What you can expect: Cory Huff is committed to dispelling the myth of the starving artist and has excellent podcasts on the subject. What we love about it: no agenda. One podcast at a time. What we love about it: From art market analysis to emerging art markets, ArtTactic podcasts discuss all your pressing art market questions. Conversation with Beth Inglish, Epis.#279: NYC-based Artist Michelle Vaughan, Sam Durant Revisits the “Scaffold” Controversy Three Years Later, Lizy Dastin, art historian, Justin BUA, artist, Bad at Sports episode 754: Samantha Reynolds, Nimah Gobir, Guta Galli and Katherine Vetne, Ep. The best API to search all podcasts and episodes. Free Download / Stream: Hotel Matze. What is it Good For? What you can expect: A new kind of art podcast, join artist BUA and art historian Lizy as they debate topical artworld happenings, bringing their unique—often contradictory—perspectives to the conversation. Art history is  MUCH juicier than we realize thanks to Jennifer. What you can expect: Bad at Sports can be tricky to describe: it acts as a curious investigator, an archivist, oral historian, and occasionally as a provocateur. Get a great peek into the minds of different artists and their unique philosophies. What we love about it: While the program is typically studio-based, it has taped live-audience episodes at nearly a dozen American art museums, such as the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center. – Discover Pods Staff, Hosted by Abi Jacobson of Broad City, A Piece of Work aims to answer the questions about art you might be too embarrassed to ask. An episode to get you started: Walid Siti. With guests like RuPaul, Tavi Gevinson and Questlove, Jacobson hosts lively and provocative conversations; sadly, for us listeners, the podcast was just one season, ringing in at a spry 10-episodes. The hosts are passionate in their debates, whether those be focused on white saviors, Hogwarts houses, or The Great Gatsby. What you can expect: A podcast on all things sculpting! There’s over 850 interviews in the archive, with topics in dozens of creative fields. Episodes examine and deconstruct creative blocks and anxiety, and challenge your creative output. Ever wonder how inflatable men came to be regular fixtures at used car lots? Tune in every Wednesday for analysis and interviews with trailblazing creatives, for an insider's view of all things Instagram, blogging, social media and beyond. These captivating, informative, honest, slightly strange, and even downright hilarious podcasts are the perfect studio companion on long days.". December 27, 2019 . Don’t expect too much textbook history though. Want to know why Sigmund Freud opted for a couch over an armchair? This season artist/journalist Sayre Quevedo begins with twenty-two love letters he wrote to his ex. An episode to get you started: Jane Hunt on Conquering Social Media. An episode to get you started: No. What you can expect: It’s been on our favorites list for a while now, so we had to include it in our Best of 2019 list! Here are our favorite art podcasts to help satiate a curious mind. Their conversations are candid and honest. Inevitably, Mars flips that on its head. "Aus dir … What we love about it: Not only is profiting from your passion possible but it is also common, and The Inspiration Place is here to spread the word. An episode to get you started: Episode 41: Peter Van Dyck. nothing? Enjoy great conversations centered around a particular issue, exhibition or event in the current art landscape. What you can expect: A podcast ostensibly about the world of contemporary art, featuring conversations with artists, collectors, curators, writers, dealers, and gallerists—as well as the odd miscellaneous art world individual. An episode to get you started: Windy Chien talks Process, Reinventing Yourself, and Giving Your Work Every Chance for Success. Curious about the origin of the fortune cookie? 216 – Gladys Ato: Why You Need A Business LOVE Story, 197 - Imposter Syndrome, Connecting w/ an Audience & Noticing Inspiration w/ Frannerd (Fran Meneses), Season 1, Episode 52: Habit building, an interview with James Clear, Episode #230: NYC-based art consultant Daniel Oglander talks about what really goes on in the secondary art market, Season 1, Episode 4: Women of Abstract Expressionism, #1 Hannibal Buress Really Wants to Touch the Art, #110: Nick Runge - "Finding Balance Through Abstraction", A Full-Time Art Income at Just 21 Years Old with Andrew Tischler, Why People Follow and Unfollow You On Instagram, 9 Things You Should Give Up to Be a Successful Artist, How to Make Money as an Artist on Instagram. Episodes focus on the lives and practices of artists, critics, curators, and dealers, and the hosts delve into the nitty gritty of it all. The 50 Best Podcasts of 2019. This is a reflective and philosophical podcast in many respects, as host Kanishk Tharoor pays his respects to this lost cultural patrimony. Each episode of The Lonely Palette, creator and host Tamar Avishai picks an object du jour, interviews unsuspecting passers-by in front of it, and then dives deeply into the movement, the social context, the anecdotes, and anything and everything else that will make it as exciting to you as it is to her. What you can expect: Want to learn how to sell and market your art? This isn't your basic college lecture, droning on about archaic art terminology or the importance of linear perspective. However, you ultimately define art, podcasters have you covered, and the latest offerings of art podcasts are wonderfully diverse. An episode to get you started: Ron English, Banksy and Buffing. That's why we rounded up our favorite 30 podcasts for artists. What you can expect: Interested in hearing about the career paths of other artists? Get ready for art history, interviews, discussions on techniques and practices, tools and materials, and much more—hosted by Jason Arkles, a practicing sculptor living and working in Florence, Italy. For the podcast, Jacobson tackles all the questions you have about Modern and contemporary art but were too shy to ask. The 20 best podcasts of 2019. His