I'm asking her right now ( she's 7 , 8 in 3 weeks ) She says Scooby-Doo , All the Disney Characters , Bakugon ?? Experts: U.S. COVID-19 death toll may hit 500K by February, U.S. Navy: 2 on training plane killed in Alabama crash, Aniston's plea: 'It's not funny to vote for Kanye'. That '70s Show characters. Showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna On the 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Creative Process. They decide to hire a mediator, to work out whom will take the fall for the other three. The three men and one woman are developed so rapidly to the audience, personas are defined, tested, and eventually laid bare. And it succeeds without doubt. Directed by Roger Gual. Who’s you’re favorite anime main characters. This cartoon series featured the character of ‘Casper’, a ghost. Relish-1 decade ago. There are five characters in one room with one problem. 7 Años (English: 7 Years) is a Spanish drama film directed by Roger Gual and written by Jose Cabeza. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the period between 1975 and 1977, forty-eight 7 minute shows were aired on Saturday mornings on the ABC TV. With the gift of the gab and a swagger to match his client-warming job description, Carlos (Juan Pablo Raba) is portrayed as a cocky jack-ass who can’t be touched nor harmed at first, but he surprises his work buddies and the audience in his see-sawing integrity. The mediator himself, José Veiga (Manuel Morón), is the only one to keep his head, remaining neutral throughout. 7 años (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. A few other details(like knowing what the company did, or any visual backstory of the characters) lessen the level of empathy I wanted to have for anyone. This movie revolves around four business partners hiring a mediator to determine which of them will go to prison for their financial crimes. Title: Written by The Netflix ball just keeps on rolling. A teenager who went missing and was presumed dead returns home after eight years to find a family deeply affected by his disappearance. i mean, after all, disney world is still standing! As the progressive focus of the plot morphs from job roles and their importance to the secrets and lies they all have in abundance, the layers peel away and the corporate onion gets uglier. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. You can sign in to vote the answer. This time, we visit a Spanish drama from Roger Gual that mixes business with pleasure, but not as we know it. Credit to director Gual as well for keeping these excellent performers in line while maintaining a tight grasp of the tension and captivation that comes with such an intelligent tale. It's for a game.. Do they still know who mickey mouse is or is he passé?? The Spanish equivalent of the IRS are investigating them, and are soon to find that they have been guilty of a massive tax fraud. Add the first question. Not surprisingly, none of them want to go to prison. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The relationship between a dutiful wife and her incarcerated husband grows increasingly complicated when a curious third party seduces her beyond her husband's reach. In bustling downtown Madrid, a loud gunshot and two mysterious deaths trap a motley assortment of common urbanites in a decrepit central bar, while paranoia and suspicion force the terrified regulars to turn on each other. One man, one woman, one rule: not fall in love. But there is a way out, one of them needs to take the fall, confessing to everything and going to prison for seven years. The comic fights between these two was the core of this television series. Among them: Tina Pinciotti (played by Amanda Fuller) was the younger sister of Donna Pinciotti. The term “character study” is now synonymous with eye rolls in film criticism, but such a cliche could have derived from an expertly woven narrative as this. The adventures and misadventures of a group of patients with OCD appointed at the same time. The confrontations, and choreography of the confined conversing, is remarkable and attention-holding throughout (a rather short film at way below the 90 minute mark). The animated characters of a cat (Tom) and mouse (Jerry) were the main figures. As I was watching this, I vocally admired the writing here (primary credits go to José Cabeza and Julia Fontana). One must go to … Then there is Luis (Paco León), the brains behind the entire venture, something of a likable loner, almost left behind by the flourishing business over the years, now perhaps surplus to requirements – and is targeted during the mediation on that basis. The four attractive founders of a highly successful company are in a bind. Garner recalls 'circus' while being married to Affleck, Chief: Ill. officer who shot Black couple in car is fired, Stunning 70-inch TV hits all-time low price on Amazon, PGA golfer on Trump: 'He's like me and Jesus', Stimulus deal signed by Trump before election unlikely, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds celebrate his 1st time voting, Fla. city responds to armed security guards at polls. Inside the business world, in which we follow the misadventures of César (Luis Callejo), the CEO of a very successful company, valued at many thousands of euros, who, from one moment to the... See full summary ». Still have questions? He can walk at any time he sees fit with a hefty pay check, and the foursome’s dilemma can fall like dominoes in his departure. Robin Write looks at the Spanish-language film 7 Años (7 Years) which elevates its boiler room atmosphere into a taut psychological drama.. When his son is sent to the hospital after being hit by strangers, a father tries to find them regardless of the consequences. Shattered after the brutal assault by two rapists in her house, a young mother of two decides to keep her ordeal secret from her unsuspecting husband. The plan: reside in the one room until a resolution is met – all parties in agreement on which one of the four will commit to the bank transfer that will make them liable while the other three go unpunished.

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