The ceiling of the throne room of Napoleon I. [35], The Gallery of Diana, an eighty-meter (242.4 feet) long corridor now lined with bookcases, was created by Henry IV at the beginning of the 17th century as a place for the Queen to promenade. It was enclosed on the north by the wing of the Ministers, on the east by the wing of Ferrare, and on the south by a wing containing the new gallery of Ulysses. [46] Freminet died in 1619 and work did not resume until 1628. It was certainly the most comfortable and happily situated palace in Europe.”. Visiter le Château de Fontainebleau peut se faire de trois façons différentes : en visite libre, en visite guidée ou en visite thématique.. Commencez par exemple par les Grands Appartements – l’appartement du Pape, les appartements des rois de France, l’appartement de l’Empereur – en visite libre. He chose Fontainebleau as the site of his historic 1804 meeting with Pope Pius VII, who had travelled from Rome to crown Napoleon Emperor. [50], On 5 September 1725, the chapel was the setting for the wedding of Louis XV and Marie Leszczynska. The Garden of Diana was created during the reign of Henry IV; it was the private garden of the King and Queen, and was visible from the windows of their rooms. In the 19th century Louis Philippe turned the room into a salon and redecorated it with a new parquet floor of exotic woods echoing the design of the ceiling, and a monumental fireplace (1836), which incorporates pieces of ornament from demolished rooms from 15th and early 16th century. In 1811 he added the camp bed, similar to the bed he used on his military campaigns, so he could rest briefly during a long night of work. The floor, which mirrors the design of the ceiling, was built by Louis-Philippe in the first half of the 19th century. The ornate ceiling over the bed was made in 1644 by the furniture-maker Guillaume Noyers for the Dowager Queen Anne of Austria, the mother of Louis XIV, and bears her initials. Les cours et les jardins sont ouverts tous les jours : A noter : Le parc est ouvert tous les jours 24h/24. The new theatre, with four hundred seats arranged in a parterre, two balconies and boxes in a horseshoe shape, was finished in 1856. The routine of Fontainebleau also did not suit his tastes; he preferred beer to wine (and brought his own supply with him) and he liked to get up early, unlike the French Court.[13][14]. In 1923, following the First World War, it became home of the Écoles d'Art Américaines, schools of art and music, which still exist today. [33] The painter Alexis Peyrotte added another series of medallions on the upper walls depicting floral themes, the sciences and arts. Château de Fontainebleau pronunciation in French [fr] Château de Fontainebleau pronunciation Pronunciation by Kenji75018 (Male from France) 2 votes Good Bad In 1810 Napoleon decided to turn it into a gallery devoted the achievements of his Empire. It replaced an earlier statue from the 16th century which earlier had decorated the basin. Some traces of the original decor remain from the 1570s, including the vaulted ceiling and a frieze of military trophies attributed to Ruggiero d'Ruggieri. The room is the best surviving example of the decorative style just before the French Revolution, inspired by ancient Roman models, with delicately painted arabesques, cameos, vases, antique figures and garlands of flowers against a silver background, framed by gilded and sculpted woodwork. Comment visiter le Château de Fontainebleau ? From 1584 to 1594, during the Wars of Religion work inside the palace was abandoned. Using land on the east side of the chateau purchased from the order of the Trinitaires, he began to build a new square of buildings around a large courtyard. On the advice of Primaticcio, Niccolò dell'Abbate (from Modena) was invited to France in 1552 by François's son Henri II. (1786–1787), up to the eve of the Revolution. The frescoes on the side of the Oval Courtyard represent: The feast of Bacchus; Apollo and the Muses on Mount Parnassus; The Three Graces dancing before the gods; and The wedding feast of Thetis and Peleus. The small octagonal house on an island in the center of the lake, Pavillon de l'Ètang, was added during the reign of Louis XIV, then rebuilt under Napoleon I, and is decorated with his initial. Мезин С.А. Luckily, a virtual tour captures some of the … It was certainly the most comfortable and happily situated palace in Europe.”