I could have sworn I was hearing cognates, but I may have been dreaming. I liked the way his character was portrayed and I might already be rooting for the bad guy (if he is the bad guy that is). Much of wuxia is historical fantasy. He was our guide through the world of Arth and the history of conflict, and I appreciated how his character was utilized to clarify unfamiliar elements of the Arth world. Hubby: I think I’m done, this is too much t follow. ;-). ;-). This show feels more like a Korean sageuk. Should there be a season 2 of Arthdal Chronicles? 2. The fantasy world they've set-up seems complex. It seems the "human nation" is built from several tribes similar to how the mongols did it back in history.. We saw too little of Ragaz. The Arth world is not so foreign that I feel disconnected from it, but it also takes patience to understand the players. Tribal fantasy is based on the premise that we don't know the actual facts of history because nothing is recorded. If you can read Korean, or at good at sorting out with good translate, the character synopsis from TVN website of Arthdal Chronicles also is very helpful and can give hints to where this story is heading. The actor for young Tagon also left a strong impression, with his portrayal of an intriguing character, who I can’t quite read yet. Also @kiara. Now I know why Song Joong-ki is wearing lilac lipstick: as an Igt/Iguru or human-Neantal hybrid, his blood is violet, a combination of his father's ultramarine blue blood and his human mother's red blood. She looks away with a smitten smile but says that she’s sad that they won’t be getting married, since they won’t be in Arthdal anytime soon because Tagon has another mission. Warlocks of the Mortal Instruments-verse have Warlock Marks, as an unwelcome baggage from them having a demon parent. Volume 8, Number 9—September 2002. At the Iark wall, a young boy walks through the caves and finds an opening that leads to a narrow walkway along the wall. I think by 'tribal fantasy' what they mean is 'high fantasy'. But then, the Neanthal hears birds behind him and escapes just before arrows spray down from above. therefore we can guess around 10 years have passed between the war and Ragaz's death. Didn't I hear a "ni-da" in the conversation? He breaks out of chains and raises Moobaek off the ground in a chokehold. I just hope the rest of this show holds to this standard. So similar to these drama, I salute that K-drama is more diverse now. I can’t wait to catch up with the show. Then, he throws his sword at the escaping warrior and kills him. That would be how a writer or an editor in the American publishing world would describe it. The young boy’s demand for her baby rings in her ears, and she realizes that her baby is missing. I like the war, scheming, plotting, Power struggle, tribe conflict etc. Then, the tribesmen urged Asa Hon to escape, as the whole forest would soon catch on fire. This is not a story about where the supernatural is the highest priority. I was looking forward to the DB recap so that I can keep things straight :) They may have written records and recorded their "history" in caves but it's not as if we can create a whole history of the dynasties of kings when we read those cave markings. Hopefully the writing team will make good use of this tho we ultimately know how the story ends .... or maybe it's too early to say that SJK will end up ruling Arth. JUMONG picks up after the fall of Gojoseon, and leads to the founding of Goguryeo; KINGDOM OF THE WINDS is about Jumong's grandson, Daemushin. She remembers the blue star in the sky when her child was born. Neanthal Leader responds that the humans need their land, but they don’t need anything from the humans. It seems to work for me - but then I'm kinda weird that way. He seemed so two dimensional as an adult, compared to the earlier scenes of Young Tagon, who came across as mysterious and hard to read despite his youth. Taealha is a Neantal!?! The Neanthal cast was particularly impressive with the execution of their ancient language, and they left a very strong impression. I don’t understand why Asahon didn’t take the two Neanthal kids with her to cliff. kain and abel, tur and iraj. Like... Srsly I'm really confused. While investigating a murder, a detective is drawn into a battle between the visible world and an underground realm inhabited by mythical creatures. She gives him a letter from the Igutu child, who addresses Tagon as his father. Episode Ep. Are Eunseom and the other baby twins? How did the women learn each other's language? They walked for 10 years, maybe they got lost or went in circles , IS that even possible? Eunseom relentlessly fights to protect his own tribe and has strong protective instincts. ok watching episode one again i saw the part where Eunseom had just been born and the masking wearing guy was part of the crew that killed Ragaz so nope to him being the brother lol. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; Archetypes come from the communal consciousness so there will be the archetypal mythic hero. Asahon was an interpreter, and able to speak with Ragaz. -- Even if they aren't twins, I would still expect there to be some kind of psychic link between the siblings that enables them to find and recognize each other even years later. I didn't really love it. Taealha dunks Tagon’s head into a barrel of water, and she belatedly realizes that it’s alcohol. One is too pretty to be a warrior.

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