Please be sure to keep your used and replacement coolant away from animals it tastes sweet to them and they will drink it. Unfortunately from my research I haven’t been able to find soft water bottled that you can purchase online. To reiterate. If your water is temporarily hard meaning it contains bicarbonate and calcium ions then you are good to go and the boiling process will fix this problem. So now that you’re aware of the fact that you need to have soft water to mix in with your antifreeze let’s talk about where you can get it. What you may be wondering now is what could possibly go wrong, if you use 100% water. He owns a car repair shop at downtown Osaka, and he put all that experience to good use in his sharing posts. What to Know About a Car Leaking Water Versus Coolant Leaks As mentioned, you may think that you are dealing with water leaking in the car but really be dealing with a coolant leak. The properties of water shift when forming a solution with antifreeze. This makes softened water safe to use, as it won’t destroy the internal systems of your vehicle. Why antifreeze though? Now that you know the answer to “can you put water in coolant tank,” let’s see how the replacement could be dangerous. So steer clear of distilled water as well as tap water despite what most people are posting online. We all know the oil in our cars has to be changed, but it’s less common knowledge that the engine coolant needs to be replaced as well. The section in which you can look within your owners manual for information regarding what engine coolant you should personally use for your car. Coolant is generally a 1:1 ratio of antifreeze to water. Engine overheating causes warping of several important components of the engine like the aluminum cylinders, engine head gasket and water pump. It makes the substance easy to identify when compared to water. The thought process here is that distilled water has had the minerals stripped from it and will not leave build up deposits in your hoses and radiator. Engine coolant provides essential protection, so driving while levels are low isn’t recommended. This is also referred to as hard water scale. If your car uses this type of engine coolant it is important that you stay on top of flushing your system and replacing your coolant. Here’s why you should NOT use distilled water. This variety of OAT coolant is traditionally orange yellow in color, but not always. However, the process of removal of these minerals is vastly different. How To Fix Sagging Headliner Without Removing In Less Than 10 Minutes! Opt for soft water over distilled water. Eventually the chemicals in antifreeze do breakdown and become less effective at keeping your car’s temperatures moderate. The answer to “Can I use water as engine coolant,” is definitely no. The short answer is no, you can’t mix tap water with engine coolant. Antifreeze companies can add whatever color dye they would like to their product. Tsukasa Azuma is an awesome car blogger of Car From Japan. When tap water is repeatedly used in your cooling system you will start to get a buildup of calcium and magnesium. Organic acid technology coolant, which is widely used by General Motors, only needs to be changed every five years or 150,000 miles! Essentially exactly as its name describes. If you’re trying to learn more about the ins and outs of changing your engine coolant yourself, there’s more on that to come, so bear with me. Copyright 2017-2020 by Protect My Car, All Rights Reserved. I’ve even seen a very famous mechanic on YouTube putting distilled water in his cooling system! Engine coolant refers to the liquid mixed solution that surges through the engine block in your car keeping it from overheating. If you don’t know how antifreeze works ,it’s pretty simple. If that liquid were to freeze it would break your engine. What preparations you need to make before flushing your engine’s cooling system. Essentially the gist of this without all the subatomic jargon is that distilled water is still damaging to the components of your engine just in a different way than tap water. Facts and Fallacies! Now that you know the answer to “can you put water in coolant tank,” let’s see how the replacement could be dangerous. Know Here! Add washing soda to your water. With the average cost of coolant repair at the mechanic being around $130 you’ll be saving yourself $100 in labor costs from the mechanic. If you are confused by this I cover more on the science behind distilled water and soft water towards the beginning of this article. Antifreeze is a chemical, ethylene glycol, which is found in most premixed engine coolants that are ready to be added to your vehicle. Ask your family or friends who live nearby if they have a water softener system installed in their home. If you need it in a hurry, you can have your maintenance package delivered to you for free if you spend over £40. Click here <<. A VSC does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s car warranty has expired. It is important to note that it is a solution, meaning it is made up of a mix of several substances. To meet these specifications, we use a solution typically referred to as engine coolant. SOFT WATER. I reiterate here, engine coolant is toxic. The purpose of companies who manufacture engine coolant dying their products is for marketing purposes as well as safety concerns. We do not want it in our water systems, in our pets or in our children. It’s part of the coolant recovery system. For this reason I encourage my readers not to use color alone as a way to distinguish the variety of antifreeze that is good for your car. So what is engine coolant exactly? This water is just distilled water. White Smoke From Exhaust: Main Causes and How to Fix. Iwamotocho 3-10-7-7F, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan 101-0032. It is also sold separately as a pure substance ready to be mixed with SOFTENED WATER and then funneled into your car’s cooling system (after you have read the manufacturer’s instructions and safety warnings). Disclaimer: A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is often referred to as an “auto warranty” or an “extended car warranty,” but it is not a warranty. It needs to be disposed of properly. A less effective cooling system can lead to your engine overheating. Remember that finding water under your auto is not usually a big concern, but coolant leaks can be. Get the Complete List. Your browser's JavaScript functionality is turned off. Please don’t buy distilled water pretending to be soft water. Water is corrosive and will eventually corrode the engine and cause rusting of the internal components it comes in contact with making them unable to do their job. This is a tall order considering the controlled engine explosions that move your car forward get up to around 495 degrees F. These can lead overall engine temperatures up into the 200-220 degree Fahrenheit range when you are driving continuously. It should never be added to the coolant system in your car. Staying safe while we stay open - Needless to say it is much cheaper to be proactive and replace your coolant with the proper ingredients before negligence or laziness leaves you without the convenience of your vehicle because it is in the shop undergoing a costly repair. Contact a poison center or go to the emergency room if you think you’ve accidentally consumed this stuff. Once the temperature would rise, water would start evaporating which would lead to engine’s overheating. What to drain your old cooling fluid into. Used engine coolant can be properly disposed of pretty easily. The short answer is no, you can’t mix tap water with engine coolant. What Happens If You Run A Car Without Coolant? As there are now more effective options on the engine coolant market you typically only see inorganic additive technology in older vehicles. Antifreeze is by nature clear. If you, your family members or friends or your animals were to drink it it can be deadly. When you add antifreeze to the mix it becomes even better at conducting by nature of the boiling point increasing. Well, there will never be a good outcome with your car if this is the car. Water alone does not meet these requirements. While some may suggest you to utilize the water alone when in warmer climates, do not follow the advice. There is a difference, don’t let the water companies fool you by claiming they have soft distilled water. You can’t put these minerals in your cooling system without causing problems down the line. If you don’t know which antifreeze is best for your car, our tool can help you narrow down your search. Split hose Even the tiniest pin prick in a hose can cause a leak, and sometimes this leak is only evident when the engine is hot – there may not be enough pressure in the system with the car just ticking over to make the leak apparent.

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