mission? Time is precious when there is so much to accomplish. – Discover Pods Staff, Beyond the Studio takes you out of the paint and plaster and into the lives of artists. The next time you are working late hours in the studio, tune into one of these shows to sit in on conversations between art moguls, emerging artists, art historian and more. Get the latest art news & tips delivered once a week, straight to your inbox. What we love about it: As an artist, inspiration hits in a variety of ways. S ome of the best podcasts of 2019 spent the year looking backwards—at the ramifications of slavery, at companies that imploded, at important thinkers and celebrities who passed away. With more podcasts being published than ever, we now have direct access to candid conversations with established artists, gallerist and curators. What we love about it: This podcast is dedicated to breaking down the barriers we tend to set up in our own minds, so current and future creatives are inspired to have the courage to explore, experiment, and live out their dreams. – Wil Williams, Mostly Lit is a podcast about literature, mostly. – Wil Williams, Aria Code breaks down one operatic aria–a piece of music written to be difficult and semi-customizable to show off a singer’s chops–each episode and dissects what makes it so great. Brian’s voice is gentle and easy to listen to, and he has an experienced and often poetic take on things. During interviews with artists of all kinds, Suggested Donation reveals common ground that can unite all artists through a devotion to their craft. Have you ever wished you could invite your favorite artist out to dinner? An episode to get you started: Episode #230: NYC-based art consultant Daniel Oglander talks about what really goes on in the secondary art market. Every day we discuss a quote or idea to inspire your day. What you can expect: Raw Material is an arts and culture podcast from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. – Discover Pods Staff, If your fancy yourself an amateur Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, then definitely tune into Last Seen, a true-crime podcast about history’s most valuable art heist. Artists have always lived dramatic lives, and while classical music now seems prim and proper, there were plenty of scandalous stories when they were composed that make this art podcast as riveting as it is sophisticated. An episode to get you started: Episode 75 - Why Greece? These captivating, informative, honest, slightly strange, and even downright hilarious podcasts are the perfect studio companion on long days. From conversations about cost of living and best business practices, the podcasters candidly discuss what it means to be an artist working today. Don’t be fooled by the cha thought; Desal’s bona fides are well-established: she has spent over two decades working as a curator of Modern and contemporary art. So where do you fit in time to learn and improve? Actually, it is for all of us, as host Jennifer Desal wants to make art history funny and accessible, for both fanatics and novices alike. And how did the rivalry between Michelangelo and Raphael produce one of the best works of art EVER? Laura Jane Standley Eric McQuade. – Discover Pods Staff, Okay, while it isn’t technically about art, 99% Invisible is about design, and all the thought that goes into things we don’t normally think about. is all about providing business insight for working artists. It’s a bold choice that results in a poetry podcast that’s surprisingly goofy and fun, while still being solemn and respectful when the work and discussion calls for it. What you can expect: The Thriving Artist podcast (much like its creator, the ever fantastic Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists!) Download the episode, pop those headphones in and get inspired with these top twelve podcasts. The show has been on the air since 2005 and the back catalogue is free to peruse and download. What we love about it: Cory has made a huge name for himself in the world of art business coaching, so you know his advice is going to be on point. Right? We think so! Rubrik: Interview. – Wil Williams, If you’ve ever walked into an art museum and felt intimidated, Accession is for you. A podcast about art and art history, Accession aims to break down the walls that usually keep people away from art appreciation by making it, well, accessible–hence the name. The first season features some of the most famous arias in opera, making it a great primer for those who might not be too familiar with opera before jumping in; almost everyone has heard the “Queen of the Night” aria from Mozart’s The Magic Flute. And Season 2 just dropped! From deep dives into individual paintings to art crime and thoughtful musings on our role in the world, these hosts know how important and emotional art can be. What we love about it: The evolution of the show has gone from a more straight “interview” type of dynamic to ideally something far less predictable. Each season takes on a different concept, like rivalries, and unwraps the dramatic stories behind the paintings you’re probably familiar with. What we love about it: Get to know successful artists (A.K.A. An episode to get you started: Transitioning to a Full-Time Artist: Dianna Fritzler, What you can expect: The idea behind ART FOR YOUR EAR straight from the Jealous Curator: “When I studied art history in university, my favorite part was, well, basically the gossip. This podcast supplements Alyson’s mega-successful art business coaching and blog—formerly Art Biz Coach—and her older but still relevant podcast platform Art Marketing Action. An episode to get you started: Season 1, Episode 4: Women of Abstract Expressionism. What you can expect: Art history is full of fascinating stories—and host Jennifer Dasal wants to share the unexpected, the slightly odd, and the strangely wonderful to art lovers and novices alike. What we love about it: A great way to catch up on news and debates related to contemporary art, given with thoughtful questions and important historical context.

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