification of the sun, moon and stars, and by scrupulously followed injunctions regarding the protection of the earth. Legend also has it that a petrified colorful cloth from Nikbanou was also visible in the rocks, although pilgrims have since removed it. Your email address will not be published. I hope once when I’m getting back Iran, I would have enough time to visit there. Copyright © 2020 You will love Iran. May 4, 2017 at 5:11 am. It has previously been bought for a multiple re-use license which is still valid. I've been surfing on-line more than three hours lately, but I never found any. Pre-pay for multiple images and download on demand. During their escape from the Arab invaders, or from internal rebels, the chance of rescue was much lower if they stuck to their heavy treasures. Mt. Another example is Pir-e Sabz, which is related to Hayat Banoo, a holy woman although with an inverted Arabic name. Zoroastrian temple of Chak Chak, near Yazd Notes on Zoroastrian sacred mountains Sources of information on Zoroastrian sacred mountains are found in parts of Zoroastrian Avesta literature known as Zamyad Yasht and the Pahlavi Bundahishn. In response to Nikbanou's pleadings, the mountain miraculously opened up and sheltered her from the invaders. Yazd and Ardakan deserts had two remarkable characteristics; one was their isolation from the other parts of Iran, and another was their central location within the Persia. These pilgrimages at the present time are not only functioning as praying places but also they are, at the same time, lovely places for entertainment and happiness. Although those dark days have finished the Zoroastrians still come together in these "piroon" places whatever the origin and reason of their genesis are. In fact, Chak Chak is the sound of the drops of water which is always dropping in the shrine and has never stopped since 1500 years ago. Temple of Chak Chak, Chak Chakoo or Pir-e sabz is the name of the shrine which all Zorastrians around the world regard as sacrosanct and attach great importance to it. The mountainous region of central Iran around the city of Yazd became a stronghold of Zoroastrianism and today remains the only significant area where shrine pilgrimage is still practiced according to the ancient traditions.

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