As several critics have noted, Herzog’s elaborate production scheme—involving arbitrary isolation of cast and crew far from Peru’s urban centers, the rigors of a harsh jungle climate, and reliance on a large contingent of Indian labor drawn from dangerously contentious tribal factions—recapitulated on a material level the dramatic arc of the fictional narrative. In Herzog's mind, failure is the only fear. They simultaneously created a fact film classic. It is the result of the joyless juncture that nature and dreams have tossed him into. "When the moment was right," Blank told Vice, "I pulled him aside and said, 'Can I do a little interview?' So, then what is Burden of Dreams really about? Burden Of Dreams is presented in its original Dolby Digital Mono sound mix, the majority of which is in English with bits and pieces here and there in German, Spanish and Peruvian. Telling the fledgling director that if he ever got his proposed first project off the ground, he would eat his own shoe, Herzog arrived at a screening of Morris's magnificent Gates of Heaven to consume more than just a little crow. Ego has a place, an ultimate slot at the right hand of dreams. 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Burden of Dreams is also not a movie about passion. CF Watkins has pulled off the unique trick of creating an album that is imbued with the warmth of the American South as well as the urban sophistication of New York. Later, Blank constructs a touching vision of cross-cultural identification by juxtaposing the sound of a Caruso aria coming from a record player in an earlier shot with loving close-ups of native women, as if they are responding to the beauty of this alien voice. Originally, the documentarian was hired to film Herzog making good on a bet with fellow filmmaker Errol Morris. The moment recalls an archetypal collision staged by romantic adventurer Robert Flaherty in Nanook of the North (1922), when the titular Eskimo marvels at a phonograph record (then jokingly decides to bite it). The subject of a career retrospective on the Criterion Channel, this risk-taking, death-defying visionary of the New German Cinema makes movies that are forces of nature. The German director’s invitation to document his South American production of Fitzcarraldo required a rather different, less transparent filmic approach, one that, perhaps inevitably, ended up registering the disparities in the directors’ aesthetic temperaments. Documentary filmmaker Les Blank captured the unfolding of this production, made more perilous by Herzog’s determination to shoot the most daunting scenes without models or special effects, including a sequence requiring hundreds of indigenous Peruvians to pull a full-size, 320-ton steamship over a small mountain. For nearly five years, acclaimed German filmmaker Werner Herzog desperately tried to complete one of the most ambitious and difficult films of his career, FITZCARRALDO, the story of one man’s attempt to build an opera house deep in the Amazon jungle. For nearly five years, acclaimed German filmmaker Werner Herzog desperately tried to complete one of the most ambitious and difficult films of his career, Fitzcarraldo, the story of one man’s attempt to build an opera house deep in the Amazon jungle. ... Search Burden of Dreams is more than just a cinematic study of Murphy's Law and how it applies to moviemaking, however. Herzog’s dream was in part predicated on an echo chamber of personal instability and failure—an uncanny defile of characters that starts with the historical figure on which Herzog based his script and proceeds through the fictional “Fitzcarraldo,” the blatantly unhinged actor who plays him (Kinski), and the director at the helm of this wayward enterprise. ... (Not included on the Burden of Dreams DVD, but it is on the Criterion Hulu channel.) Herzog sighs that he may not make movies upon Fitzcarraldo's completion. Even with actors dropping out (original cast members Jason Robards and Mick Jagger left after more than a third of the filming) and rebels burning down his film camp, Fitzcarraldo is a film he must finish. And it proves that, even when all around you doubt and despair, one person's pure intentions can still stay the course. At its core, Blank and Gosling have made a film about creativity at the crossroads, a movie that examines the nature of art and those who are driven to discover it. The Criterion Collection Arrow (UK) Arrow (US) Indicator Masters of Cinema British Film Institute (BFI) Second Run Anti-Worlds Shout Factory! When Herzog speaks of the jungle as an “obscenity,” “the harmony of overwhelming and collective murder” full of “fornication and asphyxiation and choking and fighting for survival and growing and just rotting away,” Blank calmly cuts away to images of picturesque flora and fauna, a clear contradiction of Herzog’s nihilism. Friend Ship is the Phoenix Foundation's most personal work and also their most engaging since their 2010 classic, Buffalo.

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