. Renaissance decorative motifs such as grotesques, strapwork and putti are common, as well as a certain degree of eroticism. He designed the section known today as the wing of the Belle Cheminée, noted for its elaborate chimneys and its two opposing stairways. The paintings of the group were reproduced in prints, mostly etchings, which were apparently produced initially at Fontainebleau itself, and later in Paris. During the reign of Napoleon III, the hall was used as a dining room. Two new galleries, the Galerie de Diane de Poitiers and the Galerie des Cerfs, were built to enclose the old garden of Diane. During World War II, it was occupied by the Germans on 16 June 1940, and occupied until 10 November, and again from 15 May to the end of October 1941. Vous souhaitez visiter le Château de Fontainebleau ? The bronze statue of Diana, the goddess of the hunt, with a young deer, was made by the Keller brothers in 1684 for another royal residence, at Marly. Between 1854 and 1857 the architect Hector Lefuel built a new theater in the style of Louis XVI. The floor, which mirrors the design of the ceiling, was built by Louis-Philippe in the first half of the 19th century. From this room, using a door hidden behind the drapery to the right of the bed, Napoleon could go directly to his private library or to the offices on the ground floor. Visiter le Musée Grévin à Paris : billets, tarifs, horaires, Visiter l’Arc de Triomphe et monter au sommet, sans faire la queue, De Lutèce à Paris, le nouveau show historique aux Invalides, Les ateliers où fabriquer ses propres cosmétiques à Paris, Les ateliers pour apprendre à faire de la Céramique, Les ateliers où créer son terrarium à Paris, Guide gay de Paris : les meilleures adresses, L’appartement de Gustave Eiffel : la pièce secrète de la dame de fer. Panel in the Gallery of Francis I. Following the death of Henry II in a jousting accident, his widow, Catherine de' Medici, continued the construction and decoration of the château. In 1923, following the First World War, it became home of the Écoles d'Art Américaines, schools of art and music, which still exist today. [5], In about 1540, Francis began another major addition to the chateau. The bedroom of the Kings was transformed into a throne room for Napoleon. She named Primaticcio as the new superintendent of royal public works. Fontainebleau is known for the large and scenic Forest of Fontainebleau, a favourite weekend getaway for Parisians. It features a gilded and sculpted ceiling divided into seven compartments, representing the sun and the known planets, along with smaller compartments for military trophies; it was created in 1558 by Ambroise Perret for the bedroom of Henry II in the pavilion des Poeles, a section of the Château that was later destroyed. Officially the visit was a great success. “The true home of kings, the house of ages” The project was funded by the government of Abu-Dhabi, and in exchange the theater was renamed for Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed al Nahyan. [36] At the beginning of the 19th century, the gallery was in ruins. Many of the historic rooms, such as the Galerie des Cerfs, were restored to something like their original appearance, while the private apartments were redecorated to suit the tastes of the Emperor and Empress. The room was entirely redecorated between 1751 and 1754 by the architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel, with arcades and wooded panels showing the virtues, and allegories of the seasons and the elements, painted by Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre and Carle van Loo. The bust of Henry IV, attributed to Mathieu Jacquet, is from that period, as are the two figures on either side of the fireplace. – Un ascenseur permet d’accéder aux Grands Appartements (personnes à mobilité réduite). Inside the two salons of the museum, some of the walls are covered with lacquered wood panels in black and gold, taken from 17th century Chinese screens, along with specially designed cases to display antique porcelain vases. The château de Fontainebleau is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1981. During the Franco-Prussian War, the palace was occupied by the Prussians on 17 September 1870, and briefly used as an army headquarters by Frederic Charles of Prussia from March 1871. Carlier, Yves, ‘’Histoire du chateau de Fontainebleau’’, pp. He also added a large Jeu de paume, or indoor tennis court, the largest such court existing in the world.[9][10][11]. This is a satire channel. The painted ceiling, by Jean-Simon Berthélemy, shows Aurora with a group of angels. Napoleon III was baptized there on 4 November 1810, and Ferdinand-Philippe d'Orleans, the son of éKing Louis-Philippe, was married there to Helene de Mecklembourg Schwerin on 30 May 1837.[50]. The painted ceiling, by Jean-Simon Berthélemy, shows Aurora with a group of angels. File de visite à sens unique. Napoleon added the standards with his initial and the Imperial eagle. It was also the home of the Grand Dauphin, the oldest son of Louis XIV. Two statues of sphinxes by Mathieu Lespagnandel, from 1664, are placed near the balustrade of the grand canal. The five paintings on the vaulted ceiling were the work of François Boucher, and show the seasons and the sun beginning his journey and chasing away the night. Louis XV created the portion of the ceiling directly over the throne, a new chimney, sculpted wooden medallions near the fireplace, the designs over the doors, and the fine carved woodwork facing the throne (1752–54).

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